May 022012

Dear Sponsor-MILF,

Thank you so much for your letter this week.  I had a lot of school work to do and little time for fun.  Your letter brightened my day and got me off twice last night.  I am sure I will be jacking off to your letter for the rest of the week! 

Reading about you masturbating with the items in your fridge was so exciting.  I never thought about using a salad dressing bottle that way.  This morning in the cafeteria, I saw the syrup bottle and I instantly thought of your tits.  I would have loved to have licked them clean myself.

I also wanted to thank you for pictures.  I know one dirty picture a day doesn’t seem like much, but it really makes me very happy.  All the studying, essays and lab work gets really boring so it is a joy when I get your picture every day.  Tits, ass, you sucking a dildo; it doesn’t matter what it is because it always gives me a boner.      

I have to say though that my favorite picture was of you holding your tit with your hand.  I loved seeing your fingers sink into your breast.  I imagine that my fingers would look the same as I grab your tit while fucking you.

To answer your questions from your letter, I have to say that blowjobs are my favorite sex act.  That might be because I have only had one and it was awesome.  She wouldn’t let me finish in her mouth though.  Just once I want to bust my nut in a girl’s mouth and see what it feels like.

To answer your other question, the best place for me to masturbate here at the dorms is in the showers.  They have stalls here so I can close the door and have a bit of privacy.  I usually take one of your pictures and put it in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t get wet.  That way I can rub one out while staring right at you.  Because it is a school shower, I try to be considerate and shoot all my junk right into the drain but sometimes I just get too excited and it goes everywhere.

I need to go back to my term paper but know that I have the biggest boner right now.  Thank you from the bottom of my balls, Sponsor-MILF!

Your Foster-Stud,

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