Jan 302012

The Wolf Inside is free on Kindle today. Tomorrow it will go back up to regular price. I meant to tell you Friday but you know, giant nad.

I posted “The Wolf Inside” a few years ago and it remains pretty popular. You can get the ebook for Kindle for free by clicking here.

Did you know that you can read Amazon Kindle books on just about anything?Here is the page to get an app for your e-reader.

If you could write a review, that would be pretty cool too.

In Giant Nad news, I am going to the urologist today so I will give you an update tomorrow. Wish my Giant Nad luck.

  5 Responses to “Free Today: The Wolf Inside”

  1. Now this is something. Amazon is region bound, what I mean by that is, you’re using .com = America.

    It seems I can’t find your book and order ‘internationally’ using .co.jp (Japan, where I’m at, at the moment)

    I’ll try from my British account as well and search for you, if no good, I’ll see how to get around it.
    I guess I always buy British released versions or imported American books on the co.jp Amazon site, so there’s not been a need for a .com account.
    For this kindle shop though, this is new…

    If there is some setting on your end to get yourself listed on international markets, do try so :)

  2. Hey Mystique, I was pretty sure I listed myself on every market but I will give it another check. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Hey Mystique – Weirdly enough, you’re right. The countries that I can sell in are America, UK, France, Denmark, Italy and Amazon.es which I think is Spain. Hopefully you can snatch it from the UK.

    And hey, what exciting adventure are you having in Japan?

  4. “we did not find a Kindle device or reading app registered to your Amazon account that supports this item”
    Me: (-_-#)

    Even to pay for it, it still kicked up a fuss and was like ‘no, cannot buy!’ ><
    For now I’ve given up, lol.

    But I have written a review and given you a rating for the co.uk site. Not sure if that’ll also appear on the .com site, lets see how it plays out over the next few days.

    As for my Japanese adventure, you have a choice. A quick summary which I’ll write here or a mini story just for you via email, if you’re interested :)

  5. Mystique- totally send me an email at shonrichards at yahoo. I am dying to know why and what you are doing there.

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