Jan 182012

Explorer’s Log: I am three days away from the 6th planet orbiting the star designed, Queen’s Lack of Mercy, by Royal Astronomers. Due to the heavy mass of several gas giants in this system, I am unable to travel there using the faster than light drive and must reach my destination by old fashioned solar thrust engines. This will give me time do regular maintenance and run some diagnostics. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Son of a bitch, space is fucking big. Even in the same system the distances between planets are well, astronomical. I am getting so horny, I had to put a time lock on the dead alien’s body so I wouldn’t be tempted to do anything biologically unwise.

Deep Space Explorer Vaquel Di floated naked aboard the probe ship. Her gorgeous brown body spun slowly as she stroked furiously between her legs. Heavy brown breasts floated in different directions. Her short pink hair hovered around her head in a pink halo. She had her eyes tightly shut as she came close to orgasm.

A short beep was her only warning. The gravity returned a split second later. Vaquel opened her eyes and let out a short squeal. She fell to the ground and just managed to get her hands out of her cunt. She landed on the floor of the ship on all fours.

“Didn’t hit my head this time,” Vaquel said. She was alone on the ship and found that talking out loud helped the loneliness. Well, a little.

Her fingers were sticky from being inside her. Vaquel’s cunt ached to be touched and her pubic bush was soaked. Fresh desire dripped onto the floor.

She wanted to come. Her cunt ached to be touched. She was close, she knew it.

Vaquel stayed where she was. The rules of the game were quite clear. She couldn’t only masturbate when the gravity was turned off. She had to stop when the gravity returned. The computer was set to alternate the gravity at random time intervals, not exceeding three minutes.

The rules were brutal. Vaquel was so damn close to climax. She had work to do and she just wanted to come. She was getting frustrated, angry and also very fucking horny.

This might be the best masturbation game that Vaquel had invented yet.


Vaquel felt her knees lift away from the floor. The gravity was gone and she went back to work. Dark fingers plunged into her pink bush of pubic hair and fucked her cunt. She moaned as her crotch levitated towards the ceiling.

She finger fucked the hell out of herself. Gravity could return at any moment. She spared one hand to grab a breast and squeeze it like it wasn’t hers. Blood rushed to her head as she floated upside down and she didn’t fucking care. Vaquel had to come.

The Deep Space Explorer Probe ship hurtled through space. Ingenious technologies kept it flying and automatically navigating past meteors, debris, gravitational tugs of planets and the occasionally freaky space anomaly. All of this triumph in exploration was lost on Vaquel who was nothing more than a woman desperately needing a climax.

Vaquel moaned. She was going to come. The excitement of finally achieving what her body craved was almost too much. She started to worry that the gravity would return and since she was upside down at the moment that would be really bad.

Vaquel pushed the negative thoughts out of her mind. She had been trained to pilot a ship through a plasma storm without panicking. Her calm in combat was the envy of several instructors. No one was faster when it came to repairing a solar sail during a meteor shower. Vaquel turned her laser focus towards her own climax.

She rubbed her clitoris with a fury. She pulled on her floating breast with unforgiving passion. She bit down on her lip and imagined that the pain came from a lover. Her body twisted and contorted in mid air. Free of the constraints of gravity, Vaquel’s body moved in strange ways as she desperately tried to come.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. She climaxed. Pleasure rippled through her body at the speed of light. Her brown body convulsed in the air as she rode the bliss.


Vaquel landed on her back. The wind was knocked out of her and she gasped for air. She lay on the floor and held on to the glow of her orgasm.

The sweaty explorer waited for the gravity to turn off again. She wasn’t close to being finished today.

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  1. That sounds like an excellent masturbation game to me – what fun!

    xx Dee

  2. It is the kind of game that I think would make for an awesome spectator sport.

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