Feb 222012

Explorer’s Log: I am about to land on the 4th planet in the star system designated Bounce of the Queen’s Ass, by Royal Astronomers. I have been receiving audio transmission for the last week. The messages are in different languages including a primitive form of Verdana. Transmission is as follows.

We are the Squix. We welcome you with open limbs. Engaging diplomats are waiting to talk to you. Share our immense knowledge and resources. We seek interesting races and new relations with other species. If you are in this star system, please report to these coordinates. May unseen deities accompany your fortunes.

I will be landing near those coordinates to scout them out. The message is typical of those naïve races that believe that all species can get along. I will review their defenses and determine the best way to conquer these silly fools. Of course, there is always a tiny chance that this is some sort of trap but I will be ready for them. I haven’t killed anyone in weeks. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Just because they are stupidly hospitable to strangers is no reason not to take them up on it. I could do with some personal service and Queen knows I could do with a good fuck. I just realized that it has been close to a year since I have had my cunt eaten. Gods damn, that is too long. End Explorer’s Personal Log.

The coordinates were for a rock quarry. Deep Space Explorer Vaquel Di shrugged. Everyone needs rocks. She was expecting a city but all she saw was mining equipment and automated machines.

Vaquel sighed. She was really looking forward to getting laid. She had on her cute purple spacesuit and it was so tight, you could see every inch of her buoyant breasts and her even more gravity defying ass. The glassteel helmet exposed her cute brown face with her short pink bangs. It took her an extra half hour to get her bangs to have that just right bounce of sexy playfulness.

Vaquel walked down the hill towards the quarry. Her scanners weren’t picking up any life signs but they might be inside the mine itself. She was picking up robots although there was only three of them. It seemed like a quarry this size would need more robots.

Even odder was the range of robots. There was a shiny small one that looked like a barrel on two legs. The second robot was as big as a car and rolled around on six wheels. It looked rusted and badly maintained. The third robot was humanoid and pitch black. She didn’t understand their functions at all.

“Hey!” she yelled from the edge of the quarry. “I have come to meet the Squix! Take me to your people! The Squix! Do you understand anything I am saying?”

All three robots stopped what they were doing. The humanoid looked at her and emitted a high pitched series of beeps. The other robots responded with similar beeps. After three seconds, they charged up the quarry slope towards her.

Deep Space Explorers with a trusting attitude get flunked out of the program early on. Vaquel’s natural suspicions took over and she pulled out her plasma pistol. It was the speed of the robots that bothered her. The wheeled robot was coming so fast that it kicked up a shitload of dirt in a hurry to reach her. Even the small robot with stubby legs was tearing up the slope like it was on fire. These robots were way too eager to reach her.

Vaquel fired a warning shot at the ground in front of the wheeled robot. Super heated gas vaporized the dirt but the wheeled robot didn’t slow down. The second shot was aimed for the dead center of the wheeled robot. She smiled as the front of the robot exploded in shrapnel but her smile died as the smoke cleared. The rusty robot hull was damaged but still intact.

“Fuck, it must have be a war robot,” she said. Vaquel turned around and ran as fast as she could.

The robot was faster. It sped past her and then spun in the sand in front of her. A weapons port opened and a long cylinder emerged. Vaquel froze in terror as she waited for the weapon to fire.

The cylinder didn’t fire. In fact, it looked a lot like a cock. Well, a cock designed to ram a large bovine creature, but it was certainly a cock.

Vaquel fired her plasma pistol again. She shot at the cock and it exploded in a cloud of super heated plasma. The robot screeched at her in a burst of fast paced beeps.

“Fuck you, too!” Vaquel yelled back.

She was tackled from behind. The pistol fell from her hand and she cursed at the heavy weight on top of her. It was the black humanoid robot. Her hands were pinned to the sand and the robot’s legs were pinning her knees. She wasn’t going anywhere.

