Jan 252012

Explorer’s Log: I am about to land on the 6th planet orbiting the star designed, Queen’s Lack of Mercy, by Royal Astronomers. I was picking up low technology radio signals up to 11 hours ago but the broadcasts abruptly ceased. The civilization appears to be post industrial but doesn’t appear to have space technology. They might have detected my ship and are trying to mask themselves. I will land and investigate their worthiness to be conquered for the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: From what I saw of the broadcasts, these aliens are mammalian and sort of cute except for the fact that they are only four feet tall. Since they aren’t savage primitives, I am hoping to get some friendly contacts and maybe a few inter species fucking sessions as well. These aliens are so short, I am sure they will look at me like some sort of giant brown sex goddess. End Explorer’s Personal Log.

Deep Space Explorer Vaquel Di lounged in the plaza water fountain. Behind her was a statue of an alien that was busy looking defiant at something just over his shoulder. Vaquel’s glassteel helmet and sparkling green spacesuit sat on the ground beside the fountain. She submerged her naked brown body into the water until the tips of her pink hair touched the water. The heated water felt wonderful on her body.

Around the plaza fountain were hundreds of vehicles that were chained together in a serious of collisions. Traffic signals blinked and shuttered in prerecorded signals. Billboards played above her and depicted a series of images. Vaquel didn’t understand what the billboards were saying but there sure were a lot of advertisements for bath soaps.

Of aliens there were none. The plaza was deserted. The vehicles were empty. The buildings were abandoned. Vaquel soaked in the plaza fountain and wondered where the fuck everyone was.

According to her ship’s scanners, there was not a single trace of alien life more sophisticated than simple birds or bugs. There were signs of civilization on every continent but of the actual aliens themselves, there was nothing. She even launched a mining probe that dug deep into the planet’s crust but it found no evidence of bunkers. The aliens weren’t hiding, they were just gone.

Vaquel looked at the collection of soap bottles that she had gathered. Every street had a store that sold soaps and lotion. After months of taking showers in her cramped hygienic pod, Vaquel was dying for a real bath. She had looted the stores like a true explorer and exploiter of resources.

She took a bottle of red liquid soap and squirted it into her hands. Red bubbles formed immediately. She lathered the bubbles onto her brown breasts and moaned. The bubbles had some sort of fizzing quality that was quite arousing. The popping bubbles felt like hundreds of tiny pinches over her sensitive flesh. Better yet, it was obliterating months of space grime.

Vaquel was starting to like these aliens, wherever the fuck they were.

The streets were ominously quiet. Vaquel dropped a soap bar into the water and the splash echoed for at least a minute around the deserted city. The explorer tried singing but after a few lines of “Never Turn Your Ass to an Army Man” she couldn’t sing anymore. The resulting echoes just made her more aware of how alone she was.

Fuck, at least she was getting a good bath out of it. The top of the fountain water was covered in five different colors of soap bubbles. Jets in the fountain constantly produced currents of warm water to surround Vaquel. She spread her legs wide and positioned herself over a jet. The current of water did wonderful things against her sex.

“This happens on ships sometimes,” she said out loud. Vaquel needed to talk to keep the silence away. She just made sure to whisper so that the streets wouldn’t echo.

“Explorers find empty star ships all the time,” she said. “The engines were working fine and they always have plenty of supplies but no one is inside the ship. It always looks like they had abandoned ship except the life pods are still there. No one knows why it happens though everyone has a theory. It is not that big of a leap to guess that it could happen to a whole planet, is it?”

The soap bubbles had no answers. The jet however had a very convincing argument that Vaquel should move a little closer. She got on her knees in the fountain and lowered her sex. Her breasts were covered in the popping bubbles and her nipples were harder than the mystery surrounding this planet.

Vaquel stroked herself as the jet streamed water against her sex. Looking around her, it was easy to imagine that people still lived her. The buildings loomed around her and who knows if maybe a survivor was peeking through the windows right now?

The thought of being watched sent new shivers down her body. It felt good to be doing a decadent act in the middle of a large city. It felt right to desecrate this public fountain with a little private pleasure. For all she knew, the entire alien civilization decided to turn invisible when they saw her ship and were watching her right now.

Vaquel moaned. The scientist in her thought that the invisibility theory was unlikely but the slut in her was a full supporter. She moved a little more than she had to. She grabbed her tits and squeezed through the fizzing bubbles. When she moaned, she made sure to open her mouth so the invisible aliens could imagine slipping a cock down her throat.

She was close. She stroked faster. The more she moved, the more bubbles appeared around her. The sun sparkled on her wet brown body and damp pink hair.

Deep in her mind though, another though occurred to her as she stroked. The aliens had disappeared less than twelve hours ago. What if whatever took them came back? Was it really that smart to linger on an empty planet? Could she be the next to go?

“Then I better stroke faster,” Vaquel said to no one.

Vaquel stroked for the invisible aliens. She stroked to avoid being the next to disappear. She stroked for the empty planet that might not ever see another orgasm again. She stroked because it was her first real bath in months. She stroked because she was fucking horny and there was no one here to fuck.

She climaxed with the force of a thousand crashing cars.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried. As her scream echoed down the streets, Vaquel wouldn’t be surprised if Queen Erishella back home could actually hear her.

Vaquel stopped stroking. Her arousal temporarily sated, she thought with a clearer mind. She stood up and watched the bubbles and water slide off her brown body.

“This place is fucking creepy,” she said. “And I am getting the fuck out of here.”

Vaquel took a step towards the edge of the fountain and paused. She turned around and grabbed a handful of bath soaps. A mysterious planet devoid of life was scary but the thought of having to go back to using the ship’s military grade soap was scarier.

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