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Dr. Veronica Passik was naked on the examination table. Comfortable stirrups held her ankles and parted her legs. Across from her was a bullet shaped vehicle the size of a small bus. A small chute only an inch wide led from the vehicle to between her legs. A look of concern was on her face.

“Is this safe, Dr. Von Madd?” she asked.

“Of course it is,” Dr. Otto Von Madd said. “I am the world’s greatest expert on erotic sciences. I will personally be piloting the Maddillus V 2.0 into your vagina. After it has been shrunk of course.”

Veronica bit her lip. “I don’t doubt your skill, Doctor, but are you sure the shrinking ray is safe?”

Dr. Von Madd took off his purple goggles. “Perfectly safe. It was designed by my great grand uncle, Albert Von Madd, back in 1911. The principles are still the same although it was very difficult to find the irradiated tobacco that powers the device. Back then in Albert’s time, radioactive tobacco was thought to promote virility and was much more common. I had to grow an entire crop just for today’s adventure.”

Veronica stared at the giant vehicle aimed at her crotch. “Maybe this is an extreme measure to go to for an orgasm.”

Dr. Von Madd snorted. “Nonsense. It is a crime for any woman to have reached their mid twenties without an orgasm, much less a perfectly smart lubricant chemist such as yourself. Once I discovered that you have never experienced sexual satisfaction, I made getting you off my personal mission.”

“And I appreciate that, sir,” Veronica said. “But after trying your full line of vibrators, seven sex robots, thirty interns of male and female genders as well as the Von Madd Scientist Dating site, what makes you think that this will work?”

Dr. Von Madd smiled. “This time, it will be me inside you.”

The door to the Maddillus opened and a short Asian girl stepped out of it. She was completely naked.

“We’re ready for launch, Dr!” the girl said.

“Thank you, Dr. Dazai,” Dr. Von Madd said. “I will be there in a moment. Any last questions, Dr. Passik?”

“Just two,” Veronica said. “Why is she in there?”

“Dr. Dazai is a brilliant engineer in the field of experimental sex toys,” Dr. Von Madd said. “She is one of the few people who understand every piece of equipment on the Maddillus.”

“Okay, but why is Dr. Dazai naked?”

Dr. Von Madd paused in the unzipping of his pants. “In case of a structural collapse in which we are forced out of the wreckage of the Maddillus and into your biology, I thought it safer to be in as natural state as possible. That way if we die inside you vagina, you just need to expel biological material and not worry about foreign synthetics”

“Not because she is terribly cute with her small breasts?” Veronica asked.

“That is a fortunate side effect of my precaution,” Dr. Von Madd said.


“Seal hatches!”

“Hatches sealed!”

“Prepare Lubricating Shields!”

“Lubricating shields activated!”

“Engage Vibration Engines!”

“Vibration Engines One, Two and Three are activated!”

“Activate Shrink Ray!”

“Shrink Ray On!”

“Firing Shrinking Ray!”

“Hold on tight! Preferably to my cock!”

Dr. Kimi Dazai felt the terrific pull of gravity as the Maddillus V 2.0 sped down the chute. Thanks to the vibrational engines, it was a bumpy ride. Dr. Passik’s sex was in the distance but they were approaching it with terrifying speeds.

She looked at Dr. Von Madd. She realized that this was the first time she had really seen him without his goggles. She never noticed how focused he was before. He was a man that was all science. Well, sexy science.

Kimi took his earlier advice and reached for his cock. He was hard and warm in her hand. Dr. Von Madd reached for her thigh. His fingers gripped her tightly as the gigantic vagina of Dr. Passik loomed before them.

“Penetration in three . . . two . . . one . . .”

The Maddillus entered Dr. Passik. Half of the vessel submerged into her sex and the vibration engines completed the insertion. The monitors showed that the Maddillus was completely inside Dr. Passik’s sex.

“Now, we can get to work,” Dr. Von Madd said. Kimi tried not to pout when he moved his hand from her thigh. “We have already tested vibrators on her, so I think it is time we test different levels of girth.”

“Shall I turn on the expanders?” Kimi asked.

“Yes, Dr. Dazai,” he said. “Start with a two inch diameter.”

Kimi reluctantly let go of his cock and used both hands for the force field generators. Using the sliding control, Kimi slowly projected high powered fields around the Maddillus. With careful precision, she expanded the fields to simulate a two inch diameter cock.

The Maddillus shook. “Nothing to worry about,” Dr. Von Madd said. “I believe that was just her vaginal walls clenching.”

The Maddillus shook again. This time there was a more powerful shift that lifted the Maddillus and then dropped it down.

“Yes, definitely a clench and possibly a hump,” Dr. Von Madd said. “How are the lubrication levels?”

“They are rising, Dr. Von Madd,” Kimi said.

“Excellent, begin thrust motion maneuver delta.”

Kimi keyed in the commands. The Maddillus rocked back and forth on the preset motions. Up, up, down, down, to the left and to the right before repeating itself.

The Maddillus shook as the walls clenched down tighter around them. Red lights flickered as the force fields were pushed to their tolerance levels. Kimi diverted power from the rotational motors and the texture adjustors. The force fields glowed green as they stabilized.

“I am detecting vigorous hip shifting,” Dr. Von Madd said. “I think she likes this movement.”

