May 092012

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated Queen’s Firm Breasts by Royal Astronomers.  Initial scans have revealed an orbiting station around the largest gas planet.  I have detected no other signs of technology so I am assuming that they are an outpost.  I will initiate contact and begin relationships with this new species.  End Explorer’s Log.
Explorer’s Personal Log: I pray to the Gods of Night that this species is humanoid and possessing something approximate to a cock.  It would be nice to fuck something biological for a change.
Vaquel Di waited impatiently for the airlock to open.  She was eager to meet a new sentient race and even more eager to have people admire the skintight pink spacesuit she was wearing.  The suit adhered to every curve of her generous breasts, as well as every inch of her plump ass.  She didn’t wear her helmet this time so her short pink hair bounced freely around her cute brown face.  Vaquel was ready to meet the fuck out of some new people.
The airlock finally opened.  Behind the door were three humanoids that towered above her.  Each one was twice the height of Vaquel.  If Vaquel’s dark skin was a shade of brown, the only way to describe their skin was to say it was as black as a starless night.  They possessed slender bodies with arms and legs as thin as Vaquel’s wrists.  The only thing large about them was their heads, which were a curious square shape with three eyes and a delicate small mouth.  The red spacesuits they wore were baggy and didn’t reveal any secrets about their anatomy.
Vaquel stepped into their station.  The room was some sort of cargo hold and Vaquel wondered what was in all of the crates.  She also noticed that the aliens didn’t appear to carry anything.  Could they be so trusting as to not bring any weapons?  Vaquel was carrying five weapons in her utility belt alone. 
“Welcome” the tallest alien said.  He spoke in an archaic form of Calibri.  “We welcome you to our small mining station and wish you long life and happy breaths.”
“Thank you,” Vaquel responded.  She was fluent in thirty different galactic languages.  “I accept your welcome on behalf of Queen Erishella of Euphoria.  May your pleasure never end.”
“I am unfamiliar with Euphoria,” the lead alien said.  “Are they a friendly people?”
“Very friendly,” Vaquel lied.  Deep Space Explorers were taught to omit discussing the likelihood of an Euphorian invasion fleet when meeting new species.
“That is good for we Murs are a peaceful race of explorers and scientists,” the alien said.
Vaquel smiled.  Peaceful science races were always highly sought by the Queen for conquest.  They put up just enough of a fight to keep it interesting. 
“My name is Vaquel Di,” she said.
“I am Go-et, and this is my spawn brother, Ce-et and this is my other spawn brother, De-et.”
“It is nice to meet all of you,” Vaquel said.  “It is great to meet a new species.  I will be happy to answer any of your questions.”
The one called Ce-et licked his lips.  Vaquel noticed that he had three tongues.  A tremor of delight ran through her.
“Are those large things on your chest, breasts?” Ce-et asked.
“Ce-et!” Go-et said, outraged.
“I was thinking the same thing!” De-et said.  “But they are so big and she only has two of them!”
Vaquel laughed.  “Yes, these are my breasts.  Does your race not have them this big?”
“No,” Ce-et and De-et sighed together.
“Excuse my spawn-brothers,” Go-et said.  “They are younger and this is their first meeting with another race.  They do not understand cultural protocols.”
“It is no problem,” Vaquel said.  “In fact, in the interest of cultural exchange, I can show you my breasts if you like?”
“Sweet Spawn-River, yes!” Ce-et said.
“Well, I am not sure,” Go-et said.
“It is no problem,” Vaquel said.  She pressed a button on the color of her suit.  A seam appeared from her neck down to her waist.  Vaquel gently pulled the seam to the side until one of her heavy breasts was revealed.  All three Murs sighed in wonder.
“It is so . . .big,” Ce-et said.
“As big as my head,” De-et said.
“Act like adults, spawn-brothers!” Ge-et said.  Vaquel noticed that all three of Ge-et’s eyes hadn’t left her breast.
“You can touch me if you like,” Vaquel said.  “For our mutual cultural knowledge of course.”
The younger spawn-brothers looked to Ge-et.  He tangled his slender fingers together in thought.
“In the interest of mutual cultural knowledge, I accept,” Ge-et said. 
Ge-et squatted down on legs that had five knees.  He lowered himself but he was still a head taller than Vaquel.  He reached for her breast and gave her a tender squeeze.  His nine fingers each had seven joints and they squeezed like a vice on her breast.
“Ohh!” Vaquel said.  He squeezed much tighter than she was expecting.  She liked it.
“Ohh!” Go-et said.  “They are much softer than Mur fem’s breasts.”
“Share spawn-brother!” Ce-et said.
“Here,” Vaquel said.  She pulled her spacesuit further apart and exposed her other breast.  “Have one for yourself.”
Ce-et happily squatted beside her.  He ran his nine fingers over her breast and traced the curve of her breast. Nimble fingers danced over her sensitive nipple.
“What is it like?” De-et asked.  His three tongues licked his lips constantly.
