May 212012

Attention all citizens and slaves of Euphoria!  Queen Erishella has declared the individual known as Hank Maggs to be a criminal of the foulest kind!  He is six feet tall, with curly blonde hair and a penis of adequate length.  He is to be arrested on sight as well as beaten thoroughly.

Be advised that Hank Maggs comes from a backwater primitive planet called “Earth”.  This savage world is a pit of chaos with free elections, multiple religions and a lack of universal health care.  There is no telling what sort of surprising creative violence such a creature can commit.  Hank Maggs came to this world through a freak wormhole in the space time continuum.  Due to Hank Maggs’ somewhat attractive face, Queen Erishella took pity on the lost creature and made him one of her bed slaves.

The Science Academy would like to interrupt this urgent announcement to remind all Euphorians that rips in the space time continuum is a direct result of downloading illegal pornography holograms from file sharing networks like Pirate Moon and FilePervert.  Remember, illegal downloading destroys the universe! 

Hank Maggs, who claims to have been something called an “IT technician” on his home world, decided to betray the Queen’s trust and reprogrammed the security locks to escape her bed chambers.  The worthless excuse for a cock also took a female bedslave with him on his escape.  Guards report that both slaves had a dreamy look in their eyes and that they most likely became romantic soul mates in their shared captivity.  Not only has Hank Maggs betrayed his Queen by removing his physical body from the Queen’s pleasure, but he has also betrayed her in his heart.  Such a foul creature can not be allowed to escape unpunished.

A reward of a thousand hours of oral pleasure has been offered for the capture of Hank Maggs and the female bedslave who’s name that Queen Erishella can’t remember.  Be sure to take them alive as Queen Erishella has already designed seven cruel death traps to put them in.  Also be advised that Hank Magg’s cock is to be left unharmed.


  2 Responses to “Wanted For Crimes of Betrayal”

  1. That was lovely. :) And I like the piracy ad a lot.

  2. t’Sade- Piracy is a much more serious concern on Euphoria.

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