Mar 162012

Last night my bathroom wall mirror decided to end it all and jump off the wall. I suspect the frequent number of sad songs I play during showers may have had something to do with it.

I was in the living room at the time. At first I head something sliding in slow motion. I thought the cats might have somehow pushed over a dresser. Then I heard a deafening crash of shattering glass. I can not express how loud that sound was. It was like mind blowing.

The mirror managed to take everything, and I mean everything that was on the bathroom sink with it. Mixed with the glass was a thousand bottles of lotion, moisturizers and other arcane potions my wife uses. You don’t see it in the picture because my wife insisted each bottle was precious and valuable and I had to pick through the minefield of shrapnel to get them for her.

I am pretty convinced that 2012 is trying to kill me.

  4 Responses to “2012 Blows”

  1. I’m glad that no one got hurt. :) Too bad you didn’t “accidently” mix in the alchemical mixtures and somehow create a glass golem.

  2. t’Sade- The other irony is that i just cleaned the bathroom and had it sparkling again. If I had left the cat hair, soap scum and funky smell, I might have got that golem.

  3. Σ(゚Д゚;)
    *whistles long*
    Trying to kill you via a heart/anxiety attack perhaps otherwise, luckily no one or cat was in the bathroom at the time.

    It just… slid off you said? :/
    No loose nails, rusty hinges or anything like that, that would justify it being unable to support the mirror?

    (By chance is your wife superstitious too?)

  4. Mystique- the maintenance guy who cleaned the mess said it was the second one he has cleaned up. Apparently the glue gets old and just gives out. Their plan is to go to every mirror in the complex and use clips and frames to hold all the mirrors. I told them they might want to hurry that plan up.

    My wife is anti-superstitious but she saves all her paranoia for her coworkers and banks.

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