Dec 282011

Heidi left her panties on the Christmas tree. I didn’t see them at first. Tucked right underneath the garland, it looked like part of the tree. It was red with white fur trim, the sort of novelty underwear that they sell at Christmas but always looks too trashy to be taken seriously. Which meant it was perfect for Heidi.

The damp spot reflected the flashing Christmas lights. She had soaked her panties on the drive over. She didn’t have time to take them off before I ate her cunt. The cheap material made my tongue feel weird but it was worth it for all the squirming she did.

I remember that she pulled her panties to the side when I fucked her. Heidi was like that. Too horny to even undress, she liked to fuck as soon as possible. She asked me if I liked my gift as I fucked her under the tree. I answered by coming.

Heidi was gone when I came back from the bathroom. That was also like her. She never said goodbye, she just left. The panties on the tree were a nice touch. I guess it really was my gift.

I am just glad I saw it before the wife came home.

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  1. That last bit was wonderful. :)

  2. t’Sade – Thank you :)

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