Dec 212011

On the first day of her orgasm denial, Emily was told to strip for Walter while he jacked off. She enjoyed playing with her stockings and she loved teasing him with her slow reveal of her heavy breasts but her enjoyment soon turned to frustration when he refused to fuck her.

Emily moaned as he came upon her tits. She was allowed to lick the seed off but the cock was off limits. There would be no cock for her hungry cunt.

On the second day of her orgasm denial, Emily’s ass was spanked with a paddle still in its wrapping paper. The sting of the paddle was not blunted by the thin paper that sheathed it. Walter turned her ass as red as a magic reindeer’s nose.

No matter how wet her cunt made his lap, he refused to even let have a single finger inside her.

On the third day of her orgasm denial, Emily bit her gag as Walter played with her tits. He bit and sucked her sensitive nipples before bringing out the clothespins, the floggers and the terrible clamps. He brought her breasts to life with arousing pain and delicious agony. When he was finished, she was desperately trying to hump his leg.

He ignored her pleas for his cock as he stroked himself off. She watched in frustration as his white seed splashed her tender breasts.

On the fourth day of her orgasm denial, Emily served as Walter’s pillow. She was naked on her stomach as Walter rested his head on her ass. He leaned between her legs and read while she silently prayed for sex.

Walter slept on her bare breasts that night.

On the fifth day of her orgasm denial, Emily listened to all the naughty fucking that Walter planned to do with her. He was going to fuck her mouth. He was going to fuck her ass. He was going to fuck her cunt. He was going to fuck her on the couch, on the table, on the floor and on the damn porch. Walter was very descriptive and he kept her thinking about sex all day long.

Emily squeezed her thighs tightly together but the yearning never went away.

On the sixth day of her orgasm denial, Emily suffered through a wonderful massage. Walter covered her body in warm oil and touched every inch f her skin except her cunt. He rubbed her willing thighs, her arching back and her sensitive nipples.

No matter how hard he massaged her, Emily just couldn’t relax.

On the seventh day of her orgasm denial, Emily was taken to a swinger’s party. They had never been to one before and Emily was amazed at the variety of body types and sexual acts. She couldn’t participate because she was tied to a wall and unable to touch herself. Emily could watch though. She watched for hours as people masturbated, gave blowjobs, went down on strange women and fucked.

It was the longest four hours of her life.

On the eight day of her orgasm denial, Emily was masturbated with a candy cane. She was tied tightly down to the table but still she fought like a slut to touch herself. The cane was too thin, too small and too slow to give her the climax she craved but she was so damn close. Walter teased and pushed the cane inside her with cruel teasing that she had never imagined.

Afterwards, she was allowed to eat the cane and taste her desire.

On the ninth day of her orgasm denial, Emily begged. It was her one chance to cheat the promised torment. She got on her knees before Walter and promised him everything and anything. From deep within, she confessed secrets and offered to do unthinkable acts if it would convince him to fuck her.

He denied her requests.

On the tenth day of her orgasm denial, Emily sucked Walter’s cock. He fucked her mouth with the passion that he denied her cunt. He came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Later, he came a second time on her face. When the first drops of seed splattered against her face, she never felt so close to orgasm as she did then.

She dreamed of an endless row of cocks for her mouth.

On the eleventh day of her orgasm denial, Emily was tied up for most of the day. She was hogtied. She was suspended from the ceiling. She was bound to the table. She was bound under the desk. All day she was held in rope and her hands were inches away from her hungry cunt.

That night she slept with her hands bound to the headboard.

On the twelfth day of her orgasm denial, Emily was fucked in the ass. She had never climaxed from ass fucking but that day she was sure that she would. When Walter’s cock opened her ass, she felt like she was truly filled for the first time in her life. As he thrust inside her, Emily could feel her orgasm threatening to explode at any moment.

She still hadn’t climaxed when he spilled his seed in her ass.

After the twelfth day of her orgasm denial, Emily was vibrating with need. She cried tears when Walter’s cock finally pushed into her cunt. She hung onto him like a dying woman, dying to be reborn in the fires of her orgasm.

The orgasm eluded her. After so long of dreaming about it, craving it, wanting it and almost feeling it, now she found it impossible to reach. She was too sensitive. Every thrust inside her was overwhelming. Every clench of her cunt was too intense. Emily feared that it would never happen.

Emily climaxed and felt herself changed forever.

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  1. How devinely painfull Shon! How many of us wish to be Emily at the end of the story :-)

  2. Mermaid- Thanks :) I heartily recommend orgasm denial as the new Christmas tradition.

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