Nov 162011

“This might be the most horrifying place I have ever been to as a reporter.”

Holly Valentine made this observation silently to herself. She didn’t want to wake the snoring talk show host who was sleeping in his bed. According to her sources, Hudson Williams was organizing a series of embarrassing events to occur at the recent Wall Street protests. The corporate overlords who supplied the talk show host with teenage boys and opiates were tired of the protests and they assigned the host the task of destroying popular support of the protestors. In typical fashion, the talk show host had opted for the hiring of transsexuals to stage orgies during the protests.

That was too good for Holly Valentine to pass up. Unlike Mr. Williams, Holly understood that breaking into the home of somebody to steal a list of transexuals was not exactly good journalism, but if she used to that list to do research on money transactions, communications and maybe a hard hitting interview ending in an awkward confession, then not only would she expose a scandal in the making but it might also get her a nomination for a journalism award or two.

Best of all, Holly just loved linking rightwing radio personalities to transsexuals. It gave her a warm feeling right between her thighs.

What didn’t give her a warm feeling was the creepiness of the bedroom. Hudson was a famously fat man and as he got larger, he did most of his work in his bedroom. That meant Holly had to search his bedroom/office which was decorated with far too many larger than life posters of Hudson’s face. It was as if Hudson was leering at her from every wall.

Holly looked down on herself as if her choice of clothes were somehow responsible for the panoramic staring. She had forgone her usual fabulous fashion sense for a simple black jogging suit that was appropriate for her night time break in. Sadly, even a shapeless pair of jogging pants couldn’t hide her rather awesome ass. The same went for her tight black sweatshirt which seemed to cling to every curve of her impressive breasts. Holly did know that she should have tucked her vibrant red hair under an unflattering cap but she did just have a new haircut so she pulled it into an efficient if still sexy ponytail. The reporter had a hard time consciously looking bad even when trying to be unnoticeable.

She found what she needed under a stack of male underwear catalogs. Hudson Williams kept a ledger of transsexuals complete with addresses, aliases and cock sizes. The man was a shitty repeater of lies and falsehoods but he kept surprisingly accurate records of sexual acquaintances. Who knew?

As Hudson Williams snored, Holly took photographs of his ledger. When she was finished, she tucked the camera into her bra where it was safely held in place by her heavy breast. Now all she had to do was sneak out of this bedroom, out of the hallway, through the open window and then across the mansion lawn. Easy peasy.

Holly turned around and that was when she saw the security guard. He stood there silently, looking into the bedroom with the light of the hallway behind him. She couldn’t see his face but she could see enough of his powerful body to know that there was no way she could run past him. She was fucked.

A second passed and then another. Holly was confused. He should have yelled at her. He should have made some sort of threatening move. Shit, he didn’t even break out a Tazer or a gun.

The security guard stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Holly smiled as he stepped into the moonlight. At least he had a cute face. It was the ugly guards that were the worse to deal with.

The guard put a finger to his lips and pointed to the snoring Hudson.

Holly nodded. She didn’t know what the fuck was going on but she could play along.

The guard unzipped his pants. This she understood. She was not above having sex with a cute stranger for the guarantee of safety. Hell, she considered it a bonus.

Holly made a head motion towards the door. Surely he would rather get his bribe in a safer place?

The guard shook his head. He also put his hands to her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

Holly didn’t even allow herself to sigh. She reached into his unzipped pants and pulled out his cock. It was warm and pulsing in her hand. At least he was excited. This shouldn’t take too long.

She took him into her mouth. The guard let out a low moan that sent chills down Holly’s spine. She froze with his cock in her mouth and listened for Hudson’s snores.

The talk show host kept snoring.

This time Holly did sigh and it was with relief. A gentle thrust from the cock in her mouth reminded her to get to work. She fought back a giggle and took his cock down her throat. Holly pressed her nose hard against his crotch and let him enjoy the sensation of being entirely buried in a mouth.

The guard made no noise but his hand clenched her ponytail. She took it as a compliment.

Holly was blessed with a wet mouth but in this circumstance it might lead to an unfortunately loud sucking. The clever reporter combated this by sucking very, very, very slowly. In and out with the speed of a lazy summer blowjob, Holly took her time. She countered the slowness of her lips with a rapid flicking of her tongue against his cock.

