Nov 232011

Explorer’s Log: I am about to land on the 2nd planet orbiting the star designed, Queen’s Lack of Mercy, by Royal Astronomers. I have detected signs of humanoid life near the equator of this jungle planet. There is no sign of technology but I have found various settlements. I will land away from a village and approach on foot to determine their suitability for slavery to the Queen.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Fuck yes! I have finally found a primitive world! The Deep Space Probe laws allow me to enjoy up to seven days of gluttonous pleasure as I establish myself as a space goddess to these evolutionary starter students. This was one of the main reasons I even signed up for this mission. Seven days of initiating naive natives in the myriad sexual practices of getting me off will make up for the long lonely journey here.

Vaquel Di picked her way through the jungle. Steam rose from the floor as the bright sun above vaporized the morning moisture of the jungle. Lucky for Vaquel, her red skintight spacesuit that clung to every curve and cleft of her body regulated her internal temperature and protected her from the intense heat. Advances in glassteel technology prevented her bubble helmet from fogging over which meant that any primitive looking at her could see her pretty brown face topped by the short pink bangs that she had cultivated for this encounter. If the primitives of this world were going to make stone sculptures of her and paint cave drawings, she wanted to look her best.

The holographic display inside her helmet alerted her to the presence of an incoming humanoid lifeform. It was moving pretty fast and at a damn good pace through this thick jungle. Vaquel took out her plasma pistol in case the natives needed convincing of her superiority.

The humanoid came running out of the bush. He was as green as the jungle he emerged from. He was also butt-naked. He came to a stumbling halt when he saw Vaquel and his mouth opened in surprise. Eyes as red as rubies stared at her in incomprehensible shock.

Vaquel smirked. She said nothing and let him drink in the sight of her and her alien clothes. She did wonder why he was running through the jungle with no weapons of his own. Her smirk faded as she looked down his muscular body to the weapon he carried between his legs. His cock was massive, and bounced up and down with eager energy.

“Mok?” the green humanoid said.

“Vaquel,” she said. “Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy.” She knew that he didn’t understand her, but Royal Navy protocol required that she informed new slaves of their new masters.

“Mok?” the green humanoid said again.

Vaquel sighed. She was going to have to resort to basic pantomime for communication.

As she debated the proper way to convey that she was from the stars, the humanoid took a cautious step towards her. Vaquel kept her plasma pistol trained on him in case he needed melting. She also put her hand out to touch his, as most primitives like to be reassured that other people have hands too.

The humanoid’s hand ignored her hand and reached for her breast instead. His palm cupped her breast right where her nipple was pressing against the thin spacesuit. He smiled when his hand touched her stellar abundance.

“Mok,” he said again.

Vaquel debated fucking him before going to his village. The last good fuck she had was from a micro-nebula and the details of that weird experience were getting harder to recall every day. The way he was groping her breast had her convinced that they would have no trouble communicating about fucking.

The holographic display inside her helmet lit up with multiple scanner contacts. About thirty other humanoids were headed to Vaquel’s location. The deep space explorer looked at the humanoid in front of her and wondered if he somehow sent a signal that he had found her. Maybe the race didn’t need technology because they were psychic?

Vaquel pushed the guy’s hand away from her breast as more humanoids emerged from the jungle. The first thing Vaquel noticed was their size; these humanoids were easily eight feet tall if not taller. The second thing she noticed was that although they shared the same green skin and red eyes as her first contact, these humanoids were all female. The third thing she noticed is that they were all carrying weapons. Well, fuck.

“Greetings!” Vaquel yelled in a commanding tone. “I am Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy! I come from the stars to bless you all with my presence!”

Two seconds later, one of the green women threw her spear at Vaquel. Vaquel dodged to the side as the male beside her cowered into a ball. The spear impacted into a tree with such force that the tree cracked.

“You fucked up,” Vaquel said. She fired her plasma pistol at the woman who threw first. The woman’s head atomized in a super-heated flash of light. The other humanoids watched in stunned horror as the woman’s headless body crumpled into the mist of the jungle ground.

“Cag!” the women yelled together in response. They charged at Vaquel with their spears.

