May 302012

Explorer’s Log: I am about three days away from the star system designated Soft Moan of the Queen by royal Astronomers.  It is a detour from my original course but the three Mur I met recently told me that is their home star system.  I will go there to introduce relations between our species and scout them for their eventual conquest. 

I have encountered a derelict ship today.  It is about two kilometers long and is of an unknown origin.  It has minimal power readings and confusing life signals.  I plan to board the ship and see if I can learn anything of where it came from as well as check to see if it has anything I can salvage.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Fuck, I hope there is nothing too interesting on that ship.  I am still sore from a week of fucking those Mur brothers.  It has been so long since I have had cock, much less three that vibrate, that I might have over done it.  Here’s to hoping the ship just has a bunch of easy to carry garbage and no funky hostile creatures.
Vaquel Di fired her sonic pistol at the never ending horde of squishy blob creatures.  The concentrated wave of sound passed through a blob creature and shook it apart before traveling on and hitting the second, third and forth blob creature behind it.  Orange gelatin flew everywhere and splattered the walls.

“Fucking shapeless fucks!” Vaquel yelled.  She was freaking out a little bit.  The glassteel helmet that covered her cute face and short pink hair was already splattered with orange blob remains.  Having to wipe her helmet every few seconds just to see more of the hostile blob monsters just added to her anxiety.  She had spent two hours going through a ship that had an endless number of skeletons belonging to an unknown species.  The blobs still had bits of digested skin, organs and alien faces floating within them

One of the blob creatures oozed into the corridor.  The squishy orange mass was barely half a meter in length but the pseudopod it flailed out with reached twenty meters.  The lashing pseudopod cracked like a whip across her tits.  The spacesuit didn’t tear but it didn’t protect her from the kinetic force of having her tits slapped.

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed.  Her tits were still tender from the Murs biting, kneading and fucking her tits.  Apparently her tits were larger than what their species had and they couldn’t keep their hands off them.  Her breasts were giant bags of sensitive skin and the spore-fucking blobs wouldn’t stop slapping them.  Maybe the stupid orange blobs thought her tits were fellow blobs trapped within her spacesuit.

She aimed her sonic pistol at the new blob. It blew apart and the metal under it buckled.  It was nice to see it blow apart but her tits still hurt form the slap.

Her hand also hurt from firing the pistol.  The Murs had cocks that vibrating and it was awfully hard on the hands to give them Handjobs but hey, Vaquel couldn’t keep her hands off them.  She was paying for it now as her hands were suffering from carpal stress.  Just carrying the sonic pistol was pushing her pain management to the limits.

“I got to get out of here,” Vaquel said for the twentieth time.  It was a two kilometer long ship and of course she didn’t find the blobs until she was one and a half kilometers in.  She had been running through the decayed ship for an hour and a half she still had half a kilometer to go.  Fuck.

She didn’t understand these creatures at all.  None of them tried to grab her with their pseudopods.  They didn’t seem to be acidic to the touch.  She didn’t exactly understand why they kept lashing at her instead of a more lethal attack.  Maybe they defeated other organisms by just wearing them the fuck out.  Vaquel felt she was close to just lying down and letting them do whatever the fuck they did.

But just not yet.  Vaquel dived through an open hatch.  She landed on her back and old bruises flared along her spine.  Images of the Mur brothers taking turns fucking her against a wall replayed through her mind.  Yeah, if felt great but her back was paying for it now. 

Vaquel fired a series of sonic blasts at the ceiling of the hatch.  It collapsed and blocked the hatch opening.  The blobs would have to find another way to her. 

It took them less than ten seconds.  The little bastards oozed through a crack.  One of them plopped onto the ground between Vaquel’s feet.  The blob lashed out with a pseudopod right between Vaquel’s thighs.

“Fuck” she screamed.  The pseudopod struck her right on the spore-fucking pussy!  Her tender sex clenched in unbearable tightness as the pseudopod struck her three more times before she could close her legs.

“Die!” Vaquel screamed.  The sonic pistol made sure it did.

More orange ooze bled through the crack.
She considered using her plasma pistol to punch a hole through the hull of the ship.  The vacuum of space would make getting to her ship awkward but there might be less blobs.  Might was the key word.  For all she knew, the damn things might thrive in space.  They were a pain within the ship but they were a manageable pain.

Vaquel ran.

