Feb 212012

Doktor Mentor by Shh3D Productions is a comic book about a crazed surgeon who operates on the hypersexual women of a lady’s prison. The doctor is operating in secret within the bowels of the prison and kidnaps prisoners who catch his fancy. I say comic book but all the panels are photographs with word balloons. It is like a storyboard for the most fucked up softcore b-movie you have never seen.

What makes this book really special is how ludicrous it is. Everything is done for laughs and it is one of the few titillation stories I have read that had me laughing out loud when I was supposed to. Despite the torture porn premise, this is really bondage/distress slapstick with rather cool sets and props.

A lot of love and comedy went into this comic. The girls are hot and they get naked a lot, but it is the writing that is the real star. I would buy this for the story alone.

As an added feature, there is a bonus story in 3-D. Tits, funny writing and 3-D? All it is missing is popcorn and 64 ounces of soda to complete the b-movie experience.

I give it three out of five Pam Griers.

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