Feb 012012

They bring me out to the arena and the crowd goes wild. I am Pandal Sor, the man who almost killed Queen Erishella. The nasty citizens of Euphoria scream insults at the man who tried to kill their Queen. They shout abuse so loud that it turns into a deafening indecipherable roar.

The crowd cheers as the guards strip my clothes from me. They gasp at the horrible scars on my body though they do not know that a cosmetic surgeon added some of the more horrible looking injuries. I tried to plant a bomb on the Queen’s bedroom; the citizens want to be believed that I have been abused properly for this crime.

My cock is limp but the guards fix that. A quick shot of Fuckitone in the thigh and my cock surges to life. My balls tingle with a fierce desire to ejaculate. My own mind forgets the crowd and I think about fucking. Man or woman, my cock just wants to bury itself in something.

The arena is filled with barriers and places to hide. At the other end of the arena was Queen Erishella herself. She was naked on a rug of Delonean Beast fur. The Queen was stroking the thick mass of her pubic hair while a giant vidscreen above her broadcast her masturbation to the entire crowd.

I look at the vidscreen and my cock throbs. I am going to fuck that. I still want to kill her, but if I make it across the arena, then I am allowed ten minutes with her. I am also allowed my freedom and a handsome reward of credits.

I plan to fuck her and kill her. With the Fuckitone coursing through my body, I am not particular about what I do first.

My body leans forward to start running. The guards grab my arms. They don’t want this sick game to begin just yet.

The announcers begin to list the names of those who will try to stop me. Thirty lucky audience members were chosen at random and escorted to thirty sniper towers. Each is being given a high accuracy Laser Rifle with barely adequate targeting scopes. Their chances of hitting me are remote, but then if they do, they are promised cash prizes and a trip to a Pleasure Palace.

Along with the thirty lucky audience members are ten elite sharpshooters chosen from the Queen’s Army. It is considered a great honor to be chosen.

If I make it the Queen, the unlucky audience members and the sharpshooters will be executed in various painful ways. That has never happened.


There is a chime and the guards release me. I am running instantly. The Fuckitone is filling my mind with thoughts of cunt, ass, tits and Queen Erishella. I want to fuck. The giant vidscreen tells me where to run and taunts me with close-ups of the queen fingering her pussy.

Yes bitch, get it wet and ready for me.

The ground beside me sizzles from a missed laser shot. I remember the sharpshooters and duck towards a barrier wall. The barriers are barely as tall as me, just so a very lucky headshot can still happen. The barriers are also placed rather randomly and only extend for a few feet. It creates a maze that both hinders and protects me.

I hear the barrier crackle as dozens of shots slam into it. I imagine it is the unskilled audience members firing. The sharpshooters will take their time.

My training as an assassin comes to mind. I should be running in a crouch. I should be running in an erratic manner. I should duck and weave.

Fuck it. I’m too horny. That Slut Queen Erishella is pumping three fingers into her cunt when it should be my cock.

I run faster. My cock bounces between my legs, eager to defile that bitch.

Ten minutes is all they will give me when I reach her. Ten minutes to choke the life out of her with my bare hands as my cock rams her pussy. Ten long minutes as I bend her over and fuck her ass like she has fucked the asses of other kingdoms. Ten long glorious minutes to break her neck as I fuck her senseless.

I’m getting closer.

More laser shots miss. One burns my arm with a near hit. The sharpshooters are firing. They are getting nervous because I am so close.

Despite my urge to fuck, some part of my survival instincts kick in. I hug the barrier wall before sprinting to the safety of another barrier. I jump for no reason and laugh as laser shots pepper the ground.

I am so close to the Queen that I can smell her.

The crowd is screaming. I have come farther than anyone else has. Their cruel game of offering me their Queen now seems foolhardy. There is fear in the crowd’s roar and it just makes me cock harder.

Ten yards away. The Queen is on her back. Her knees are spread wide. Her right hand is stroking twice as fast as I am running.

I hear a shot and my ear hurts. Another near miss.

Another few yards a shot hits the ground in front of me.

Another yard and a shot comes so close to my cock that it singes the hairs on my balls.

I am so fucking close. I jump in the air. I dive down onto her body.

The Queen smiles at me. Her long black hair forms a dark halo around her head on the fur rug. She licks her lips as I dive down onto her.

Her left hand has a laser pistol. She fires at me while her other hand keeps masturbating.

The shot goes through my neck. Queen Erishella rolls out from under me as I crash into the fur rug. I hit the rug hard and blood explodes out from my open throat.

The crowd goes wild.

  3 Responses to “Fiction: Run”

  1. Ah, the queen. An evil bitch and everyone still loves her. Now, I’m curious to see if she’s going to execute the shooters anyways because they “failed”. Probably, but still an interesting idea.

    I love competent characters when they fail. Thank you!

  2. Ah what!!?

    She could have at least screwed him then killed him, after all, he did make it to where she was at which is entertainment enough.

    Was rooting for the guy…

  3. t’Sade- Oh the shooters are soooo dead.

    Mystique- Erishella is both cruel and unfair. That is why she is the evil queen.

    You know, I was rooting for him too.

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