May 232012

Angelica opened her eyes and got out of bed.  She didn’t have a hangover which came as a surprise to her.  Either she didn’t drink nearly as much as she thought she did last night, or she was getting way better at being a drunken college student. 

She put on her bikini and went outside.  It was another glorious morning on the beach.  She started walking to the breakfast café that was a block from her rented beach house.  She was on autopilot as her feet walked before her brain was fully awake.

This was the best spring break ever.  So far she had made out with a bunch of boys, got a really bitching tan and even did a satanic ritual last night.

Angelica stopped walking.  That’s right!  Her roommate did do some weird ritual out of a book!  Holy shit, Angelica’s Catholic mom would freak! 

The young girl started laughing and kept walking.  What was that ritual about?  It was some book that Miranda brought.  It was supposed to give them good luck.  No, wait.  It was supposed to be pleasure.  That’s right!  It was some ritual in Spanish that was supposed to give them all pleasure. 

There was another detail though.  Angelica paused outside the breakfast café as she tried to think of what it was.  It seemed important. 

Three cute guys walked in front of her.  Their nice asses bulged against their swimsuits.  Angelica openly stared at their butts.

Oh yeah!  Angelica remembered now.  The ritual was to something called the Promiser of Pleasure and Pain.  He needed a promise in order to deliver the pleasure.  Angelica suspected that Miranda was making that part up as some sort of segue into a lesbian attempt with Angelica.  Since Angelica was drunk, she got up, pulled her shorts down and mooned Miranda.

“Tell him he can have my big fat ass!” Angelica said.

Angelica smiled at the memory.  Miranda had blushed and finished the ritual.  There was a lot of candles and speaking in Spanish.  There may have been an attempt to seal the ritual with a kiss between the two girls.  Angelica thought she did the kiss but she couldn’t remember.

She went into the breakfast café.  The blast of air conditioning made her nipples hard.  Her eyes adjusted to the indoor light and what she saw defied belief.

A man in stood before her.  He was easily seven feet tall.  He was also butt-naked with an enormous cock.  The cock was pointed at her.  Even odder was his face.  It was smooth, like a mannequin head. 

No one else seemed to notice the faceless man.  Angelica looked around to see if this was some sort of spring break event.  That is when she saw another woman walk through the faceless man.

“Oh shit,” Angelica said.  Stone cold sobriety pushed through her poisoned brain.

“Angelica Shelby Henderson, you made a promise to me,” the Faceless Man said.  Well, he didn’t speak since he didn’t have a mouth.  It was just something she heard in her head.

“Fuck!” Angelica said as she ran out the door. 

She plowed through a crowd of cute boys and ran out into the street.  A jeep honked at her as it drove around her.  Angelica didn’t care.  She was wondering how fast she could run in her flip-flops.

The Faceless Man came out.  He just walked through the glass door like it was nothing.  His giant cock bobbed with every step. 

“You promised your ass!” the Faceless Man yelled.

Angelica ran down the street.  The Faceless Man ran faster.  Her tit bounced out of her bikini but she kept running.  She lost a flip-flop and it didn’t slow her down a bit.  She pushed her way through a crowd of slow ass beach girls and ran around the side of a surf shop.  She paused to see if he was still following.

The Faceless Man walked through the wall of the surf shop.  He pointed at Angelica.  “Your ass was promised to me!” 

Pure panic kicked in.  All she could look at was that monstrous cock.  He was going to fuck her ass.  She just knew it.   Angelica ran towards the beach.  She had some sort of half formed notion that if she got in the water, she would be safe.

She never made it to the water.  The Faceless Man grabbed her by her bikini bottom and swung her around into the sand.  She hit the ground hard and rough sand bit into her exposed tit.

Something heavy pressed down on her hair.  It was the Faceless Man’s foot.  He had her pinned to the beach and she was going nowhere unless she wanted to pull all of her hair out.  She got on her knees and kept pulling anyway.  He reached down and ripped the bikini bottom off her ass quicker than that New York guy did last Friday.

“A promise of ass for a promise of pleasure!” The Faceless Man said.

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass!” Angelica yelled.  It wasn’t true but Martin didn’t count.  The dude barely got the tip in before he climaxed.

He swung his big meaty hand down and smacked Angelica’s ass.  WHAP!

“Jesus Christ!” Angelica yelled.  The sting of his hand vibrated through her curvy ass.  The force of the blow knocked her flat down on the beach.  Her feet kicked in the sand as a second slap stung her ass.

“Check it out!” someone yelled. 

Angelica’s head was turned towards the dunes and yep, there was a crowd already.  She could see her fellow spring break vacationers looking at her oddly.  All they saw was a girl with her face in the sand and her bare ass pointed at the sky.  Shit, even Angelica had seen weirder this week.


The Faceless Man’s hand slapped her ass.  His hand was gigantic and was as hard as wood.  He swung with a force that was completely inhuman.  Her ass was used to groping, pinching and a little biting.  Angelica’s ass had never suffered anything like this.

She tried to get up.  The weight on her hair was like a ton.  She grabbed his foot and tried to pull.  It would have been easier to lift a pier.  She tried to cover her ass with her hands.  The Faceless Man grabbed both her arms and pinned them with a single giant hand.

The spanking came faster.  Angelica’s ass burned under the quickening pace.  He smacked the top of her ass.  He smacked the bottom of her ass.  He smacked the dead center of her ass and all around it.  Not a single inch of her ass escaped his hand.  She had promised it all.

A bigger crowd assembled on the beach to watch Angelica.  They laughed at her.  No one offered to help, hell, why would that?  She was just another drunk kid naked and writhing on the beach.

Tears and sand stung Angelica’s eyes and she could no longer see them.  Angelica’s ass was burning like a tiki torch.  The Faceless Man was showing no sign of stopping.  She had a vision of the strange monster spanking her ass flat.  It could happen.

“I gave my ass for a promise of pleasure!” Angelica yelled.  “Where is my fucking pleasure?”

The spanking stopped.  “You got it last night,” he said.  Then he slapped her ass again.

Last night?  Angelica didn’t do anything except kiss Miranda and oh. . . Angelica remembered more about last night.  She remembered Miranda’s hands on her breast.  She shuddered as she remembered Miranda’s fingers between Angelica’s thighs.  She moaned as she recalled Miranda’s tongue lapping at her clit. 

Oh yeah.  That was pretty nice.  Damn, how drunk was Angelica?

The spanking stopped.  Angelica lifted her head and there was no weight on her hair.  She looked around and there was no trace of the Faceless Man.  Well, except for her incredibly burning ass.  It hurt just to get up on all fours.  The thought of looking for her bikini bottom with her ass hurting like this was unthinkable.

Then she thought about last night.  Yeah, it was a fair trade.

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  1. Sad that she didn’t remember everything she did before selling her ass to divine spirits. :) I think she should punish her friend for getting her drunk first instead of letting her enjoy every moment before this.

    That said, yummy! Spirits and spanking are a wonderful combination.

  2. t’Sade- This is why I never drink and perform rituals.

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