Mar 282012

Explorer’s Log: I have finally left the star system designated Bounce of the Queen’s Ass, by Royal Astronomers. It took two weeks of dodging Squix patrol ships and traveling under FTL speeds but I finally left behind those crazy promiscuous artificial intelligences. I just hope those fuckers aren’t following me.

Due to damage inflicted on my Deep Space Probe by a horny Squix ship, I am heading towards a small asteroid field. These rogue asteroids are in the middle of space outside of any star system so I plan to make my repairs in peace. Once I have repaired the ship, I will set course towards the star system designated Queen’s Firm Breasts by Royal Astronomers. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Great. There are few things duller than making repairs on an asteroid. While I am making replacement plates for the ship, I might as well carve myself a new dildo to replace the one I broke.

Vaquel Di checked the Easy-Fabricate Plate Oven. The red light was still on. That meant the oven was still melting and molding the minerals placed within into a handy hull plate for the Deep Space Probe. The hull plates were only as large as Vaquel’s areole and the gaping hole in her ship was as large as one of Vaquel’s heavy tits. After two hours, she had made three hull plates.

“This is going to take forever,” Vaquel said. She stood up and stretched. The dim light of the camp lamp illuminated the tight pink space suit that clung to every curve of her voluptuous body. The glassteel bubble encased her head but revealed her cute brown face with her cuter short pink hair. Vaquel knew that she looked good enough to fuck but since this was an asteroid in the middle of space, there wasn’t a damn soul around to appreciate what she had going on.

Vaquel looked up at the stars and wondered just how far away a good fuck really was. Space was huge and Vaquel couldn’t shake the thought that it might me light years before she found something with a cock.

Something grabbed her foot and pulled. The low gravity of the asteroid meant Vaquel fell to the ground in slow motion. It gave her plenty of time to see the ugly blue tentacle that was wrapped around her ankle.

“Oh I got something for you,” Vaquel said. She reached for the vibration blade she carried on her belt. She clicked on the switch and the blade vibrated at the rate of a thousand pulses per second. It was designed to cut shit up.

The blue tentacle glowed and Vaquel gasped. It felt like a skilled masseuse was massaging Vaquel’s foot and after weeks of space travel, it felt damn good. Even better was the sensation of kisses that rained on her ankle. An invisible lover was kissing her foot with adoration and Vaquel shivered with delight.

“This isn’t so bad,” Vaquel said. The tentacle started to drag her across the ground and Vaquel reconsidered. No tentacle ever dragged Vaquel somewhere good. She decided to cut this experience short, figuratively and literally.

As she bent down to reach the tentacle, more blue tentacles appeared. One wrapped around her thigh. Another tentacle wrapped around the wrist that was holding the vibration blade. A third tentacle wrapped around her chest and squeezed her tightly packed breasts.

When all four tentacles glowed, Vaquel cried out in pleasure. She was awash in sensations. Her wrist felt like she was fisting a very tight woman’s cunt. Her thigh felt the hungry nibbles of a flirty lover. Her breasts were groped and mauled by too many hands to count.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel moaned. The vibration blade dropped from her fingers and she didn’t care. The tentacles dragged her further along the ground of the asteroid and the only thing Vaquel was worried about was how to get a tentacle across her sex. She couldn’t wait to see what sensations that would produce.

The tentacles came from a hole in the ground and Vaquel saw that the hole was getting bigger. More tentacles came out and grabbed her. One wrapped around her free hand she felt like someone had placed a large cock in her hand. Another tentacle wrapped her neck and she experienced a thousand kisses at once.

The ground broke apart as something large pulled itself up. A massive blue slug emerged and peered at her with a giant purple eye.

“Come on!” Vaquel yelled. “Give me another tentacle! Right around my cunt!”

The blue monster sent another tentacle her way. It wrapped tightly around her hips and coiled down to her thighs. Vaquel wondered if the creature understood her and maybe she should try to make more formal contact. Once the sensations started however, Vaquel couldn’t give a fuck about alien contact protocols.

She was felt her cunt penetrated by a perfect cock. Her ass was squeezed by the tentacles but it was also squeezed by demanding hands. She felt a mouth on her clitoris while a relentless cock pumped in and out of her. Another cock entered her ass while at the same time she felt a tongue licking her asshole.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed as she climaxed.

