Apr 182012

I was in a meeting when my phone vibrated. The ‘C’ network was negotiating the wedding broadcast rights to one of our reality stars and we were debating the right time to plan the divorce. My boss wanted the divorce to be three months later but marketing had strong evidence that a 3 week later divorce would be a bonanza. It was a crucial decision that could impact the ratings for the next reality show wedding.

When the reality star’s agent negotiated for bachelorette party, I checked my phone. My heart sank when I saw the message. I also got a hard-on.

The message was just “H”. H stood for Holly Valentine, ruthless reporter for the INX website. So far in this past year Holly had revealed the C network’s involvement in creating our own octuplets mother as well as our bribe to a has been celebrity to marry a porn star. She was destroying our company’s reputation one story at a time.

H also stood for handjob. That was the payment Holly valentine usually gave me for the information I leaked to her.

“Let’s break for lunch,” my boss said. “And while you are on lunch, I want you all to think of what magazines we want to offer exclusives to for the wedding, and what magazines we should offer exclusives to for the divorce.”

This was my chance. I could sneak away from the office, go down several streets until I reach our pre-arranged alley, and get my handjob from a hot redhead reporter. Or I could do the smart thing and eat my lunch inside the office and stop risking my career for cheap thrills.

Five minutes later I was outside. I kept telling myself that the only reason I was going was because I wanted to tell Holly in person that I was quitting. I swore to myself that I would not tell her anything. I would be good this time.

I reached our alley. It was a dark place with plenty of dumpsters and boxes to hide behind. The smell of urine was overpowering. My cock was throbbing like a reality star on her first network sponsored bender.

“Over here, “Holly said.

She was standing behind the dumpster. Long red hair flickered like fire in the dim light of the alley. She had a business appropriate black skirt on that went down to her ankles but her black blouse was decadently open. Her pale freckled breasts jiggled freely with every step she took. Lipstick as red as her hair called out to me.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I said. I was surprised at my strength.

“Yes you can, Bob,” Holly said. She said it with such confidence. My weakness was just another fact to her.

“No,” I said. “Not this time. When you published that story about the porn marriage, my boss was convinced we had a leak. I’m just lucky they fired that Muslim guy and quit looking.”

Holly came closer. I couldn’t get over how lewd she was with her open blouse. She ran her painted red fingernails over her hard nipple. Anyone could come down this alley and see her like this. She looked like a hooker and I was her dirty filthy customer. Oh God, I was hard.

“Unzip your pants,” Holly said. Her green eyes commanded me.

“No,” I said.

“Fine,” she said. She unzipped my pants. I could have fought her but I didn’t. I did nothing as she pulled my pants down to my ankles. She took my cock in her hand and I moaned. My cock pulsed in her tight grip but I couldn’t be responsible for that. In my heart, I was resisting her.

“I have heard of a secret project,” Holly sad. “Something called the Lazarus Project.”

I gasped in terror. How had Holly even heard of that project? It was the most protected secret in all of the C Network!

“You have heard of it?” Holly said.

“I can’t tell you,” I said. “Hey, I can tell you about our next marriage/divorce schedule if you want.”

Holly looked down at my cock. “No, I want to hear about the Lazarus Project. Celebrity networks don’t usually invoke a biblical reference unless it is really big.”

“I can’t,” I said. “They would cut my dick off if they ever found out.”

Holly nodded. For one brief moment, I thought she was going to understand how serious I was. That moment faded as soon as she liked her crimson lips.

“And I will suck your cock for the information.”

Oh shit. This beautiful redhead wanted to suck my cock in a dirty alley on a busy day. I squealed a long whimper of defeat.

“Start talking,” Holly said.

She squatted down before me. The alley was too dirty for her to get on her knees but that was okay. She held my cock in her hand and guided me toward her lips. I felt the brief flicker of her tongue against me before her red lips engulfed me. Further and further she guided me into her mouth until I felt her nose breathing on the base of my cock.

“The Lazarus Project is a way to recoup money invested in celebrities who have outlived their market potential,” I said. That might sound like a sophisticated description coming from a man getting his cock sucked, but to be honest I had the whole proposal memorized. Balls deep in a woman’s mouth, my brain were on autopilot.

Holly’s eyes looked up at me. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked harder. I gripped her shoulders as my knees threatened to give out. The look in her green eyes told me to keep talking.

“The recent funeral of that singer really showed us how much money could be made of a death,” I continued. “You can air old footage, create shows where friends remember the dead and then finally you can televise the funeral. The person can have destroyed their reputation before they died but it doesn’t matter because only assholes speak ill of the dead.”

Holly pulled her mouth down the length of my cock. I was afraid that she was going to take me completely out of her mouth but no, she reached my tip and then plunged back down on my cock. I re-entered her mouth in slow motion and every last bit of resistance within me melted.

“Waiting for celebrities to die is inefficient,” I said. “So our plan is to approach a few and encourage them to die on a schedule. Some will do it for money up front while others will do it just for the chance to give input on their memorial broadcasts. There is no shortage of celebrities who want to manage their last days.”

Holly moaned. Or maybe she growled, I wasn’t sure. Either way, the vibrations of her mouth did wonderful things to my cock. I had to put my hands against the dirty wall behind me for support.

Holly pulled her mouth from my cock. A line of spit fell from my cock and onto one of her perfect freckled breasts. She gripped my cock and jerked me.

“I am going to need know when this project is starting,” she said.

A horn honked from the street and it was too loud to answer right away. “It has already started.”

The reporter frowned. “I am going to need the names of the people who have signed on.”

“No way,” I said. “You have enough to ruin the project just by exposing it. Of course, it will just be a rumor and when someone dies, people will wonder if- OH GOD!”

Holly took me back into her mouth. She moved fast and hard on my cock. There was no more teasing, she was just trying to get me off. The redhead choked on my cock as she sucked me in the dirty alley. It was fucking perfect.

I gave her names. I told her about the 80’s child star and the 90’s boy band singer. I told her about the cooking show winner and the reality show judge. I told her out schedule and our prime sponsors. I told her the focus group determined cause of deaths as well as the real reason that celebrities die in threes. I told her everything.

Through out it all, Holly fucked my cock with her face. She gagged herself like the whores I never had the courage to buy. The more I talked, the faster she sucked. Every bit of information I gave her just motivated her more.

I came in her mouth. Usually she just jerked me off onto her breasts, but this time she swallowed as I emptied myself in her. Any guilt I had in revealing my network’s secrets was swallowed away by her willing throat.

When she let go of my cock it took everything I had to keep standing. My knees were shaking and my balls were drained. I knew that my company would be ruined but I just couldn’t summon the will to care.

Holly stood up and buttoned her blouse. “Thank you, Bob. I will text you again if I need anything.”

“Where are you going now?” I asked.

Holly smiled at me. “I have more sources to pump.”

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