Feb 152012

It started with tears. Catalina, that beautiful magic woman that Eric would give his life for, was crying in the hotel bed.

“What’s the matter?” Eric said. He held her as she cried. No, she was wailing. She was wailing like a teenager with a broken heart.

As it turns out, that was exactly the problem.


The music was loud. It was too loud to make out the words. Eric could feel the beat though. It pulsed and pounded inside his heart like a drum summoning him to battle. No, it was summoning him to fuck. Wait, it was summoning him to dance.

The beat moved his hips. The beat guided his shoulders. He moved his head back and forth to a rhythm that seemed almost obvious to him. The music was a pattern that told his body what to do. Eric danced and nothing could have been easier.

How could he have never noticed this before? Dancing was simple. It was pure. It was like being told to move your right leg and you just had to obey.

Eric danced. The music flowed through his body. He still couldn’t hear the words but the felt the song. It was a song about fucking. Things were uncertain but in the end, someone would get laid.

Eric sang along to the music and he still didn’t know the words.


“Someone is going to have their heart broken,” Catalina said. “Someone so young and intense that when their heart is broken, they will never truly be happy again.”

Eric listened. Catalina was a Voluptumancer. It was sort of like a witch, except all of her magic was about sex. From anyone else, it would sound like sentimental horoscope crap but from Catalina, it meant exactly what she said. Someone was about to have their heart broken so badly that Catalina could feel it happening hours before it did.

“We have to stop it,” Catalina said. “No one should be that sad.”

She looked up at Eric.

“You will have to help her. You will have to go to the dance club.”


Eric found the girl with the broken heart. Tears had ruined her mascara. She had blonde hair with a shock of red that her mother probably hated but that the ex boyfriend had called cool. She was dancing with the abandon of one that will never love again.

They didn’t know anything about the breakup except it happened here in the dance club. Catalina said all dance clubs were temples to magic and here the girl had lost her faith in love. Maybe he dumped her. Perhaps he had cheated on her. Whatever happened, it happened on the dance floor.

That is where it needed to be healed.

He couldn’t believe how young she looked. She had her whole world ahead of her and she couldn’t see it. The rest of her life would be one sad track after another.

“Fuck that,” Eric said.


“I can’t dance,” Eric said.

“Men always say that,” Catalina said. “No man ever claims that he can’t fuck. They have the desire to fuck and to them, that is the same as being able to fuck. Dancing is the same way.”

“So you are saying that I should want to dance and I’ll be able to?”

“No,” Catalina said. “Wanting to dance just means that you can dance without caring if you are good at it. If you want to be good at dancing, you need to practice, loosen up and learn to follow the music. Since we have one night to save the heart of a girl, we’re going to cheat.”

Eric watched her lift his shirt and squat down in front of him. His cock throbbed like it always did when Catalina was near it. Instead of touching his bulge, she planted a kiss on his hip. He didn’t feel anything until she kissed the other hip. That was when he felt the electrical pulsing connecting both hips.

“What did you do?” he asked.

“I have invited a spirit into your body,” Catalina said. “They usually haunt dance clubs but this one will let you posses it for the evening.”

“Don’t you mean that it will possess me?” Eric said.

Catalina smiled. “I know what I said.”


He could feel the power of the beat. He wasn’t just dancing great, he was feeling great. He felt free. He felt liberated after years of not knowing he was a slave. Eric wanted to share that happiness with everyone. This one night, he loved the world, even that dick asshole that broke this girl’s heart.

He wove through the crowd. He made his way beside her, never breaking his dance.

“Hey!” he yelled beside her.

“Hey,” she answered back. It was reflex. She blinked back tears and tried to put on that uncaring face that every clubber had to learn. Her heart was broken but for this stranger, she would pretend to be cooler than she was.

Eric didn’t care. He danced towards her. His body moved but his eyes were on her. He smiled the smile of a man who has nothing to lose but still expects to win.

There was a hint of a smile on her lips but they faded. She was still distant. In fact, she was slowing down. She was going to walk off the dance floor.

The music changed. It was an angry song. It was a call to revolution but a revolution with a nice hook and a catchy chorus with a hint of some heavy petting later.

Eric could use this. He grabbed her hand and ignored the shocked look on her face. He realized that what he was doing could technically get him kicked out of the club but his hips refused to believe that. He believed in the beat.

He placed a hand on her hips. Her eyes widened as the pulse in his hips arced through his arm and touched her hips. Now she was dancing with the same rhythmic perfection as him.

“My name is Eric,” he said.

“Jessica,” she said. She was smiling now.

They danced. The music blew around them and their bodies vibrated in response.

Eric knew that other people were on the dance floor but he could only see Jessica. The beat was inside her and her body proved it. Her hips didn’t move, they flowed. He watched her breasts jiggled with every shake of her shoulders. She moved her neck with the ease of a serpent. Jessica didn’t move to the music, the music moved to her.

The song changed. It was about sex.

Jessica pulled him closer. Their hips joined. His leg was between hers and her leg was between his. He looked down into her eyes and saw the lust there.

They grinded together. Eric groaned as he felt his cock engulfed in heat. The look in Jessica’s eyes told him that something similar had happened to her. They both glanced down but no, they still had pants on. There was no denying however that he was inside her.

Eric didn’t understand. He kept dancing and felt his cock slip in and out of her.

Jessica moaned and bit her lip. He noticed that she didn’t stop dancing either.

They danced. They fucked. Eric wondered if it was the same thing.

He wondered if Catalina knew this would happen. He thought of the Voluptumancer and knew there was no way that she couldn’t. Funny how she neglected to mention it.

He didn’t care. The song was playing and he just wanted to dance. He didn’t know how he could feel inside Jessica but he didn’t care. He didn’t want the song to end. He wanted to dance with Jessica forever.

She climaxed. He held her up as she shuddered but he noticed her hips kept moving.

Jessica climaxed again. He felt her contract around his cock as the singer ended a long note. The song shifted to the pure music of synthesizers and drum machines.

They fucked.

They danced.

They fucked.

They danced.

They fucked.

They danced.

The singer returned to the song as Eric climaxed. He felt his seed leave his cock but there was no rush of sticky heat to his pants. The shuddering moan of Jessica told him where it went.

The song ended. They both stopped dancing and held onto each other for support. Another song started but they didn’t move.

“What was that?” Jessica said.

Eric looked her in the eyes. “Have you ever felt it before?” he said.

“No,” Jessica said. Her cheeks were flushed. The tracks of her mascara still showed her tears but her eyes were happy. She was beaming with happiness.

“That’s living,” Eric said. “Just a good dance with a good partner.”

“Cool,” she said. And she walked away.

Eric was stunned. He thought she would want to stay with him. After having her heart broken, shouldn’t she want to be with him?

Then he saw her dance. She was so damn good it hurt to look at her. He tried to move with the music and he did, but not as good as before. She had the beat.

He left the club. Catalina was waiting outside. He went to her and kissed her as hard as he could. He was happy for Jessica but he loved Catalina.

“Good job,” she said. His lips were tingling from how hard they had kissed.

“Come on,” he said. “I want to dance with you.”

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  1. Magical! <3
    Couldn’t help but feel spoiled to see the pair back again for another sexual magical episode.

    Totally cheered me up when I didn’t realise I needed it, many, many thanks.
    I’ll catch up with you soon :)

  2. Mystique- I am so glad you liked it. I have had this idea for literally years but it finally gelled for me recently.

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