Dec 072011

I looked at the festive green envelope with disdain. There it was, sitting on my desk as a cruel reminder of how much my boss, Sandra, disrespects me and my fellow coworkers. Inside will be the annual Christmas card from my manager and also there will be a tiny gift card for a measly twenty-five bucks to some place I would never go to. Last year it was to a bath store in the mall and the year before that, a pet store. What the fuck? Are they subtle insults or just complete indifference?

The envelope said Jeff Grenich so I know it was for me even though there are two n’s in my name. I have worked here four years and she still spells my name wrong.

I sit and open it. I am morbidly curious to see what hellhole the gift card is for this year.

There was a note.

“Hey Rodney, please use this gift card at 9am this morning. I am free until lunch.


Rodney? Rodney Celler in sales? I looked for the gift card. It was hand written on a small index card.

“This card is good for one long sloppy blowjob until you explode down my throat in a flood of cum. Redeem this card in Sandra Miller’s waiting mouth.”

Well now. That was unexpected and obviously not meant for me.

I looked at the time. 8:42. Close enough.

I adjusted the erection I had in my pants so it wouldn’t be visible when I stood up. I held the card in my hand as I walked past my unhappy coworkers opening their Christmas cards. The smile that came to my lips must have confused the hell out of them.

I let myself into Sandra’s office. She was on the phone and she looked at me with annoyance. The thick blonde hair that she wore in her very professional manner looked even more severe when she frowned. It occurred to me that I had no idea how it looked when she smiled.

I also noticed that her clothes were slightly different from usual. She was wearing a red blazer that showed a lot of cleavage. Gold earrings that were a little inappropriate for an office dangled from each ear. I suspected that if I looked behind that desk, she might actually be wearing a skirt and heels.

“Yes, I will get those numbers to you soon,” she said to the phone. “I have to go now and get ready for an appointment. Bye. And what do you want Jeff?”

“I wanted to thank you for my gift card.”

Her frown softened a millimeter. “You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy shopping at health store. They have excellent digestion supplements.”

“Oh? That is not what it says on my card?”

I showed the card to her. I made sure to keep it in my hand and I snatched it away when she reached for it. The frown deepened and then transformed into a snarl.

“How did you get that?” she asked.

“It was in an envelope addressed to me,” I said. “I was surprised but then, I have done really good work this year.”

Sandra snorted at that before realizing the position that she was in. She smiled in what I think was meant to be a pleasant manner. It was unsettling.

“Oh Jeff, I think there has been a mix up. Why don’t you hand that card over and we’ll pretend this never happened. Maybe I could look into getting a better parking spot in exchange for your understanding?”

“No, Sandra,” I said. My voice was much firmer than even I expected. “I want to redeem the card, and the instructions were quite clear on how to redeem it.”

Sandra stared at me. Color rose to her pale cheeks. Cold blue eyes narrowed at me and planned a thousand humiliations for me. I noticed her red lipstick for the first time and realized that it was for a cock.

“Or I could go give it to Human Resources along with my letter and ask them why my manager is sexually harassing me?”

Sandra closed her eyes. “Make sure the door is locked.”

The handle locked with a satisfying click. It was not as satisfying as the look on Sandra’s face when I walked around to her side of the desk. Nor was it as satisfying as the feeling of her fingers undoing my belt, then my zipper and then pulling my cock from my briefs.

Sandra looked at my cock. Maybe she was rethinking it. I helped her decide with my hand to the back of her head. My hands wrapped into that perfectly coifed hair and pulled her to my cock.

She opened her lipstick covered lips and took me in. She only took the tip of me at first, her lips wrapping around the head of my cock. Before I could think that she was shirking her duty, I felt her tongue licking at the slit. That sharp tongue that had rebuked me so many times was flicking at my tip like an oral professional.

I groaned. My plan was to be cool and distant but I couldn’t do it. God damn it, she was good.

Sandra’s fingers went to my balls and held them with a gentleness that I didn’t think she was capable of. A small tug of my balls and my cock slipped deeper into her mouth. This time she was the one that moaned.

My hand went to her chest. I slipped right under the blazer and felt her breast under the thin shirt she wore. I felt nipple and quite a bit of underwire.

Her eyes glared at me. I glared back and squeezed her breast.

She closed her eyes and took another inch of me into her mouth. Fuck. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked as hard as could. My fingers closed reflexively around her breast and I think we both moaned.

I squeezed her tit harder. My fingers repaid her for every time she dismissed one of my ideas. I twisted her nipple for every time she passed me over for a promotion. I pulled on her breast for every time she had stuck me with the shit work. I grabbed her tit because she didn’t want me to.

Sandra pulled my cock deeper into her mouth. I watched in lust as my cock disappeared between her lips. The grip on my balls grew tighter but I was too enthralled to mind.

When there was no more cock to devour, she pulled her head back ten times as fast as she took me in. I groaned as she remounted my cock with her mouth. The time for slowness was gone. I shuddered as her head snapped back and forth with an expertise that I could barely comprehend. I was watching it but I still couldn’t believe how fast and hard she was sucking my cock. I let go of her head just and Sandra just went faster.

Spit dribbled down to my balls and onto her hand. Her mouth was as wet as any pussy. Wetter. Back and forth she fucked my cock. I swear her lips made squishy sounds as she blew me.

Lipstick smeared my cock. Sandra’s hair bounced with every thrust of her head. Her fingers squeezed around my balls as if trying to command the sperm out of me.

I was going to come. I forgot about how bad of a boss she was. She was just a mouth that I desperately wanted to come in. Nothing else was important.

When I filled her mouth with seed, she stopped and took all of me into her mouth. Her fingers tight around my balls as she sucked, pulled and swallowed every last drop from my cock.

My knees grew weak and I leaned against her desk. Sandra looked up at me and smiled. She wiped a line of spit from her chin.

“The card,” she said.

I gave it to her. I wanted to say something cold and cruel but my mind was as empty as my cock. She took the card and slipped it into her blazer. She was saving it to use again later.

“Go, Jeff,” she said. “I still expect the Monthly report today.”

I nodded and zipped up my pants. Of course it was due today. There was no need to remind me of it, I had never been late with it before.

For once though, her reminder didn’t bother me as much as it usually did.

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  1. Aww, that was a lovely Christmas story. Wish I had a boss like that, or the courage to send cards like that. Yummy!

  2. We all need more bosses who give the gift of oral sex.

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