Mar 132012

After a year of work, the Farmer’s Daughter Almanac is finally ready for your reading. Yeah, it is like 3 months overdue and I apologize for that. I wish I could blame the cancer but my decision at the last minute to include interior art pushed the release date a bit. I am sorry for that, as well as sorry for any sexual advice you may have needed in the last three months.

What does the Almanac contain? It has amusing articles from myself, t’Sade, Daisy Danger, Derek Shannon and Daisy Connolly. It has cover art by George Sportelli and interior art by Mamabliss. It includes recommendations on who to fuck, what to avoid and what to show off for every day of the year. It has letters answered by the Farmer’s Daughter and a guide for fucking cryptids. There is some shopping advice as well as recommendations for how to get abducted by aliens.

In short, it is a book designed to make you smile no matter where you turn the page.

If you want the PDF version, you can get it for FREE at this link.

If you want the paperback version, we are selling it at COST at this link here.

  3 Responses to “Farmer’s Daughter Almanac”

  1. The cover looks delightful, congrats on getting it to publication. All the best with this book as well as the others :)

  2. Thank you, Mystique. This has been one long labor of love.

  3. Ooh, can’t wait to read it end to end.

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