“How did you know that would respond to this one so well?” Kimi asked.

Dr. Von Madd looked at her. His intense eyes focused on her and she was in danger of making her seat very damp.

“The way she walked,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Her placement of thighs, shifting of weight and sway of her hips told me everything I needed to know. She walked like someone who would enjoy thrust maneuver delta.”

“I think I am enjoying it myself,” Kimi said.

Dr. Von Madd reached between her thighs. A finger slipped into her sex. Kimi’s eyes shut and she forgot all about the force fields.

“Oh yes,” Dr. Von Madd said. “It looks like you are.”

The Maddillus shook violently. Stress alarms flared. Worse, Doctor Von Madd pulled his finger out of her.

“What is going on?” Kimi yelled. “I am detecting non stop movement and severe vaginal wall force!”

“I believe she is near orgasm but is she getting frustrated at not reaching completion!” Dr. Von Madd said. “The scans of her clitoris are showing frantic finger stimulation. She’s trying to aid in her orgasm1”

“The force fields can’t sustain this much clenching!” Kimi yelled. “If she doesn’t climax soon, we’ll be crushed by her mounting frustration!”

Dr. Von Madd put the finger that was in Kimi into his mouth. He sucked her juices idly as he thought.

“Hmm, I speculate that her own anxiety about climaxing might be hindering her ability to climax. We are going to have to stimulate her in a way that goes right to her libido. I am preparing the sonic cannon.”

“Are you sure, Doctor?” Kimi asked. “You said vibrations haven’t worked on her before.”

“Sometimes you just have to try everything all at once,” Dr. Von Madd said. He typed a sequence of bursts. “I am aiming for her g-spot. I was hoping to reach it physically with the Maddillus but we’re out of time. If she gets too frustrated, she’ll quit and lose the mood. Hold on tight!”

Kimi grabbed his cock. The mad scientist didn’t object. If anything, his cock pulsed in her hand.

“Firing cannon!” Dr. Von Madd said.

The Maddillus hummed as the sonic cannon fired. The vessel stopped shaking as Dr. Passik’s body froze in motion. Dr. Von Madd’s cock throbbed between Kimi’s fingers.

They heard the rumble right before something slammed into the front of the Maddillus. Kimi cried out as the Maddillus was violently pushed backwards. A second later, she saw the rapidly diminishing sight of Dr. Passik’s sex as they were expelled in a flood of fluid.

Then the Maddillus began to fall. It fell down to the laboratory floor below Dr. Passik and from Kimi’s point of view, it was several miles down. The vessel spun as it plummeted to the hard unforgiving ground below.

She held on for dear life to Dr. Von Madd’s cock.

Dr. Von Madd leaned back in his seat and pressed a purple button. Giant balloons emerged from the sides of the Maddillus and wrapped around it like a protective shell.

They hit the ground and bounced.

They bounced a second and third time before coming to a rest.

“Oh my god,” Kimi said as they came to a stop. Her heart was pounding. All she could think of was the sight of the floor as they approached it.

“Good thing I installed this precaution,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Since Dr. Passik had never climaxed, I wanted to be prepared in case she was a squirter.”

“Oh my god,” Kimi said again.

“Or course, now we are a white bubble on a white lab floor,” Dr. Von Madd said. “I turned on the distress beacon, but it might take the staff an hour to find us because they will take precautions not to step on us.”

“Oh my fucking god!” Kimi said.

“Dr. Dazai, you appear to be in shock. I recommend that you mount me.”

“Oh my fucking holy shit!” Kimi said. She wasn’t capable of saying anything more coherent. The young engineer was able to get out of her seat and climb on top of Dr. Von Madd’s lap. She didn’t need to say anything as she slid down his cock and settled on top of him.

“I think thrust maneuver gamma would be best,” Dr. Von Madd said. He shifted under her with a tenderness that she found surprising. The sensation in her sex was even more surprising.

Dr. Kimi Dazai climaxed thirty seconds later.

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  1. I love you. That was wonderful, campy, cheerful, and just perfect! Yummy!

  2. t’Sade- Thank you!

  3. My understanding, not having ejaculated myself mind you, is that female ejaculate is pushed out through the urethra. Other than that, neatly done.

  4. Noli- Thanks.

    Giania – Doh! You’re right. I was too in love with my ending to look up the reality.

  5. One beauty of fiction is that it needn’t always match reality… ;)

  6. *claps delightedly* Oh, that was fantastic! I just adored it :)

    xx Dee

  7. Was gonna say how on earth you came up with an idea like this, but then as of a few months ago, I was ‘edcuated’ a little and shown a clip from a movie called ‘everything you wanted to know about sex, but was afraid to as’ (I think) and remembered the arousal scene where the iner body parts had to help the guy through a date that was leading to sex.

    Funny stuff and I couldn’t help but sense that same kinda comic cheesiness in this.
    However since Otto was involved, it just made it 10x better <3

    A lovely read for my weekend, many thanks ^^

  8. Jason – Yeah but when it comes to porn, proper anatomy is always appreciated.

    Dee- Thanks!

    Mystique – When I first started writing Otto, I made a list of topics I wanted to cover and the Nautilus was like number 3. It only took a few years to come up with something to do with it.

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