Jan 232012

Last year I offered my books on Lulu and I make a small modest amount thanks to my wonderful fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those sales. The thing is, there is a giant porn market over at Amazon where they are printing money for porn and a lot oft he porn there, to be absolutely polite, abominable and shitty.

Because I love the world too much to let bad porn exist without an alternative, I have taken up publishing ebooks for the Amazon Kindle. I also want a share of that money because I have bills to pay and the chance to pay those bills by doing something I totally love is pretty awesome.

An important bit about the Amazon Kindle is that you DON’T NEED A KINDLE TO READ THE EBOOKS. Kindle for PC is a program that lets you read anything on your home computer or laptop. I use it and it is completely free.

The Amazon Kindle is a jealous god and in order to get some of the cooler selling options, they ask that I not sell my books as ebooks elsewhere. As a trial run, I took Cell Phone Slave down from Lulu and put it up on Amazon. Without any advertising, I already sold more Cell Phone Slave there then I have the past three months of Lulu. The Amazon Kindle is where the customers are.

Amazon Kindle also lets me do interesting things like have sales where I give ebooks away for free. The funny thing about this is the more people who grab the ebook while it is free, the higher up in the rankings the ebook goes and when the sale is over, more people are likely to buy it because it has a high ranking.

Which means that when I make a new ebook and make it free, I can tell you about it on my blog. You can go snatch it for free because you are my lolyal and loving fans and even if you never read it, you will help my book go up in the rankings. Everyone wins.

What is appealing to me is that I have ten years of stories that I have written. That is a shitload of material that I beleive is of a much higher quality than what is available. A lot of these stories are stuff you may not have read. Some of it will be stories that have appeared on the blog but are collected together. For example, this Friday I plan to put together the ‘Wolf Inside’ stories.

I already put up for sale, ‘On Your Knees’ which is the lovely story of four American college kids who end up on a BDSM gameshow in Mexico and let’s just say that a lot of spanking, humiliation and fucking ensues. This story was so popular that it was stolen and put on a Hebrew language porn site, which amuses me to no end. Now you can buy the slightly edited version where I fix a ten year old plot hole that has always bothered me. It is a fairly lengthy story, about the size of one of my three part Librarian stories. Plus college kids getting spanked and teased for cash prizes.

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I still plan to produce a new story every week. I promise to let you know when my ebooks are for free so you can snatch them first since you are my kindly fanbase.

I am opening the floor for questions, concerns and accusations that I have sold out in the interest of eating food.

  6 Responses to “Erotica Threat Level: Sweet Cash Green”

  1. I think the Kindle itself is awesome, I don’t just like the format and the DRM. I know you can turn if off when you create the ebook, but it is more than that. You have the ecosystem of the Kindle books which is pretty closely tied together. It isn’t much different than the old iPhone/iTunes/iEverything. I remember how hard (and expensive) it was for Fluffy when she tried to break out.

    I guess I don’t like vendor lock-in, which is why I asked about other formats. ePUB is at least a standard supported by more than one reader. And I get the file, as opposed to have it delivered through magical faeries when I can shift it to a platform I use (Linux) or into a format that works better for me.

    Unrelated to that large block, their “acceptable use” says no graphic porn. So, I’m not sure if my stuff qualifies as graphic porn. :) I’m pretty sure I violate at least a few terms which would prevent me from posting most of what I write.

    Now, for your stuff, it sounds fantastic. I think you have an easily readable, broad genre content that fits perfect with Amazon.

    I’m just not sure I can say the same for me.

  2. t’Sade- The graphic porn bit was something that made me laugh as I have seen dozens of sexual topics for sale that wouldn’t pass most sites I know. I am pretty sure your material is fine.

  3. That makes me feel better. Of course, I’ll feel strange putting out something already available on my site (much like you are doing with your older stories… I think) in a for pay book.

    I’ll just have to sit down and properly edit them (which takes forever) and maybe throw a few up there.

    I haven’t quite figured out how to make money with my stories yet. :)

  4. t’Sade- I was horribly reluctant to post older stories as I thought, “Why sell them when people can get them for free?” It took me awhile to understand that the average Kindle market user has never heard of Shon Richards. What a crime!

  5. For the years and years of entertaining us, as much as I dislike e-books over a real book I can hold, to help one of my favourite erotica writers make a name in AmazonWorld, snagging some copies here and there should be fine :)

    With all this talk of Amazons, will we get a story about these lovely ladies? :P

  6. Mystique- I am overdue for an Amazon story. A few years ago I did way too much research on Amazons for a story idea that went nowhere. I still have the facts though and should use them somehow.

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