“Like a pillow pumped with argon gas,” Ce-et said in a dreamy tone of voice.  His fingers squeezed and felt the weight of her breast.  “I don’t know how spawn ever leave their children if they had this to suckle from.”
“The nipple appears to be getting harder,” Ge-et said.  His skilled fingers pinched and tweaked her nipple.  “Are you in distress?”
“No,” Vaquel moaned.  “It is a sign of arousal.”
“How curious,” De-et said.  “Let me feel them!”
Ge-et pulled his hand away and De-et took his place.  His fingers pulled on her breast and groped her with an eager curiosity.
“I don’t mind that she only has two breasts!” De-et said.  “The nipple is harder than a furyk!”
“If you want to see it really hard,” Vaquel said, “try licking my nipple with those three tongues of yours.”
Both Ce-et and De-et took her up on her offer.  They both sealed their mouths to her nipples.  She felt the rapid flicks of their multiple tongues and grabbed the back of their heads.
“By the Queen!” Vaquel called out.
“Are my spawn-brothers hurting you?” Ge-et said.  “I can get them to stop!”
“Fuck, no!” Vaquel said.  “I just wanted ready for how fucking nice it felt.”
Ge-et tangled his fingers together as he watched Vaquel’s breasts get sucked.  His three eyes narrowed and his tongues licked his lips.  Vaquel looked at the rest of his body but she saw nothing growing or otherwise betraying sexual arousal. 
After too short of a time, Ge-et spoke up.  “That is enough, spawn-brothers,” Ge-et said.  “We don’t want to infringe on our guest’s openness.”
Ce-et and De-et reluctantly raised their heads from her breasts.  De-et flicked her nipple with his finger and smiled.  “They are quite hard now.”
“Yes they are,” Vaquel said.  “But I am also curious about your bodies.  As males, what do you use as a genetic material depositor?”
“Is she talking about our furyk?” Ce-et asked.
“Yes, I think she is,” Ge-et said.  “I shall show you, Vaquel Di, in the interest of cultural exchange of course.”
“Of course,” Vaquel said.
Ge-et unfastened some buttons around his waist.  He dropped his pants, a secondary set of pants and then a third set of pants.  When he was finally naked below the waist, he stood back up to his full towering height.
Vaquel examined the alien appendage before her.  It certainly looked like a cock.  It was the right shape and all.  It was a shame that it was only four inches long.  At least the three balls gave her hope that he had a sex drive to compensate for the small equipment.
“Is this similar to your anatomy?” Ge-et asked.
“Close enough,” Vaquel said. 
“In the interests of further knowledge between our races,” Ce-et began.  “I think you should uh, do something similar.”
“Yes, show us your phuva!” De-et asked.
“Spawn-brothers!” Ge-et said.
“No, he’s right,” Vaquel said.  “You’ll have to let go of my breasts first.” 
Both of the aliens reluctantly let go of her breasts.  Vaquel smiled as nine eyes watched her.  After months of being alone, she was basking in the attention.  A simple button press could remove her spacesuit but she opted for the longer method.  She activated a hidden seam and slowly pulled her spacesuit from her hips.  Inch by inch, she pulled the pink material back until her waist was exposed.  Ever so slowly, she pulled it down past her knees.  She stood back up and ran her fingers through the thick bush of pink pubic hair. 
Ge-et’s knees folded again as he squatted down beside his spawn-brothers.  All three of them stared at her sex. 
“Thank the Spawn-River that there is hair,” Ce-et said.  “I was almost afraid that it would be bare.”
“I know!” De-et agreed.  “It looks tiny but it is still a phuva.”
“May I touch it?” Ge-et asked.
The spawn-brothers looked at Ge-et in surprise.
“Of course,” Vaquel said.  “Our races need to learn about each other.”
Ge-et reached out with his nine fingers.  They gently pushed through her pubic hair and felt along the edges of her sex. 
“I can feel the heat radiating from it,” Ge-et said.  His spawn-brothers licked their lips in anticipation.
“Go on, slip your fingers inside,” Vaquel said.
Ge-et pushed his way in.  “Cocu!  It is so tight!  Like pushing into a fem’s rectal orifice!”
Ce-et moaned with approval.  De-et frowned.  “You don’t push solid waste through there, do you?”
“Nope,” Vaquel said.  “Is it comparable to what your females have?”
Ge-et nodded his head slowly.  “Yours is tighter and warmer, but fundamentally the same.”  His fingers pushed a little deeper.
“I want to feel!” Ce-et said.
“Me too!” De-et said.
Ge-et pulled his fingers out.  “I am not sure, spawn-brothers.  We are just gas miners at a minor outpost.  Perhaps we should consult the Elders and await better experts to continue cultural investigations.”
“Or,” Vaquel said, “the three of you could take turns sticking your, what did you call it? Furyk?”
“Our furyk,” Ce-et said wistfully. 
“Yes, you could stick your furyk inside me and we can discover things about our races for ourselves.
The spawn-brothers looked to Ge-et.  The elder spawn-brother stood up to his full height.  He looked down at Vaquel while his three tongues cleaned his finger of her juices.
“As members of the Mur race, it would be our duty to carry out this investigation.”
“Sweet Spawn-River!” Ce-et and De-et cried out in unison.
“Ce-et, ready the fem!” Ge-et said.