Vaquel reached for her utility belt and pulled out her vibration blade. A single click of a button and the blade was vibrating a thousand pulses per second. She brought the blade up just in time to slice the head off the point of a spear that was aimed for her chest, and then on the back swing, she severed the head of the woman wielding the spear.

As soon as the alien fell to the ground, two more took her place. Vaquel shot her plasma pistol at the chest of one woman and sank her vibration blade into the face of the second. She then had to dodge three spear thrusts from other attackers.

“You’re supposed to be worshiping me and my superior weapons!” Vaquel yelled in frustration.

They kept attacking. Vaquel kept killing. The odds were certainly against Vaquel as one giant woman after another tried to kill her. Better technology or not, no one can fight this many people without getting tired or injured. Fortunately for Vaquel, she had spent months of her space travel in the Exercise Pod trying to rig various vibrators to her exercise routine. All that sexual frustration was paying off as Vaquel dispatched one warrior woman after another.

Eventually there was no one left to kill. Vaquel stood in the jungle clearing, surrounded by corpses and dropped spears. Some of the aliens had run off but Vaquel didn’t have the energy to chase after them.

“Mok?” the male said. He was hiding behind a tree. When he saw that all of the women were dead, he ran forward and embraced Vaquel.

“Mok!” he said. He certainly seemed excited. Vaquel could feel his hard cock pressing against her thigh.

“At least I got something out of today,” Vaquel said. She put her vibration blade away and grabbed his cock. His manhood was almost pulsing more than her blade.

A strange cry came out of the forest. The sound caused the male to shake with fear. The holographic display in Vaquel’s helmet lit up with multiple life signs. The number of humanoids converging on their location was exceeding triple digits.

“Queen’s tits,” Vaquel swore. She had to get out of here. This planet wasn’t going to be pacified by one explorer. It was going to take a Warship and some orbital bombardments.

She squeezed the cock that was in her hand. Vaquel would be damned if she was leaving here empty handed.

Vaquel let go of his cock and grabbed the male’s wrist. “Come with me!”

She took off running. Like a good primitive alien, the male ran with her. At least one damn alien on this planet understood that she was in charge.

They reached the Deep Space Probe and the male hesitated at the strange sight before him. A slap on the ass later and he went into the small vessel. Vaquel spared a glance back at the jungle and saw that the scanner had detected over a thousand humanoid life signs heading her way.

“Fuckers hold a grudge,” Vaquel whispered. This was so going into her report. The Royal Navy might end up enlisting these bitches.

Vaquel climbed into her vessel and shut the door. The male was busy pondering the mysteries of a chair in the Nutrition Pod. She ignored him and went straight to navigation.

“MOK!” the male screamed as the ship took off into space. Other than that first primal scream of terror, he quieted down. Vaquel checked on him and he was busy trying to understand what the mirror was.

Vaquel took off her glassteel helmet and let out a sigh of annoyance. She was safely back in orbit, but she didn’t get the seven day orgy that she had been expecting. The exhaustion of the fight and the run was catching up to her. Damn it, she should be getting a massage from worshiping primitives!

Hands reached from behind her and cupped her breasts. The heavy cock pressed against the spacesuit covering her buttocks. Warm breath danced over her ears.

“Mok?” the male asked.

Vaquel turned around in his hands. She pressed a button on her collar and her spacesuit retracted from her body and into her boots. The male looked down at her brown breasts, her wide hips and the pink bush of hair between her thighs.

“I am going to call you, Mok,” Vaquel said. “And your first duty on board this ship is to fuck me, Mok!”

Mok might not have understood her language, but he knew what she wanted. He pushed her down to the floor of the Deep Space Probe and parted her thighs with exuberance. As he pressed the head of his cock against the lips of her sex, he noticed the jiggling of Vaquel’s breasts as she awaited penetration.

He forgot about her cunt and his mouth dived for her breasts. Vaquel cried out as his teeth sank into her tit. His hand cupped her other breast and squeezed with all the passion of a bed-slave on his first night. Vaquel squirmed as the green man went back and forth between her breasts, his mouth enjoying the taste of each brown tit.

Vaquel wanted more. She didn’t need foreplay. She needed to fuck. She reached between them and grabbed that impressive cock that she needed so badly.

