Mar 072012

Explorer’s Log: While trying to leave the star system designated Bounce of the Queen’s Ass, by Royal Astronomers, my ship hit an FTL mine. I was able to drop out of high speed quick enough to evade the mine but scans now reveal that the mines blanket the solar system. I will need to use solar thrust to leave the system before I can engage the FTL drives.

The near miss with the mine must have activated some sort of warning because now the system is swarming with small space ships. The all broadcast the same message in various languages. Here is a sample of the message in primitive Verdana.

“We are the Squix. We are eager to exchange physical interactions. Need quick monetary gains? You have been selected to receive rare mineral deposits. Physically attractive members of your species are waiting to flatter your ego. No previous contact with us is required. We are the Squix.”

I encountered the Squix in this system earlier. They are artificial intelligences who have an obsession with penetrating organics with sexual instruments. Although pleasurable, the Squix I met were willing to impale me on a cock the size of a large cannon. No other attempt of interaction was made and I had to forcibly escape them. I have no idea why a race of robots is interested in raping organics but I leave that for the diplomats and the scientists. I am just trying to get out of her without getting a new structurally superfluous orifice added. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Great, it will take at least two weeks to escape this solar system. Thanks a lot you horde of sex crazed robotics.

Vaquel Di sat in the cockpit of her Deep Space Probe ship. The Squix ships were running constant sensor sweeps. To avoid their scans, Vaquel had been running her ship at constant low power. The lights were off except for the console panels. The gravity had been turned off so Vaquel had to strap herself into her chair. She hadn’t showered in three days. Instead of freshly grown algae food from the Nutrition Pod, Vaquel had been eating cold Space rations. Today’s flavor was Spicy Green.

Vaquel sat naked in the chair. The dim lights of the console illuminated her dark brown body. Her right hand was on the controls while her left hand played with the thick pink hair of her pussy. Idly she would slip a finger into her sex while her other hand entered in new directions. The ship would turn and Vaquel would stroke faster to take advantage of the brief vibration of the engines.

There was nothing else to do. The Squix ships were out there and Vaquel had to keep as quiet as possible. Some of the ships were large bulky freighters and Vaquel doubted that her ship’s weapons could even dent them. Other Squix ships were smaller fighter types, bristling with weapons that Vaquel had no interest in experiencing first hand. She would have to sneak her way out of this problem.

Vaquel added a second finger to her sex. She squirmed in her set as the extra girth teased her.

A panel flashed. A Squix ship was headed right for her. It was small and half the size of Vaquel’s tiny ship. Small was a bad sign. It would be really fast.

Vaquel increased her own ship’s speed. She also kept masturbating. There was no reason to stop.

“We are the Squix!” boomed through her communicator. “Discreetly view sexually available individuals in your sector!”

“Fuck you, too,” Vaquel said. She had no idea if the Squix themselves knew what they were saying. It was as if they just parroted whatever they thought would get organics to meet them. They were kind of like teenage men in that way.

Vaquel tapped in an evasive maneuver. The Probe ship lurched and twisted as it tried to dodge whatever armaments the Squix might have. Strangely, the Squix ship didn’t fire anything. It just moved closer and closer.

Vaquel stroked faster. This was bad news. Typically the closer a space weapon had to get to the target, the nastier the weapon. Still, the Squix fighter was now closer than even plasma burst range, which would easily melt the Deep Space Probe. What the hell was that Squix packing?

The Squix picked up speed. Proximity warnings went off around Vaquel’s consoles. The damn ship was going to collide with her! Was it some sort of suicide ship?

Vaquel added a third finger to her stroking.

The Deep Space Probe shook. Vaquel fingered herself with frenzy. She wanted to climax before the ship’s hull was torn apart by the collision. Her sex was so wet from the thought of imminent death.

Oddly, the Probe Ship didn’t explode. Vaquel checked the sensors and found that multiple impacts had struck the Probe but none of the impacts had pierced the hull. Scanners were detecting a low powered tractor beam lock on the back of the Probe. Considering how much the Probe’s speed had dropped, Vaquel concluded that the Squix ship had landed ON the Probe.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel asked. Her stroking slowed a little as she thought about this. Was the Squix trying to board her? Would it enter the ship and try to get at her personally?