The blue monster screamed too. An opening appeared under its eye that was ringed with sharp teeth. The lack of an atmosphere stopped any sound from being heard from the creature but the shaking of it’s lips sure looked like screaming. The mouth kept opening and teeth kept appearing until the mouth was large enough to swallow Vaquel whole.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel said. She tried to reach for her belt but the damn tentacles held her tight. They were also sending her more sensations which made it awfully hard to concentrate.

Vaquel groaned as the cock in her cunt began to vibrate. She struggled to pull her hands free as the tentacles made her feel like each hand was pressed against a soft pliant breast. She twisted in the grip of the tentacles as her nipples felt like they were being playfully bitten. Vaquel climaxed again as she felt her cunt get eaten by four eager mouths.

The blue monster opened its mouth wider and Vaquel could see the many, many, many jagged teeth that were waiting for her.

“Deep Space Probe Ship!” Vaquel yelled inside her glassteel helmet. “Engage Thrusters!”

“Anchoring Lock is still activated,” the helm computer responded. “Would you like to reconsider your command?”

The blue monster’s tongue was reaching for her. She was only a few feet away from it.

“Fuck no!” Vaquel yelled. “Engage! Engage!”

The Deep Space Probe Ship activated the engines. Since it was still locked to the asteroid’s surface, the ship didn’t go anywhere but the ground wasn’t so lucky. The asteroid groaned and fissures appeared as the seismic stress increased.

The blue monster shook as well. The tentacles released her as it used the tentacles to steady itself from falling back into the hole it came from.

Vaquel drifted slowly back to the ground. Her fingers latched onto the fragmentation grenades that were standard issue for every explorer. She tossed the marble sized grenades into the still gaping mouth of the tentacle monster and then dove for cover.

She had forgotten about the low gravity. The monster exploded while she was still in the air. Monster chunks smacked into her and she bounced twice off the surface of the asteroid. Vaquel wasn’t hurt but it was a less than glamorous way to survive an encounter.

“Disengage engines” Vaquel yelled. The ship obeyed and the asteroid tremors stopped.

Vaquel picked herself off the ground and wiped monster goo off her suit. She had another wet spot inside her suit from all the imagined fucking but that would have to wait.

“What the fuck did that thing even eat?” Vaquel asked out loud. “Does it just want for people to land on it? What the fuck kind of life is that?”

“Beep!” It was a message from the Easy-Fabricate Plate Oven. Her next hull plate was finished. She only had another twenty seven to make.

Vaquel returned to the Easy-Fabricate Plate Oven and took out the finished plate. She added some more raw minerals. The explorer sat with her back to the oven with her laser pistol in hand. If any more tentacles came for her, she would see them coming.

Whether she would shoot them right away is something she was still considering.

  6 Responses to “Fiction: Menage a Tentacle”

  1. “Her wrist felt like I was fisting a very tight woman’s cunt.” Author intrusion?

    Otherwise, yummy! I love tentacles very much so it was great to have a little bit of love. The gaping mouth of teeth… somewhat of a killer but still fun. I also loved the action.

  2. t’Sade – Ha, nice catch.

  3. I always get the “you” in there. So, my mistake would have been “your wrist felt like you were fisting…” and I almost always write third-person.

    Fun mistakes, but I’m glad when people catch them.

  4. t’Sade – Lately most of my errors have been missing articles. I seem to think/write in noun/verbs.

  5. Lovely~~~ <3
    I always wondered what kind of tentacle story would take form with you.
    To have that element of fantasy/magic with its touch was gorgeous, almost makes me wanna be grabbed by one.
    Almost… :p

    I caught some typos but wasn’t sure if you prefer to be called out on them generally, so I left it, but if you don’t mind me going ahead then I’ll point out these two.

    Once I had repaired the ship, I will set course towards the star system designated Queen’s Firm Breasts by Royal Astronomers.
    – Once I “have”
    (Her report is usually in present/future tense I notice)

    The dim light of camp lamp illuminated
    – The camp lamp/ Her camp lamp?

    That’s about it, let me know if you’d prefer to point things out or leave it be in the future.

    Many thanks for this story <3

  6. Hey Mystique, always feel free to shoot me an email on typos. I am awful at checking my comments on a regular basis but I check my mail every day.

    This was written during the chemo and man it shows. “the” is the word I kept leaving out during that period.

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