May 162012

“Thank you for seeing on such short notice, Dr. Von Madd,” Dr. Vammer said.

“It is my pleasure,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “Please come into my office and tell me what is on your mind.”

Dr. Pamela Vammer sat down and took a deep breath.  Dr. Von Madd took the moment of silence to observe the respected biochemist.  She had changed quite a bit since the last time he saw her.  Her normally short black hair was now longer and fuller.  He didn’t recall her breasts being as large as they were and as it was, they looked like they were stretching apart the material of her blouse.  The long skirt she wore couldn’t hide the shapely legs underneath. 

“As you know, I have been working on a female equivalent to Viagra,” Dr. Vammers said.  “I have been making several breakthroughs in combating unconscious female vaginal tightness.”

“Yes, I read your paper last year,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “Your work is quite revolutionary and if I may say, deserving of a Nobel prize if they accepted the sexual sciences.”

“Please, Doctor,” Dr. Vammers interrupted.  “Your compliments are making it harder for me to keep control.  You know I have always found your work in mass sexual psychology to be quite the turn on.”

One of the buttons burst from her blouse and pinged off of Dr. Von Madd’s purple goggles.  He studied her breasts and marveled at how they had increased a cup size.

“Dr. Vammers, perhaps you should skip to your problem,” Dr. Von Madd said.

“Yes,” Dr. Vammers said.  Her voice was huskier.  Otto found his cock hardening in response.

“I was working on a solution that I thought would be a topical lubricant,” Dr. Vammers said.  She looked at Otto with eyes half closed in arousal.  “I was giving it a bombardment of delta radiation when a lightning storm sent a surge through the building.”

“Oh my, were you hurt?” Dr. Von Madd said.

“Thank you for your concern,” Dr. Vammers said.  Another button flew off her blouse.  A blue tint spread from her checks like a blush down her chest.

“Like I was saying,” Dr. Vammers said as she stood up.  Her skirt ripped from her rapidly widening hips.  She leaned across the desk and her enormous breasts tore through the remains of her blouse.

“I was bathed in the resulting explosion of experimental lubricant and delta radiation.  Now whenever I get aroused, my body goes through these changes until I achieve satisfaction.  When I am changed, my mind is different.  I am a monstrous blue slut.  I am a force of fucking and destruction.  I am so fucking horny right now and you are sitting there with your genius mind and that sexy goatee and those mysterious goggles and I want ride your SCIENCE FACE! NOW GET IN MY PUSSY SEXY MAN!”

Dr. Vammers roared as the change completed itself.  She grew to a height of seven feet.  Her clothes were shredded as giant breasts and hips pushed their way out.  The blue color had spread all over her body and her pubic hair turned a lustrous purple.  The hair on her head grew down her back and had a rich thick shine to it. 

Dr. Von Madd looked at the nude blue giant before him.  “Incredible.”

The blue slut got off the desk and threw it to the side with one hand.  With the other hand she grabbed Otto by his lab coat.  Otto slipped out of his lab coat with a practiced move learned by all Von Madds at an early age.  You never knew when you needed to escape a lab coat.

“Tanya, activate emergency ice beams in my office on my mark!”

“Yes, Doctor,” his security chief answered from his ear piece.

“I AM GOING TO RIDE YOUR SMART FACE!” Dr. Vammers screamed.

Dr. Von Madd calculated that the strength in Dr. Vammer’s thighs would crush his skull precisely 3 seconds after orgasm.  He adjusted that time to one and a half seconds if he did that trick with his tongue.

He also ducked out of his office and screamed “Mark!”

Automatic frost lasers came to life and fired at Dr. Vammers.  Bio-sensitive targeting arrays directed the frost beams to start on Dr. Vammer’s pussy before spreading to the rest of her body.  In seconds she was covered in ice.

“What’s going on Doctor?” Tanya asked on the radio.  “Did we have another outbreak of spontaneous nymphomania?”

