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Royal Guard Widdins returned to consciousness. The burning pain was gone. He could no longer feel the hundred shattered bones. He tried to open his eyes but darkness surrounded him. It was better than the terrible red light of that exploding missile.

“Widdins, can you hear me?” a voice said. It was the Queen! He tried to answer but nothing happened.

“Don’t try to speak,” Queen Erishella said. “The scanner can detect your awareness. That was a brave thing you did there. Who would have imagined that an assassin would fire a rocket at us? Well, the head of my security should have imagined it but rest assure that my torturers are explaining this detail to him right now.”

Widdins tried to speak again. He realized that he couldn’t feel his lips or tongue. He wasn’t sure that he even had a mouth.

“I am still amazed by what you did,” Queen Erishella said. “You jumped and tackled that rocket. A mere ten feet away from me, you covered the rocket with your body as it exploded. It killed four of your fellow guards but my personal field protected me. I doubt the field would have taken a direct hit. You saved your Queen’s life.”

Widdins waited for his cock to respond to this praise. He felt a tremor of panic when he realized that he couldn’t feel his cock.

“You were very lucky,” Queen Erishella said. “Most of your body disintegrated but Chief Scientist Xor recovered most of your brain. You can thank your helmet for that. Always wear your helmet, Widdins. You are technically dead and you have certainly earned your reward in the Underworld where I am sure Father Qang will give you bed slaves beyond imagining for saving the Queen, but there is another option.”

Widdins tried to ask what the other option was.

“I have one more duty for you, Widdins, if you are interested in serving your Queen. I understand if you feel that the explosion of your body has been enough. It is up to you. Do you want to die, or do you want to continue serving me?”

Widdins struggled with all that was left of his brain to tell her that he wished to serve.

“Excellent,” Queen Erishella said. “I shall go now while Xor prepares you.

Widdins felt his conscious mind go to sleep.

When next he awoke, he was delighted to feel. He felt two of the most perfect breasts in the entire galaxy. He could feel their weight. He experienced their luxurious softness. The hard points of her nipples pressed against him and excited him beyond imagining.

He realized that they were the Queen’s breasts. Like any loyal subject of the Queen, he owned all of the licensed royal pornography as well as many of the sex aids. He would be able to recognize the shape and contours of her breasts from a thousands other chests.

He realized that he wasn’t touching the Queen’s breasts with his hands; he was feeling her with his entire body. He was pressed against her; the entirety of his existence focused around her breasts. He had no eyes, ears or nose but he could feel and by the Gods of Night, he could taste. Widdins understood that he was her bra and how a miracle of science was done he could never guess but he was certainly grateful.

A cold wind blew and the breasts shivered. An urge to protect his Queen rose within Widdins. Instinctively he activated thermal threads and warmed his Queen.

The Queen ran and the breasts shook. Widdins exerted his will and he tightened around the breasts to give them better support. He contained the precious mountains of flesh and provided as much comfort as he could at the same time.

The Queen stopped. Widdins felt a flushing of the skin followed by a hardening of her nipples. He realized that she was aroused. Widdins trembled with excitement as he tried to think of how he could serve. Desperate, he began squeezing and pinching at the breasts. He lacked a tongue but he could contract around her breasts and kiss her the best he could.

He felt the breasts tremble. The Queen’s body was in motion. Up and down he felt the breasts bounce. She was fucking someone or something. Widdins kept squeezing. He kept pinching. He adjusted himself to provide more support during the more enthusiastic thrusts.

She climaxed. Widdins knew because he climaxed too. He lacked a cock but he felt the eruption of pleasure ripple through his new form. He joined in his Queen’s orgasm and if he had a mouth, he would have cried out her praise.

Widdins felt the bra unclasp. As the lovely breasts peeled away from him, he felt a tremendous sense of loss. He felt himself being folded away and placed on a shelf.

The familiar cloud of unconsciousness crept in all around him. He welcomed the coming sleep. He knew that it was only temporary.

Soon enough, he would serve his Queen again.

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  1. Wow! Hot stuff. My first time to your blog but it won’t be my last. I’m in the adult business so I know good content when I see it. Keep up the good work, I’ll be visiting more often.

  2. Richie- Thanks :) Got a few years of archives you can catch up on lol

  3. I love you. :)

    That said, that was an utterly fantastic story and a topic that I enjoy greatly. Yummy!

  4. t’Sade- I feel like there is always room for a new take on objectification.

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