Nov 122011


Thanks to generous donations, we have easily reached our goal of 50$ I am stunned, humbled and actually need to return some money because we went over.


I love you guys. Thank you for pitching in. It means the world to me.

  3 Responses to “GOAL REACHED!!!!!”

  1. You might send an email and see if they want it returned? If not, use it to add more to the book.

  2. This is because your writing is good – you make us (the readers) happy with it and in turn we want to support and encourage you in ways we can.

    I agree with t’Sade, check and see if they want it returned. Personally, I don’t – keep it for more pictures or the next one you write.

  3. Cool idea, I will check with the late comers and see what they want.

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