“Not this time, Tanya,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “Dr. Vammers is in my officer with an increased body mass and the libido to match.”

The ice around Dr. Vammers started to crack.  Her blue breasts shook with rage under the ice.  Otto could feel the piercing lust of her glowing red eyes.

“Should I mobilize the Rapid Monster Response Team?” Tanya asked. 

“No,” Dr. Von Madd said.  He turned to run as the ice shattered in his office.


Dr. Von Madd ran down the corridor.  Tanya was pouting over his earpiece.

“You never let me use the Rapid Monster Response Team!” Tanya said.  It was always a turn on for Dr. Von Madd when the normally tough blonde was petulant.  “You wouldn’t let me use them on that orgy blob that came to life last week.  You wouldn’t let me use them when the sex robot from the future attacked yesterday and you wouldn’t let me use them when the flying vibrators came to life this morning!”

Dr. Von Madd slapped a control and watched the steel door drop behind him.  A second later, a hole appeared in the door as Dr. Vammers’ fist punched through it.


Dr. Von Madd kept running.  He also answered Tanya’s complaints. 

“Tanya, the orgy blob was made of a trapped scientists and relaxation specialists.  I had to dissolve the blob, not pump it full of bullets.  The killer sex robot from the future was a gift from an unknown admirer in the future and the flying vibrators just needed someone to accept their status as sentient beings.  None of those things require violence and Dr. Vammers certainly does not as well.”

“I disagree,” Tanya said.  Her pouty tone was doing distracting things to Dr. Von Madd’s growing erection. 

“Please inform Protective Engineering that I will be there shortly and to get the Gauntlet ready,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “Also apply nipple clamps to both nipples and leave them there until I say otherwise for being a whiny security chief.”

“Ohhh,” Tanya moaned.  It was hard to tell if the moan was of shame of the assessment, dread of the nipple clamps or just plain arousal.  It was most likely all three.

“I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU DRY!” Dr. Vammers yelled behind him.  The wide hips and long legs were gaining on him.  Fortunately the large breasts were not aerodynamic and he was grateful for any small advantage he could get.

Dr. Von Madd slapped an emergency button as he ran by it.  Steel cables sprang from the walls in a complex net of tension and metal.  It was designed to hold back a sex crazed mob.

Dr. Vammers tore through it in six seconds.

“STOP RUNNING DICKMEAT!” Dr. Vammers yelled.

On Dr. Von Madd’s earpiece, Tanya moaned as the nipple clamps bit into her sensitive nipples.

Dr. Von Madd burst through the doors of Protective Engineering.  A very distressed Dr. Zuna handed him the Gauntlet.

“What’s going on Doctor?” Dr. Zuna asked.

“You should leave through the emergency slide,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “Unless you fancy being raped to death by a seven foot tall blue woman.”

Dr. Zuna scratched his beard and considered it.  “Ah, I’ll go through the emergency slide.”

“Good man,” Dr. Von Madd said.  He examined the glove.  The Gauntlet was as thin as a latex glove but it was constructed of rare metals and a powerful forcefield.  It was designed to protect delicate fingers during anal play.  Sadly, it cost a million dollars per unit at the moment.

“Sure you don’t want a team of some sort?” Tanya asked.  Her voice was strained and her breathing was heavy.  The clamps had been preset by Dr. Von Madd to an appropriate punishing level.

“All I need to change the world is a finger and a place to insert it,” Dr. Von Madd said.

The door to the laboratory was ripped from its frame.  Dr. Vammers ducked through the door and growled at Dr. Von Madd.  She grabbed a massive tit in one hand and squeezed herself.


Dr. Von Madd made an adjustment to the forcefeild generator on the Gauntlet.  “I agree.”

He thrust his gloved hand towards Dr. Vanner’s thick pubic hair.  Her cunt was soaking wet and took Dr. Von Madd’s fist easily.  The suction of her cunt pulled his fist in to his wrist.

