Feb 032012

I am back from surgery. My crotch hurts and it hurts worse when I laugh which to a guy like me is like every two minutes.

The surgeon says everything went fine and a crack team of scientists are looking at my giant nad and will have a report sometime next week.

I am going to go zone out and find something really unfunny to watch on tv. Which could be an Adam Sandler marathon. Oh snap!

  8 Responses to “Fall of the Giant Nad”

  1. Glad to hear everything went ok.

    Let me know when it is safe to tell you my new favorite joke. I’ll hold it until it doesn’t hurt to laugh. (Having had a couple surgeries in the female equivalent of that location, I can empathize!)

  2. Fantastic! (That it went well, not the pain. That is not fantastic. But I’m sure you already know that.)

    Now to find out what it is…

  3. Bye-bye nasty nad.
    Don’t stint on the pain meds.

    And I’m sure you’ll manage to find some literary inspiration in all this.

    Meanwhile, are your local friends bringing over casseroles?

    Hugs to you and Her Wifeness,

  4. I always enjoy your stories and want you around a lot lot lot longer! So get better fast…

  5. I would imagine it hurts much worse than a vascetomy (I’ve been around at least 3 men, soon after they had it done).

    I’ve been crazy, busy with life and not time to catch up – I’m so sorry I didn’t realize you were having surgery today until after the fact.

    Lots of get well and may there be no cancer anywhere else, assuming it is cancer, wishes are being sent your way.

  6. Kathryn = The doctor says the pain should go away mostly on Monday but I am so dubious right now.

    Jason – I am so happy that i can close my legs again.

    Oatmeal Girl – My friends are less the casserole kind and more the bring something over from Boston Market

    Anon- Thanks!

    Musns – It is really weird how at this moment the concern of caner is a distant second to the concern if just making the pain go away lol

  7. -This is Scarlett. Sometimes just facing something like this takes balls.

  8. Scarlet – That made me smile :)

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