The guard thankfully understood the need for silence but he was only human. He stood silently for the most part but when Holly’s tongue licked the tip of his cock he would moan. When she sucked him down to where his balls were on her chin then he would groan like an overdue Halloween ghost. Holly tried to avoid the more sensitive parts of his cock but as the blowjob continued, she was finding more and more spots to avoid.

It didn’t help that Holly was getting aroused herself. The heat between her thighs was rapidly growing warmer by the second. The cock in her mouth was nice but what turned her on more was the idea of getting more action in a right wing talk show host’s bedroom than he currently was. As a journalist Holly knew that she should be more neutral but as a woman who really hated the pseudo journalism of talk radio, she was fucking amused with herself.

The snoring stopped. Holly stopped licking. The guard’s cock was still in her mouth and she couldn’t help herself from sucking as hard as she could.

The behemoth radio host rolled over in his bed. The bed springs groaned with the agony of overworked metal.

The snoring started again.

Holly released the suction grip that her lips had on his cock. She didn’t understand when the guard pulled out of her mouth. When he pulled her to his feet, Holly smiled with relief. Obviously the guard was finally going to get her out of the bedroom so they could finish what they started in peace.

She was wrong. The silent guard turned her around and had her face the foot of Hudson’s bed. He yanked her sweatpants down and then pulled her night camouflage panties down as well. The fearless guard was going to fuck her!

Holly wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Okay, she was horny she would admit if they were allowed to speak but she didn’t think it was a good idea to be fucking right at the moment.

The guard’s cock pressed against her cunt. Holly bent forward enough to take him into her. She shuddered as he filled her ready cunt completely.

Okay, maybe this was a good idea after all.

Hudson Williams snored in his bed. Holly looked down on him as the guard fucked her from behind. Holly grabbed the bed frame for support and she was dismayed at how much the bed rocked back and forth. It was a large bed and it had a larger man inside it but still the bed moved from their fucking.

A minute of hard fucking later and Holly didn’t care. The sound of his cock ramming inside her wet cunt was so much louder than the nearly silent sucking she had performed earlier. She was sure that the host would wake at any moment but damn, the painkillers he was addicted to must make him a heavy sleeper.

Holly could have done without the giant poster of Hudson looking down at her from the head of the bed but it couldn’t be helped. In her highly sexed state, she couldn’t help imagine that the poster was staring at her breasts bouncing inside her sweatshirt as the security guard fucked her. Hudson might not like women but his poster sure did.

The guard grabbed her ponytail and increased the pace of his fucking. The man was grunting with the passion of his thrusts. What was his deal? Was he a disgruntled employee that just wanted to fuck in his boss’s bedroom? Or maybe after years of smuggling teenage boys into the mansion, the guard was finally happy to see some pussy?

As long as his cock stayed hard, Holly didn’t fucking care. He was fucking so hard that the sound of his hips smashing into her ass was a steady series of claps applauding their fucking. Holly had to resist the urge to applaud herself.

The bed rocked as they fucked.

Hudson snored.

Holly bit down on her lip to keep from screaming as she climaxed.

The sound of thighs on ass kept clapping.

The bed springs groaned as Hudson rolled onto his back.

The guard froze as the snoring stopped.

Hudson coughed.

They waited to see if Hudson woke up. Holly clenched with her cunt around the guard’s cock. The guard’s hand pulled her ponytail harder.

Holly rolled her hips. She did this so slowly and gently that the bed didn’t even move.

The guard whimpered. Holly felt the eruption of seed inside her. Three more rolls of her hips and his cock was completely drained.

The guard released her hair and pulled out of her. He didn’t stop Holly as she pulled her panties and pants back up. He did open the door for her so she could leave the bedroom but he was discreet enough to not follow her into the hallway. Holly knew that it would be unprofessional of him as a security guard to know her escape route.

She snuck out of the mansion on shaky legs.

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  1. Of course, yummy. Has some of my favorite things: hair pulling, camo panties, and oral sex. I loved the “lazy summer blowjob” line.

  2. I actually worried if I should make something a more autumn oriented metaphor for the blowjob but decided to fuck it.

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