Ce-et stepped behind Vaquel and bent over to pick her up.  Her reached around and grabbed her breasts to pick her up.  The multiple joints in his arms folded around her body to form a comfortable cradle.  Vaquel groaned as his fingers molded themselves back around her tits.  Ge-et was quick to grab her hips and his arms folded around her legs to hold her.
Ge-et stepped between Vaquel’s thighs and pressed his furyk against her sex.  The slender appendage slipped right in between her lips. 
Ge-et’s three eyes rolled into the back of his head.  Vaquel smirked.  She could barely feel him yet he was in bliss.  She wondered how the Mur women ever found sexual satisfaction.
That was when she felt his furyk vibrate.
“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out.  The vibrations were much stronger than she thought possible from such a slender appendage.   
Ge-et grunted and began to fuck her.  His hips slammed into her with a speed more appropriate to small herbivores.  The multiple joints in his legs and back worked together like a spring to snap his furyk back and forth inside her.
“Yes, yes, yes!” Vaquel called out. 
Ce-et gripped her tits tighter.  “I can’t wait for my turn.  My furyk is about to explode!”
“Turn me over,” Vaquel said.  “Let my me taste your furyk.”
Ge-et and Ce-et rotated Vaquel in a split second.  One moment she was looking up at the ceiling and the next she was bent over and getting fucked from behind.  Ce-et’s pants were around his ankles and his furyk was bouncing against her chin.  Ce-et’s hands held her up by her breasts.
Vaquel took Ce-et’s manhood into her mouth.  He tasted sweeter than she was expecting.  His furyk vibrated to life in her mouth.  Itr wasn’t easy to lick something that was vibrating but Vaquel sucked him anyway.  He was the first real erection that she had had in her mouth for weeks and she was going to do her damn best.
“What is it like?” De-et asked.
“Pretty good!” Ce-et said.  “I don’t mind that she only has one tongue!”
Ge-et grunted.  Vaquel felt a flush of hot alien seed fill her cunt.  To her surprise, he was still hard and he kept going.
“My turn!” De-et said.  Ge-et pulled out and handed Vaquel’s legs to his spawn-brother.  A moment later, De-et was fucking her with the same intensity.
Vaquel wondered how long the spawn-brothers had been at this gas mining station.  She wondered if they had gone as long without sex as she had.  Thirty seconds of getting her cunt pounded by De-et, and Vaquel stopped thinking about pretty much anything.
Ce-et came in her mouth.  If she thought his furyk was sweet then his ejaculate tasted like liquid candy.  Vaquel swallowed him with ease.
There was another exchange and this time Ce-et passed Vaquel’s torso to Ge-et.  She barely had enough time to finish swallowing Ce-et’s seed when Ge-et slipped his furyk between her lips. 
Vaquel was amused that the Mur was ready to keep going already.  What they lacked in girth and length, they sure as fuck made up for in endurance.  Ge-et’s fingers gripped her tits painfully tight as he thrust his furyk into her mouth.  The Mur fucked her mouth like he hadn’t just climaxed minutes ago.
De-et fucked her with a frenzy that matched his spawn-brother.  Vaquel’s thighs became sore from all the pounding but she didn’t want him to stop.  Months of fucking dildoes, vibrators, weird plant life and the occasional space anomaly couldn’t substitute for one good cunt fucking from a living being.
Hands gripped her ass.  Impossibly long fingers squeezed and kneaded her buttocks.  Vaquel figured it was Ce-et groping her ass.  When one of his fingers slipped into her asshole, she choked on Ge-et’s furyk.  The nimble finger pushed and poked into her tightest place.
Vaquel climaxed.  She moaned her delight with Ge-et’s furyk in her mouth.  Her cunt clenched tighter around De-et’s vibrating furyk.  Ce-et pushed deeper into her clenching ass.  Her body was completely filled and Vaquel couldn’t be happier.
The furyk in her mouth exploded with more sweet liquid.  The furyk in her cunt erupted and filled her cunt with more alien seed.  She barely had time to swallow it all before the spawn-brothers were changing position again.  Now Ce-et was in her cunt while De-et moved to her mouth.  Ge-et took over probing her ass with nimble fingers.
“How many times do you climax?” Vaquel said.
“Three, of course,” De-et said.  “Doesn’t everyone?”
“Of course,” Vaquel said and put his furyk back in her mouth.  Three times!  Each!
Vaquel was looking forward to a long period of cultural exchanging.    

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  1. I love their declarations. But, glad to find out she finally got some lovely cock.

  2. t’Sade – Poor Vaquel had gone long enough on low cock rations lol

  3. This was just adorable, especially from the two younger brothers, I don’t know how you do it but you do! <3

    I must also remember/use this line
    “in the interest of cultural exchange”
    Class. ^^

    PS: I find the more I read Vaquel’s adventures, the less mental interest I have towards sex with my own species.

    Is this normal, Dr Shon?

    -Confused but excited fan

  4. Mystique – It is perfectly normal. It is why most science fiction erotica fans eventually leave the planet.

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