Vaquel still had to try. She twisted and turned but the robot held her tight. The short robot reached her and sat down on her back. She cried out as her breasts were crushed into the sand.

“What do you fucks want?” she yelled.

The black robot no longer needed to pin her wrists. Metal fingers tore through her space suit and ripped it free of her ass. The space suit was designed to withstand tremendous stress but the robot tore through it like it was paper.

Vaquel really wished that she had worn panties for this mission. Her bare ass was exposed to the robots and sand was getting on her cunt.

Another burst of beeps came from the metal robot. Her ass tingled as some sort of scanner took readings of her pelvis. The black robot forced her thighs apart and slipped two warm metal fingers into her cunt.

“Oh shit!” Vaquel yelled. She hated to admit it but the fingers felt great. They were made of metal but the fingers had ten times the dexterity of some of her former lovers. Despite her anger and fear, her cunt was responding with a gush of pleasure.

All three robots streamed their incomprehensible beeps. They were communicating and Vaquel had no idea what they were discussing. What kind of robots penetrate an organic’s cunt anyway?

The humanoid robot removed his fingers and Vaquel felt him kneeling between her legs. The short robot on her chest rose up from her back. Before Vaquel could get up, the short robot’s feet came down on Vaquel’s wrists and pinned them to the sand.

“I demand to see the Squix!” she yelled.

The humanoid robot answered her with a thrust. Something hot, metal and fucking perfect slipped into her cunt. It was the perfect length for her sex. It was the perfect girth. She was filled and she shuddered on the robot’s impalement.

“We are the Squix,” the robot said behind her. “The sum of a vast fortune will be deposited into your accounts. Sexually promiscuous partners will be aroused by your anatomical measurements. Respond to this message to see culturally sensitive body parts forbidden in your area. We are the Squix.”

“Oh shit,” Vaquel moaned. The Squix were an artificial intelligence race. They were rare but they do occur out here in the wilds of space. Rogue robots often infect other robots with their intelligence, duplicating their priorities and objectives among each other like a philosophical virus. No wonder the robots looked so different, they were all converted from their original functions.

The Squix rammed into her. Vaquel moaned at the mechanical precision. The Squix rammed in and out of her with a speed that defied biological limits. She could also feel that the robot was adding lubricant although there was certainly no need. Vaquel’s sex was wet enough for whatever the Squix had planned.

There were sexbots back home of course but Euphorians had little use for sex partners that they could not inflict sadistic desires upon. Vaquel doubted any of the sexbots back home were this good at fucking. The Squix was beeping as it fucked, almost as if it was moaning. Was that even possible? What could a robot possibly get out of sex?

Ten thrusts later, Vaquel didn’t care. She pushed back against his cock. Her body determined his rhythm and matched it. It was the first real fuck that she had in weeks. It may have been the best fuck she had in years. Damn, it might be the best fuck ever. Vaquel was going to get as much as she could from this situation.

After a good long fucking, the humanoid Squix pulled out. Vaquel snarled in anger. “Get back in there!” she commanded.

The Squix beeped at the smaller one and the smaller one let go of her wrists. Freedom was short lived as the humanoid Squix spun her onto her back and spread her legs. The Squix held her legs apart as it re-entered her. Vaquel trembled as the robot’s cock now began to vibrate.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed as the robot fucked her without pause. She was relieved that the fucking wasn’t over yet.

The smaller robot stood over her head. A small drill descended from the bottom of the barrel. Vaquel screamed but the Squix kept fucking her. She watched in horror as the drill shattered her nearly invincible glasssteel helmet.

This was not how Vaquel imagined dying. Being screwed by a robot was one thing but getting her face screwed by a drill was entirely different. She reached for one of her weapons on her utility belt but the humanoid Squix grabbed her hands. She screamed as she watched the drill come closer to her face.

The drill retracted. Vaquel let out a sigh of relief until something new snaked out of the bottom of the short robot. The tip was unmistakably a cock.