“FUCK!” Dr. Vanners moaned.

“Fuck,” Tanya said in agreement over his earpiece.

“Now we will,” Dr. Von Madd said.  The Gauntlet began to vibrate.  The force fields were slightly out of synchronization and were vibrating against one another.  The conflict of fields was shaking Dr. Vammers’ entire body.

“YES YES YES!” Dr. Vammers yelled.

Dr. Von Madd twisted his fist inside Dr, Vammers’ body.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Dr. Vammers yelled.

Dr. Von Madd wiggled his fist in a manner he learned from a Russian exchange intern.


Dr. Von Madd lifted his head and bit down on one of Dr. Vammers’ hard blue nipples.

“CHRIST!” Dr. Vammers yelled.

There was an explosion of light as mass was rapidly converted to energy.  Dr. Von Madd pulled his fist out just before Dr. Vammers’ body began to shrink.  He watched as Dr. Vammer shrank down to the five foot three woman that he had long admired.  Her short shortened, her breasts shrunk and her hips collapsed.  Oddly, her pubic hair was still nice and thick.

Dr. Vammers collapsed to the floor and started snoring.

“Tanya, arrange for a security team to take Dr. Vammers to the Cold Shower Room,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “I want her under surveillance and a full time medical staff assigned to her care.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Tanya replied.  “And umm, Doctor?  Can I take the nipple clamps off?  I am really sorry that I was whiney earlier.”

“No you may not,” Dr. Von Madd said.  “I will take them off myself.  Dr. Vammers may have climaxed but I have not.  Make sure you are naked except for your nipple clamps by the time I get to your office.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

  7 Responses to “Fiction: The Incredible Libido”

  1. Nothing like a random day of chaos, science and sex at the Von Madd Lab! <3

    Just some pointers:
    “Dr. Pamela Vammer sat down and took a deep breathe.”
    Should be ‘breath’

    And is Tanya female or male, cause you’re switching their gender all over the place with a mix of ‘her’ and ‘him’… :/

    Lastly, blue hulk nymph woman, how did you come up with that? xD

  2. Mystique – Breath(e) is my mortal bane. I always get that wrong.

    I couldn’t find the “him” reference with regards to Tanya.

  3. That may be me being sick and therefore unable to make sense of pronouns in my language.
    What threw me off was:

    Dr. Von Madd ran down the corridor. Tanya was pouting over his earpiece.

    and “Yes, Doctor,” his security chief answered from his ear piece.

    I assumed Tanya was pouting over her own earpiece or answering from her own earpiece since she was somewhere else, so I visualised most of Tanya’s lines as if the camera was on her and got confused.

    My bad there, the rest is fine ^^

  4. Mystique- lol, I have had allergies this week so I assumed my sickness was making me blind.

    I am not surprised that the confusion was over the earpiece. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out a way to articulate her talking to him in a way that I liked. I tried a half dozen ways and I think I may have settled on “Fuck it!” lol

  5. Just saw the Avengers yesterday. Yeah, it could be related, but one thing I noticed is that there were a lot of good one liners in there. And, in that aspect, I think you do an absolutely wonderful job with those.

    “I want ride your SCIENCE FACE!” made me laugh.

    I seriously want to see the Rapid Response Monster Team. :) And the blob orgy.

    I loved this also:

    “Unless you fancy being raped to death by a seven foot tall blue woman. Dr. Zuna scratched his beard and considered it.

  6. t’Sade- I think I wrote this the day after Avengers. Seeing Robert Downey as Tony Stark always reminds me how cool science guys are.

  7. Oh, but that was brilliant! Made me laugh :)

    Loved this in particular: “You wouldn’t let me use them on that orgy blob that came to life last week. You wouldn’t let me use them when the sex robot from the future attacked yesterday and you wouldn’t let me use them when the flying vibrators came to life this morning!”

    (My books from Lulu arrived today!)

    xx Dee

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