Feb 082012

Explorer’s Log: I am stopping the Deep Space Probe for a maintenance check. I am currently two week’s travel away the star system designated Bounce of the Queen’s Ass, by Royal Astronomers. Thrust speed has dropped by eight percent and there is no hot water in the hygienic pod. I expect it is a problem with one of the solar sails and I will be going on a spacewalk to investigate. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: That lack of hot water is definitely a problem but not as bad as the fact that the pulse function on my shower head was inoperable. Fuck, if I don’t start my day with an orgasm in the hygienic pod, then I am cranky the rest of the day cycle. This is unacceptable. End Explorer’s Personal Log.

Vaquel Di stood on the outside of her Probe Ship. The deep purple hull of the ship glowed in the darkness of space. Thousands of stars twinkled around her, watching silently as Vaquel slowly walked towards the solar sails.

There was no one around for light years but Vaquel still took the time to look good. The white spacesuit that she wore clung to every curve of her round breasts and her rounder ass. She put on pink lipstick that matched the color of her hair. Her short pink hair floated in zero gravity inside her glassteel helmet. Maybe it was her constant state of horniness but Vaquel treated every day as a chance to meet someone new. If the impossible happened and someone did appear then she was going to look good enough to fuck.

No one appeared. Vaquel slowly walked the hull of her ship. The magnet locks in her boots kept her attached to the hull but it was slow going. It gave her plenty of time to speculate on how optimistic it was to not wear panties under her spacesuit.

Vaquel found the problem right away. One of the solar sails was dark which meant it wasn’t connected to the rest of the ship. The conduit fin next to it was shaking back and forth against the hull. It must have come loose during the last lift off. It was an easy fix.

She bent down to grab the conduit fin. As soon as her hands touched the fin, she felt the powerful vibrations that had shook it loose. The conduit fin must attach directly to one of the life support. Even at a dead stop in space, the life support engines were cranking at full power. The vibrations were so strong that it shook her entire body.

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel said. She could use this.

The explorer carefully swung one leg of the conduit fin. As the stars sparkled around her, Vaquel mounted the fin. The magnetic boots locked her in place as she lowered herself onto the vibrating fin.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. The thin material of her spacesuit could keep out cosmic rays, Xorian particles and the malign influence of the Space Vampire, but it offered zero resistance to vibrations. Vaquel’s cunt appreciated that.

The vibrations of the conduit made it hard to hold onto with her hands so Vaquel just had to lower herself onto it. Her thighs straddled the vibration piece of the hull and the magnetic boots kept her from flying off into space. The strength of the vibrations shook her entire body and Vaquel groaned as her nipples hardened against her tight suit.

She didn’t need another person to appear now. If a group of space traveling humanoids with multiple cocks appeared right now, she might shoot them for interrupting her. The horny explorer rubbed against the conduit fin with passionate abandon.

The stars watched her silently. The vastness of space embraced her as she humped the malfunctioning hull part. Millions of miles separated her from any living thing but Vaquel didn’t care. For one brief moment, she treasured the isolation. She wasn’t sure that would be performing such a decadent act upon herself if someone was watching.

Vaquel moaned. She grabbed her tits with both hands. The sheer spacesuit material was almost as good as wearing nothing at all. Her fingers found her nipples and pinched with all of Vaquel’s passion. Vaquel squeezed her breasts as the conduit fin provided more vibrating pleasure for her cunt.

She humped the conduit. With the magnetic boots securing her to the hull, Vaquel was able to dance and grind with as much wild gyrations as her cunt desired. She humped fast. She humped slow. Her hips twisted and spun in order to get every last sensation she craved.

Vaquel screamed her orgasm.

In space, no one can hear her come.

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