Dec 122011

Eros University would like to remind our students that the dorms will be closed for the holidays beginning December 19th. We understand that many of our students will wish to continue their erotic education over the holidays and have no interest in returning home where they might have to explain to their grandmothers what Gangbang Physics 101 is. To accommodate these students, we will once again be opening up the Buck Pole in Student Plaza.

The Buck Pole is a tradition that has existed for 40 years to help place students with homes who can provide an erotic education over the holiday period. The Buck Pole was originally a place for the local town people to hang their deer hunting trophies but now it has been repurposed as a place for students to show off themselves in hopes of finding an interesting alternative for the holidays. These men, women, couples and sometimes sex clubs, open up their homes and legs to welcome our students. In exchange for lodging, meals and a comfortable environment, the students share what they have earned with their generous hosts.

To participate, all a student needs to do is appear at the Buck Pole at noon, buck naked. If they have preferences or limitations, they should write these on their body. For example, students will write that they are heterosexual, prefer bondage or are lactose intolerant. Some students have found homes by listing what classes they are taking. Majoring in Oral Pleasure is a sure way to get into the home of a lonely widow during the holiday. Although no clothing is allowed, feel free to get creative and festive with your writing and use colored markers or stencil some snowflakes onto yourself.

Students are free of course to turn down any proposals from interested town people but keep in mind that the town people are the ones doing the inviting. You are representing Eros University and any poor behavior will be reported and recorded in your permanent record.

Dean of Student Affairs
Paul Grayon

  2 Responses to “Buck Pole Announcement”

  1. All hail the Buck Pole

  2. I debated having a Doe Pole but that would just be silly.

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