Nov 072011

The deadline for the Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac was set for December 1st and holy crap, that is just around the corner. I will attempt to take all of the random histories, oral sex tips, recipes, cryptid sex articles and Cucumber Queen information and put it into something slightly more coherent. If you have a recipe or an article you would like to contribute, just drop me an email and I’ll hook you up.

In other news, I talked about myself a lot at Extreme Writing Now. My favorite part was when I speculated about being at a teenage girl’s seance. I beleive you can listen to my interview directly here. I of course will avoid listening to myself and will take your word for it on how I sound.

Work on the Violatrix continues and should be ready for publication in December. That way you can get your science fiction S/M killer crew from hell erotica just in time for Christmas presents!

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