Mar 212012

Danielle Waters couldn’t sit still. The hard wood chair she was sitting in was certainly not made with human comfort in mind. Her round bottom spilled over the tiny seat and it felt like something large was trying to press up into her ass.

The monk sitting across from her scowled. Father Stern didn’t appear happy at all. She didn’t take it personal. He had been scowling since she first met him. He kept tugging at the brown cloth of his robe as if it was annoying the shit out of him.

When he tugged at his robes, Danielle got a very good look at the massive arms of Father Stern. He was built like a body builder. Danielle had some pretty vivid thoughts of how it would feel to be fucked by a guy that muscular. She was sure that thinking dirty thoughts about a monk was a sin but it wasn’t stopping her.

“Sure, I could make a database for you,” Danielle said. “Although from what you told me, your order has bought fifty new computers and they should all have basic database programs on them.”

“Unacceptable,” Father Stern said. “We don’t have time to learn the toys of the outside world. We know what sins and decadence exists out there, oh yes we do! I want a program so that my monks can enter in information and then that information is stored. Period.”

“Okay,” Danielle said. “I can do that. Just tell me what are recording and I will make a program.” She didn’t add that she was going to charge him double her usual rate. People who didn’t have basic computer skills never blinked at paying a little extra. It might be unethical but shit, Danielle was saving up for a trip to Miami.

“Write these down,” Father Stern said. He didn’t wait for her to finish getting out her notebook before he began listing the fields he needed.

“Name of the guilty, the crime they committed, the date and time of their crime, the penance required and whether the penance was administered.”

Danielle blinked. “What kind of monastery is this again?”

“The Order of the Scarlet Monks does not answer the questions of outsiders,” Father Stern said.

“O-kay,” Danielle said. “You know, I could write this program in about an hour. It will cost a little extra if you want me to do it now.”

To her delight, Father Stern nodded in approval. Oh, she was so going to soak these monks for as much as she could.

“You will create your program on this computer here,” Father Stern said. “There is a bathroom across the hall. You are forbidden from seeing the other parts of the monastery.”

He got up and left. Danielle was amused. Maybe his order took a vow of celibacy to go with their vow of scowling.

She moved to his chair and found it just as uncomfortable as the one she just left. The desk was unusually high and she had to almost stand to use the keyboard. Who makes a desk that sits at waist height?

Danielle finished the program in fifteen minutes. She used another client’s program as a template and just modified it a bit. Technically the program was intellectual property for a real estate company but how the fuck would they know?

She finished the program and sighed. She had to kill a lot more time to justify her inflated fee. Oh well, she might as well use the bathroom. Hopefully the toilet seats were better designed.

Danielle walked into the hallway and looked for the bathroom. A familiar noise echoed down the hallway. It was a wet sound and something about it made Danielle wet between the thighs. She tried to place the sound but it was eluding her like it was on the tip of her tongue.

She slowly walked down the hallway. The sound multiplied. Whatever that sound was, a lot of people were doing it.

An open doorway revealed a small room. Sitting at his desk was a naked man stroking his cock. He used his left hand to stroke and his right hand to write. Danielle was amazed at his dexterity. He was stroking and writing at the same time. In her experience, men usually only had enough brain power to do the stroking.

Ah! That was the sound! It was the sound of a well lubricated cock being jacked off. Danielle hadn’t heard that sound since she lived at her college co-ed dorm. Wait, were monks allowed to jack it?

The man was mumbling something but Danielle couldn’t catch it. She was afraid he would notice her so she quickly moved down the hall.

She peeked in another open doorway. This naked man was black but he was doing the same amazing act of multi-tasking. Danielle watched in fascination as he paused to spit in his hand before he resumed writing. He was mumbling something too but Danielle couldn’t tell what it was.

“Jesus Christ,” Danielle moaned. Was everyone jacking and writing? She checked another doorway.

Yep, a naked short guy with huge arms was writing and stroking.

She checked another doorway. A naked bald man with massive arms was stroking his meat and writing with a pen.

Danielle checked seven more doorways and found seven more guys doing the same thing. What the hell was going on? How did they keep stroking and not climax? What was so fucking important that they had to keep writing while playing with themselves? What the fuck were they all mumbling?

Danielle had to know. She approached one of them that had his back to his doorway. Step by step, she moved as quietly as she could. Bending over to hear better, she made sure to avoid touching his constantly moving shoulders.

“Brittany Everts on March 21st, masturbated while thinking of her husband’s best friend. 20 spanks and she was not punished.”

“Well this is odd,” Danielle thought. She kept listening.

“Jessica Renoylds on March 21st, flirted and talked dirty to her boyfriend knowing full well that he would have no time to fuck her today. 30 spanks and she was not punished.”

Danielle smiled. Maybe the monks were writing kinky porn. It seemed awfully spanking oriented. Maybe they were a Catholic order.”

“Danielle Waters on March 21st overcharged the Order of the Scarlet Monks for easy work. She also ignored the limitations that was placed on her and spied on the Scarlet Monks as they did their recording. 100 spanks and she will be punished.

Danielle jumped back in fear. The monk stopped stroking and turned to face her. He scowled at her.

“Spying harlot!” the monk yelled. “Excessive biller of services!”

Danielle ran into the hallway. The monks were waiting for her. In front of them was Father Stern. He was naked and his hard cock waved at her in a threatening manner.

“I knew you had the mark of wickedness in you!” Father Stern said. “Is it not written in the Blue Book of Blue Balls, ‘Women just can’t do what they are told’?”

“What are you crazy fucks doing?” Danielle said.

“You wouldn’t understand,” Father Stern said. “How could you understand that the time of the Apocafuck is nearly upon us? How could you know that the Great Spanker of Asses will descend from the Heavens and use his nine and sixty paddles to punish the wicked? Would you believe me if I told you that the Scarlet Monks write the sins of all women so that when the Great Spanker of Asses returns, he will use our files to punish the unworthy? We are the keepers of the Spanking Files and through our meditations, self sacrifice and constant masturbation, we tap into the secret magics that let us spy on all the women who commit sin.”

“Just the women?” Danielle said. “That’s awfully sexist!”

Father Stern waved her argument aside. “The Order of the Scarlet Nuns handles the sins of men. The wicked will be punished, don’t you worry!”

“Okay,” Danielle said. “I believe in religious freedom and all. How about you pay me, and by that I mean you pay me what I should have charged you, and I’ll go home and wait for the Great Spanker of Asses to give me my just reward.”

The monks kept scowling but their cocks throbbed eagerly.

“Oh no,” Father Stern said. “When one sins against the Order, we take matters into our own hands. Am I not right my brothers?”

“Fuck yeah!” an eager monk yelled.

“Take her to my desk!” Father Stern said. Strong hands grabbed her arms. Someone yanked down her skirt and panties. In seconds her ass was bare.

“Get the Paddle of Justice and the Paddle of Cruelty!” Father Stern yelled. “Brother Strict, how many spanks does she deserve?”

“!00 spanks,” said the monk that Danielle had listened to. Danielle felt her ass clench in terror at the number he listed. For some reason, her pussy clenched too.

Father Stern nodded. “As it is written, then let it be spanked.”

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