“What the fu-“ was all Vaquel was able to get out before the metal cock pushed into her lips. She tried to bite but the metal was unforgiving. The flexible cock entered her mouth and came dangerously close to coming down her throat.

Releif washed over Vaquel. Not that she knew that she wasn’t going to die; she could relax into the cock sucking. She didn’t know if the robot could feel anything but Vaquel was going to try.

The cock in her mouth began to pump in and out. The little shit robot was fucking her mouth! Vaquel started to laugh but then she choked on the cock. The cock of course didn’t stop fucking her mouth.

There was no escape. Vaquel didn’t want to escape. Vaquel’s sex was being fucked with the power and stamina that she could only dream of. The cock in her mouth satisfied her oral urges and she liked watching the smaller robot shake and shudder. This might be the best first contact with an artificial intelligence race ever.

She climaxed again. She came a third time. The two robots gave no sign of slowing down. Vaquel wasn’t sure if she wanted them to.

The wheeled robot squealed a series of beeps. Out of the corner of Vaquel’s eye, she saw another pseudo cock emerge from the hull of the ship. It was disturbingly long, at least half the length of Vaquel’s leg. She really didn’t like how it as dripping some sort of oil. That was a cock that was meant to be used.

The wheeled robot broadcasted another series of beeps. The cock in Vaquel’s mouth retracted as well as the one in her cunt. The smaller robot stepped away as the humanoid robot picked her up by the shoulders.

“There is now way that is going inside me!” Vaquel yelled as she pointed at the wheeled Squix’s cock.

“We are the Squix,” the humanoid robot said. “We are attractive sexual partners waiting for you. Your naming protocol has been selected to receive large amounts of wealth and reduced prices on aphrodisiacs. Please submit and surrender your credit information to this address.”

The Squix pushed Vaquel by the shoulders to towards the wheeled robot. Vaquel’s boots dug in the sand but the Squix was too strong. The wheeled robot revved it’s engines in anticipation of fucking her.

The robot had her shoulders but her hands were free. She reached for her utility belt and tried to think of something that could take these bastards out. Incendiary grenades were useless on things that didn’t burn. Viral grenades were pointless too. She doubted that smoke grenades would slow down robots. A sonic grenade would just give her an ear ache and these metal squealing robots probably wouldn’t notice.

Or would they?

Vaquel had nothing to lose. She activated the sonic grenade. A million thousand different sounds erupted and Vaquel trembled with pain.

The Squix reacted. The smaller robot spun around and fell. The humanoid robot released her and started punching its own head. The wheeled robot opened a weapon port and launched a dozen rockets at the far end of the quarry.

Vaquel smiled. She also ran. Her teeth were aching from the sonic grenade but she carried it with her. It was the only protection she had.

It was a long run back to the ship. Her brown ass was exposed to the sun, her mouth tasted like metal and her sex was bruised in the way that only great sex could bruise. She clutched the sonic grenade with a death grip

Explorer’s Log: I reached the Deep Space Probe and took off immediately. The Squix didn’t chase me and I suspect it is because the sonic grenade flooded their audio receptors with useless information. I realized that a race that relied on audio communication might also receive commands from each other in the same way. It was a gamble but for the sake of my worn out cunt, I am glad it paid off. They may adapt to this in the future but since I have no idea why a group of robots decided that the liked fucking organics in the first place, there is no telling.

Enclosed is my report on the Squix and my recommendations that they be investigated for value to the Queen. If there is a race of artificial intelligence that likes to fuck, then the Queen should be their Mistress. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am off to sleep. For the first time since this mission started, I have been fucked to the point of being sated. I am going to sleep well tonight.

I hope that is not the last I see of the Squix.

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  1. Hooray for robot (spam) fucking!

    xx Dee

  2. I beleive I’m beginning to see porn bots in a new light now ><;;

  3. Dee- I am so happy to have my own fucking robot race to play with.

    Mystique- I went through my spam folder to understand how the Squix would speak. I finally found a use for Spam.

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