Mok moaned and he lifted himself up on powerful arms. He looked like he was going to dive back down on her spit covered breasts but she tightened her grip on is cock. Slowly she guided him between her thighs and helped him take his rightful place.

He was her prize, damn it. He was hers to fuck and she wanted to fuck now.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried out as his girth slid inside her. After months of vibrators, plant dildoes, strange nebula lovers and her own hand, she was glad to finally have a real cock between her legs. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and knew she would never let him go.

Mok appeared happy too. He thrust inside her with a savage passion. There was no technique or skill; just the thrusting of an animal. He plunged his cock into her with perfect rhythm that needed no intelligence.

Vaquel shuddered and moaned. The floor was hard against her back but she didn’t care. It was a month’s journey to the next star system. There would be plenty of time to fuck in the bed, in the Hygenic Pod, in the Nutrition Pod and every other flat surface of the ship. As Mok pounded away at her cunt, Vaquel was more than happy to take it on the floor like some backwater primitive species.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she reached orgasm.

“Mok!” her green lover yelled as he kept fucking.

Vaquel had no intention of stopping him. She grabbed his chest hair and held onto him as he kept fucking. If she hurt him, it was hard to tell because he never stopped humping her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out with her second orgasm.

Mok pulled out and Vaquel nearly ripped his chest hair out. Her anger subsided when he tried to roll her over. She happily got on her knees and lifted her ass to him. The green savage re-entered her from behind. He reached around and grabbed her tits as he fucked her. His cock rammed her twice as fast as before.

Vaquel clenched her eyes in bliss. Oh the things she would teach this man. She would teach him out to eat cunt. She would show him how to slow down and fuck her ass. She would show him the joys of getting a blowjob. By the time that they reached the next star system, Vaquel planned to have broken him in and trained in every sex act that she could think of.

Hell, if he was a good student, she might even keep him instead of dumping him off at the next planet.

Mok’s hands clenched her tits painfully hard. His thrusts had slowed down but his cock was ramming into her twice as hard. He was going to climax soon and Vaquel could feel cock throbbing with power.

“Come inside me!” Vaquel demanded. “Come inside your new mistress, Mok!”

“MOK!” he cried out. His whole body shook and Vaquel felt the surge of seed a second later. Hot liquid heat flooded her cunt and Vaquel climaxed for the third time. She came so hard that she couldn’t even articulate praise to the Queen for her orgasm.

Mok slid odd her body and onto the floor. He still hung on to one of her tits though, and Vaquel crumpled up beside him. It was an awkward position in the narrow area but she didn’t care. The exhausted explorer closed her eyes in orgasmic bliss.

When she woke up an hour later, Mok’s corpse was cold beside her.

Explorer’s Log: Further scans have shown that the male of this species can only orgasm once before fatal breakdowns occur in the circulation system. This certainly explains the hostility that I encountered with the female of the species. I was literally stealing the one fuck that they could get out of him.

I am not sure how a species like this survives in the long term, but for purposes of conquering, it makes our job easy. I suspect that a team of horny Royal Navy crewmen could win these women over to the service of Queen just by jacking off and not dying. I know after my brief encounter, I sure as fuck could go for a man who has more than one charge in his pistol.

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  1. At least she got laid. :) But, yeah, sex more than once would be good, but such a way to go.

  2. t’Sade- The lack of being able to ejaculate more than once is really going to hold back that culture’s rocket technology I imagine.

  3. On the other hand, I think that their technology will stop at the steam-powered piston and simply expand that into Steampunk glory, simply for the wish-fulfillment alone.

    Imagine hundreds of women watching the first train pulling out of the station, breathless as they stared fixated at the single large piston pumping in and out.

    It will only go less than a kilometer an hour and no one will care. It will also create the entire engine repair industry alone, which like our dental assistance, will be 99.9% female.

  4. I was taking a liking to Mok, thinking that he would be playing sidekick for a spell, but when the sex seemed overly good, I couldn’t help but think that something would happen to him :(

    At least he went out a happy alien? :p

  5. Mystique- I have been debating giving Vaquel a sidekick for a short term but I am discouraged by how I never saw a male character I liked in the Barbarella stories or Red Sonja. All the more reason to one day make that character I guess.

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