May 042012
“Disappearing Penny” is an erotic ebook by Jack Stratton.  It tells the story of a young woman who becomes an assistant to a magician.  To help her relax and perform on stage, he hypnotizes her and does some mind tricks with her personality.  Sexiness ensues.

Most porn ebooks on Kindle are shit.  I say that as a snob and as a writer but man, it is so true.  Endless tales of incest fill the Kindle shelves.  The plots are as deep as the titles in spam emails.  The dialogue looks like it was ripped from instant message logs. Even a jaded glutton for punishment like myself can only take so much.

Which is why when a well written book like Disappearing Penny comes along, it is like a beautiful woman entering your life.  A magician and his assistant? That’s a great idea!  A little hypnotism and mind control?  That’s naughty and has me morally conflicted!  I like experiencing something other than anatomical descriptions.  An ending that is unexpected with a controversy?  Be still my beating heart.   

My biggest crush is on the dialogue.  Magician patter is almost impossible to pull off in writing but Stratton makes it look easy.  even when he tells you trick up front but pointing out the alliteration, the words just flow like magic.  Good dialogue in porn is worth all the money in the world.

It is a short story at 55 pages so telling you any more would be spoilers.  Needless to say, I wish there was more books like this.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.

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