Mar 262012

Round two of chemo begins today. It is the same procedure as last time except they expect the side effects to be worse because my body hasn’t had time to recover from the last bout.

I don’t have the fear that I had last time. I have seen the side effects and they suck, but it is not anything insurmountable. Having said that, I admit to outright dreading the experience of feeling like shit again. My productivity was awful and my general desire to lay in bed and pretend I didn’t exist was quite high. The last few days I have been feeling almost my old self and it has been a nice feeling. Too bad it is over already.

On the plus side, they have really comfortable chairs at the chemo place. I will also most likely be the youngest person there again, which cheers up all the older patients. I can see the look on their faces. They are like “Shit, at least I got cancer when I was an old fart, not like that poor bastard there.”

  2 Responses to “Chemo Day Again”

  1. Hopefully knowing what will happen will reduce the stress enough to let you get a few quips in. My sympathies, though, and I hope you charm the old folks.


  2. Thanks :) I have spent most of this chemo sleeping. I clocked in 20 hours on Wednesday

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