Mar 052012

Today I go in for chemo t eliminate the rogue cancer cells that escaped when my giant nad was removed. Here is my exciting schedule.

9:45 Get some blood taken to establish baselines.

10:00 Have my Cancer Doctor look at me and figure I won’t die from chemo.

10:15: Get an IV stuck in me and take Anti-Nausea Drug #1.

10:35: Get Anti-Nausea Drug #2 pumped into me.

10:55: Finally get my chemo pumped into me.

1:55 Take the IV out and send me home.

3 Weeks Later: Do it all again!

Side effects are a big list of possibilities. Much like anal sex, everyone reacts differently. I could be puking, constipated, running to the bathroom, losing hair, mentally incoherent, physically fatigued, and there is a remote possibility that I could produce tribbles. We won’t know until they send me home and see what happens.

They have wifi at the chemo center so I may be tweeting the procedure. Or I may be reading trashy books on my kindle. I’m keeping my plans open.

  6 Responses to “Chemo Day!”

  1. May you have a grand time and an have an unexpected tit job by a cute little nursing assistant.

  2. All the best, hope the symptoms don’t hit you too hard and remember to embrace whatever crazy voices you hear that tell you to write over the weeks :p

  3. Best of wishes! Agreed on the voices… Although you may want to pass ’em through an editor first.

  4. If you produce tribbles, I’d like one ;)

    Sending well wishes and good vibes.

  5. Tribbles? Well, at least you’ll know if any Klingons are around… :) Best of luck.

  6. t’Sade – It was a pretty good time oddly enough. I had a recliner to sit in and all the other people were sleeping so I could read in peace.

    Mystique- The crazy voices are mostly obsessed with sex at the moment. Chemo is the new Viagra.

    Jason – Thanks!

    Musns- I will be sure to send you one, and it will turn into a dozen by the time it gets to you.

    BPFH – I wonder if they still sing of the Great Tribble Hunt?

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