Jan 202012

Tasty Miller’s Anything for an A is a short little ebook from Sock Drawer Press. I actually have a book that will be published by Sock Drawer Press but I swear on the tits of Scarlett Johansson that I will be completely impartial in reviewing this book.

As you can imagine, this ebook is about an 18 year old female high school student who really needs to get an A from her male English teacher. Rather than do some hard work and studying, she resorts to the time honored porn tradition of seduction and trying to fuck his brains out. Being a teenager, she uses the kind of convoluted over complicated plan that teenagers love to try. Sexiness ensues.

The cliche of a student seducing their teacher is as old as time but in this book the cliche is only the skeleton of the story. The body on top of the cliche-skeleton is made of interesting characters, amusing jokes, pretty hot teasing and really hot sex. Yes, you know how it will end but how we get there is never boring and let me tell you, in porn not being bored is always a small miracle. It is a good porn story that you will remember long after you have forgotten others in this genre.

This book is a classic example of how you don’t need an original idea for a great book, you just need to tell an old story in a great manner.

As an author I was really impressed with the length of the story. A lot of ebooks are barely longer than a blog post. Others are way too long and the story goes to places it never needs to go. This one clocks in at a pleasant afternoon reading. It is like the Red Shoe Diaries length of porn. It is just long enough to soak in the characters without over staying it’s welcome.

I give it four out of five Pam Griers.

  4 Responses to “Dirty Books: Anything for an A”

  1. Oh, looks interesting. Sadly, I think my porn novels qualify for the “long” and sometimes I think “never get to the plot”.

    But… what’s getting published by Sock Drawer?

  2. t’Sade- My title for the story was “My Teacher, My Slave” but I am not married to it. It is my take on the student dom/sub teacher fiction of the 90’s.

  3. The student/teacher thing never gets old because it’s a tried and true relationship of authority vs. subject. We all vie to have power or give into it. Cliches are cliches because we can’t given them up. They’re in our bones. BTW, thanks for the review/suggestion.

  4. Lustful Literate – My feelings towards porn cliches have softened over the years. I think it was Borges would pointed out that other metaphors die out and the cliches remain because the cliches are true and other things are just attempts to be clever.

    I used to think I was tired of cliches in porn but after reading this book, I understand that I am tired of reading bad writing. This book takes an old idea and executes it beautifully.

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