“Hull integrity has been compromised!” the console warned. Vaquel examined the flashing red warning icon superimposed over the Probe’s blueprint. The penetration was located over a power conduit. It would hamper her systems but there was no way to enter the interior compartments through there.

The Probe ship shook. It was a violent up and down movement. Vaquel’s fingers slipped deeper into her pussy and she cried out from the unexpected thrust.

The shaking continued. Vaquel stared at the sensor readings in disbelief. The Squix shipped had pierced the Probe ship and was now activating thrusters in an alternating sequence.

“The Squix ship is fucking my ship!” Vaquel yelled. The Squix wasn’t interested in getting her at all. It was more than happy to rape her ship.

Vaquel growled as she stroked her cunt with both hands. She felt a little rejected. Maybe she was looking forward to a little robot rough sex after all. She pinched her clitoris in a jilted fury as she stroked faster.

The ship kept shuddering as the Squix ship continued to pound her ship. Vaquel wondered what exactly the Squix ship was using to ram her. Did it have a penis mounted? Was it using a landing strut? The shaking continued and made Vaquel’s breasts jiggle in very distracting ways.

“Hull integrity has been compromised and is at 95%!” the console warned.

Vaquel opened a channel to the Squix ship. “Go slower, asshole! If you keep this up, you’ll destroy my ship in no time.”

“We are the Squix! Receive a new technological accessory by remaining still! Ask us how to enhance your secondary sexual characteristics! We are the Squix!”

“Fucking vibrator,” Vaquel swore. “How does a race of sex robots even manage to take care of themselves?”

“Hull integrity has been compromised and is at 90%!” the console warned. “Environmental breach predicted in seven minutes!”

Vaquel sighed as the ship continued to shake from the Squix’s fucking. This was a problem. She needed some sort of cold shower to get this humping robot off of her. Out here in space, there weren’t a lot of things colder than space itself.

Vaquel smiled. Maybe she would try heat instead. She scanned for the closest planet. There was a gas giant nearby. Perfect.

The deep space explorer punched in the coordinates to the gas planet at maximum thrust. The Probe ship swung about to sped towards the planet. The extra propulsion pulled Vaquel back into her seat. Her fingers never stropped stroking her sex.

The Squix kept humping the Probe ship. Twice Vaquel had to make adjustments to their course to compensate for the Squix fucking.

Vaquel stroked faster. The Squix ship fucked harder. The console screamed more warnings.

The gas giant loomed ahead of them. A big yellow planet with curious black spots, it dominated the view screen. Vaquel typed in another course adjustment and aimed to skim the outer atmosphere.

The Deep Space Probe was designed to land on planets. Going straight down, it could easily avoid burning up on entry to a planet’s atmosphere. Coming on the side like this however was suicide. The air friction would be intense and fry the Probe ship within minutes.

Hopefully it would fry the Squix ship first.

The view screen turned red as the heat increased. Vaquel shut off the audio warnings. She had no desire to hear every second of her possible demise. The ship was heating up on the inside and Vaquel spread her now sweaty legs. The Squix ship was humping a little slower now but it was still going.

“I might as well too,” Vaquel said. She used both hands again. Three fingers pushed inside her while her other hand played with her clit. The shaking of the ship helped her imagine that the Squix was fucking her cunt instead of the Probe’s hull.

The ship shook. Vaquel stroked.

The ship shuddered. Vaquel stroked.

The sound of tearing metal vibrated through the ship. Vaquel stroked.

The humping stopped. Vaquel opened her eyes and saw that the Squix ship was gone. A sensor reported that a falling mass was rapidly descending into the gas planet.

Vaquel spared a hand to put in a course correction. Her other hand kept stroking because she was so damn close.

The Probe pulled up and away from the unbearable atmosphere burn. The heat measurement began to drop. The ship would be all right.

Vaquel cried out as she climaxed.

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  1. Boarding action is always more fun when you don’t care what happens after boarding. :)

  2. T’Sade- Now I am wondering if Boarding Action might have been a better title :)

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