Running made her thighs hurt.  She was regretting every single time she had pinned a Mur down and rode his cock like a saddle. 

Running made her ass hurt.  The Murs had small cocks but elongated fingers.   Vaquel had taught them how to fingerfuck her ass and now her tender ass was regretting every anal expedition. 

Running made her breasts hurt.  The gravity on the ship was less than she was used to and her damn tits kept bouncing within her spacesuit.  The Mur loved her tits and never left them alone.  The tightness of the suit made her aware of bruises that she didn’t know she had. 

A sheet of orange slime dropped down into front of her.  Vaquel stopped herself barely in time from running into it.  A dozen pseudopods formed and lashed out at her.

Every damn one of those asshole tentacles struck her tits.  A dozen pseudopods slapped, whipped and stung her tits in less than a second.  Vaquel stumbled back from the overwhelming sensation that passed through her.

She also got a little wet between the thighs.  Vaquel shook her head.  Wasn’t a week of fucking enough?  She guessed not.

Vaquel fired the sonic pistol at the orange blob.  It must have been made of several blob creatures because only parts of it blew up at a time.  As Vaquel kept firing, the blob kept sending more whipping pseudopods her way.  No matter how much Vaquel dodged and weaved, the damn pseudopods always hit her tits.  The fuckers also had a supernatural tendency to strike her nipples.  

“”Die! Die! Die!” Vaquel yelled as she fired the sonic pistol.

New gelatin splashed on her bubble helmet.  It took her a minute but she managed to kill most of the wall of slime in front of her.  That meant a full minute of enduring more tits slaps from pseudopods but Vaquel endured.  She had to blink back tears near the end but it was just more motivation to keep firing.

When the passage was clear, Vaquel took off running again.  She instantly regretted her decision.  Her slapped tits were super sensitive with sensation.  Three running steps was all it took to make her drop to her knees in pain.

“I swear by Queen Erisehlla that I will never let another species touch my tits again!” Vaquel said.

She took a deep breathe and got back up.  She began her slow walk back to where her ship was docked.  One hand across her tits for protection, Vaquel had the sonic pistol ready to blast anything that moved. 

Vaquel made it to familiar passage.  She remembered this place.  It was the corridor that connected directly to where her ship was docked.  Relief washed over as she remembered it was straight run back to safety.

The walls shook and buckled.  Cracks appeared up and down the corridor.  Orange slime pushed and forced itself in. 

The corridor was an orange gauntlet of waving pseudopods.  Vaquel could try finding another way but she was exhausted.  She could try to shoot every slime pool but that also would take forever.  There was only one fast solution to this problem.

Vaquel ran.  Her tender tits bounced but it couldn’t be helped.  Each of her bruised thighs screamed in pain but tough shit.  Running through these slime bastards was her only chance.

The blobs quivered with excitement.  More of them appeared until the entire corridor was coated in orange slime. 

Pseudopods lashed out at her as she ran towards them.  She tried to block them with her hands but the agile pseudopods whipped around her hands with unearthly accuracy.  Her tits were slapped from the top and from the bottom.  Powerful lashes whipped her tits from the right and the left.  Some nimble pseudopods struck her nipples with incredible precision. 

Just running by the blobs didn’t mean they stopped attacking her.  The pseudopods shifted their focus to her ass.  Whatever bizarre behavior that caused them to strike at the round globes of her tits seemed to also apply to the plump curves of her ass.  The vicious blobs struck at running buttocks with the same stinging fury that they gave her breasts.

Vaquel ran.  The blobs slapped her tits.  The blobs slapped her ass.  The spacesuit could keep out extreme cold, poison and heat but it did nothing to protect her from the constant whipping force of the pseudopods. 

Vaquel made it to the airlock.  A few of the blobs tried to follow her in but she shot those fuckers.  She stumbled into her ship and activated the automatic undocking procedures.

The probe ship hummed to life.  Vaquel sat down without thinking.  She hissed as her tender ass took the full weight of her body.  Vaquel stood back up and then winced as her sensitive breasts shifted with the movement.

“Activate laser and blow that ship up!” Vaquel ordered.

The derelict ship exploded after two hits.  Crumpled metal and orange ooze floated in space.  Most of the slime crystallized instantly. 

“That takes care of that,” Vaquel said.  She might never know what those slimes really were but fuck it.  Some mysteries in space don’t need to be solved.

Except for maybe the mystery of being able to sit again anytime soon.

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