Apr 252012

Explorer’s Log: I am a week away from the star system designated Queen’s Firm Breasts by Royal Astronomers.  I finally finish processing the last of the metallurgy surveys of the asteroid where I did my repairs.  It was a lot of tedious record keeping and analyzing but I am sure the Royal Navy will find them useful and give me proper compensation for the minerals I found.  End Explorer’s Log

Explorer’s Personal Log: I never want to see another metal scan in my life.  At least it kept me busy for a few days.  There is fucking nothing to do on this fucking ship and I got seven more days to kill.

Vaquel Di stepped into the harness.  Her nude brown body was suspended by straps around her thighs and shoulders.  She positioned herself so that she was bent over with her ass high in the air.  A heavy application of lubricant glistened on her ass.

The harness was designed for some sort of complex isometric exercise that Vaquel never got the hang of.  Today she was using it to secure her position for a good ass-fucking.

At the back of the ship was a modified microprobe.  A Deep Space Explorer had to get into a lot of tricky places and the micro-probe was designed to do just that.  It had a tiny anti-gravity motor that let it carry the probe down deep canyons, dangerous caves or bottomless shafts.  It usually carried a payload of super sensitive scanning equipment, but now the payload had been replaced with Vaquel’s vibrator. 

Vaquel waited on the harness.  She reached between her thighs and stroked her sex.  She had preprogrammed the micro-probe to launch and seek out her anus.  Since she had to remove the sensors to put in the vibrator, Vaquel had to calculate the flight plan ahead of time.  It was a shit load of math, physics and vector programming for an ass fuck but it wasn’t like she had anything else to do while in space.

This was going to be awesome or it was going to be a disaster. 

The microprobe timer expired and it launched.  The anti-gravity motor hummed as the microprobe hovered through the ship.  It was a straight path to Vaquel’s waiting ass but without the sensors to compensate for fluctuations and course corrections, nothing was ever simple.  A million things could wrong and Vaquel had tried to guess them all.

Vaquel stroked faster.  Her sex was wet from all the preparation.  Working on the math had been a turn on.   Making sure her ass was well lubricated had been a turn on.  Sitting here in her harness was a hell of a turn on.  All her work was either going to succeed and fail in the next few seconds.

Cold metal pressed against her ass.  It mad missed her anus by an inch but Vaquel adjusted her curvy ass.  The tip of the microprobe touched her anus and began a slow push inside.

Vaquel cried out.  The speed she had programmed was perfect.  The unrelenting push slowly opened her ass.  Vaquel struggled to maintain her balance in the harness.  Her ass was being split apart and it was everything Vaquel had hoped it would be.  Despite the need to remain still, Vaquel’s fingers were furiously stroking her sex.

The microprobe kept pushing.  For one terrifying moment, Vaquel worried that she had miscalculated the depth.  The thought was so frightening that Vaquel’s cunt couldn’t stop clenching in excitement.

Right as the invasion in her ass reached her breaking point, the Microprobe stopped.  The vibrations activated a second later. 

Vaquel moaned.  Her fingers kept stroking her wet cunt but she almost didn’t feel it.  Her entire world centered on her ass and the metal intruder inside her.  She felt expanded.  She felt ripped apart.  She felt like nothing she had ever experienced.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.  Her orgasm rippled through her body.  She clenched reflexively and her cheeks tightened around the microprobe.  The microprobe continued to vibrate.

Vaquel reached behind her and touched the microprobe.  Her wet fingers found the power relay and deactivated the probe.  Carefully, she pulled the microprobe from he rass.

A new wave of pleasure rippled through her.  The only thing more delightful than a forceful invasion was the removal of the invasion.  Her ass came back together as the microprobe was removed.

Vaquel sighed happily in the harness.  As she closed her eyes, she wondered if she should modify another microprobe.  Programming two microprobes to penetrate her at the same time would be one hell of a feat. 

She smiled.  She didn’t have anything else to do.            

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Guided Entry”

  1. That was awesome. I love the creative way she is passing the time, but also that anticipation. Yummy!

  2. It’s amazing what one can think of when extremely bored and horny, lol.

    Cute little tale, many thanks ^^

  3. I have a request, if you have a moment. I believe you created or link to a game a long time ago based on ass rape and which included individual characters and even has little character sheet which could be printed out with special rules for each character. Does this ring any bells, and if so, would you help point me toward it?

  4. t’Sade- Vaquel has way too much time on her hands.

    Mystique – Bored and horny, I just realized that Vaquel could be a sex blogger :)

    Anonymous – You are thinking of my game, Battle of the Ass-Fighters, which you can read about here, http://erotiterrorist.blogspot.com/2011/06/battle-of-ass-fighters.html and download from google docs here https://docs.google.com/?tab=oo&authuser=0#folders/0B80R0aHkulYQNzIxNjU2NWQtODEwNC00NjU4LWJjYmEtMTY2ZWMwNmFiZmJj

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