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Trixie Treats smiled for the camera. She also held in her breath so that her green makeup covered cleavage would push as tightly as possible against the almost transparent white teddy that was part of her costume. Black lipstick lips smiled cruelly for the viewers at home.

“And that concludes tonights classless, I mean, classy movie, ‘Frankenstein versus the Vampires’. You might have fallen asleep during that piece of schlock but don’t worry, it was impossible to sleep through any good parts as there weren’t any.”

A howling wolf sounded came from the sound effects guy. Trixie sighed wistfully as if she had just been entered by a thick cock.

“The calling of the werewolf means that our time is up, dear ghouls,” Trixie said. “I must retire to my crypt and wait out the sun all alone in my coffin. If only one or maybe a few of you ghouls could come with me to keep me company. Until next week, on Trixie’s Movie Night Treats”

“And cut!” the director said. “Great job, Trixie! If anyone watches this episode, they might actually like the movie.”

Trixie snorted. “More likely that they rubbed one out during my introduction and went to bed. I’m going to wash this green shit off.”

The top-heavy horror hostess tottered over to her changing room. The white thong rode up her green ass like it always did. The stage crew pretended to not check out her ass but she knew that they were; them and everyone else in the late night Tucson area.

Trixie opened her changing room door and recoiled from the smell. It was the smell of corpses, blood and ancient horrors.

“Fuck, it smells like stagehands in here!” Trixie said.

Rough hands reached from the darkness and dragged her into the room. Trixie tried to scream but someone pressed what tasted like old bandages to her mouth. Trixie bit down on the cloth until she felt the yielding flesh of a hand.

“Ramses’ Beard! The bitch bit me!” a voice cried out.

“Igor, the lights!” another voice yelled.

The lights came on. Trixie gasped at the huge crowd that had surrounded her. The men were dressed up as monsters. There was a giant Frankenstein, a fangy Dracula, a few decomposing zombies, a pointy-eared Devil, a dripping Creature from a lagoon, some silver robots, a sinister clown and inexplicably, a giant banana with arms.

Trixie was quick to identify the weird part of this experience. “How the fuck did all of you fit inside my changing room? Usually this place is so small that I have to open a window if I want to take my tits out of my bra.”

“Vilence, varlot!” the Dracula said. Blood dripped from his fangs. “Ve are in a mavical vimbo beveen vime and vace.”

“What to the fuck now?” Trixie said. “Anyone speak venglish, I mean English?”

“I will translate,” the Devil said. “You are in a magical limbo between time and space. Specifically, you are in the crossroads of Horror and Fear, where monsters dwell in the subconscious.”

“SUBCONCIOUS!” Frankenstein yelled.

“Yeah, good boy,” Trixie said to Frankenstein. “Okay, nice prank boys. A little groppy with the hands but don’t worry, I won’t press charges for this little monster squad gangbang joke.”

Trixie kicked off her heels and stood up. “But I do want to know where you got these costumes. They are a ton better than our usual costumes. Like this zombie, I swear his head is about to fall off.”

Trixie pulled at the zombie’s face and the head fell off. Trixie looked in horror as the head rolled her feet. It looked up at her at her green breasts. The zombie smiled and licked his lips.

“Oh fuck,” Trixie said.

“You ave vocked us for the vast vime!” the Dracula yelled.

“Fucked who?” Trixie said.

“He meant that you mock us,” The Devil said. “Our movies used to excite the imagination and primal fears of mankind. We come to life based on the fears and horrors of humanity. It is a good life to exist in nightmares. You never die and the screams of your dreamers sustain you like the finest wine.”

One of the robots put their hand on Trixie’s right breast. She slapped it away. “If it is such a sweet gig, why bother me?”

“YOU FUCKED IT!” Frankenstein said.

“As my stitched friend said,” the Devil said. “Your mocking of our movies has chipped away at our place in the fears of mankind. We are becoming jokes and things of amusement. Now we are appearing in the dreams of children and pop culture blog writers.”

Trixie shrugged. “Sucks to be you,” she said.

“Vegin the vunishment!” the Dracula said.

The Frankenstein grabbed Trixie’s hair with his unforgiving grip. The Robots grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. The Frankenstein pulled her towards a wooden contraption that looked suspiciously like a guillotine!

“Holy shit!” Trixie said. “You old farts are going to cut off my head because of a shitty late night movie show?”

The monsters laughed. They kept laughing as the Frankenstein picked Trixie up and dropped her on the guillotine so that her stomach was in the half circle depression. Trixie screamed as the bar fell across her back.

“Don’t cut me in half!” Trixie yelled.

Groans of disgust came from the monsters. “We are not your modern horrors with their drills and splatter shields,” spoke the Devil. “We believe in ironic justice and deserving victims.”

“ASS!” The Frankenstein said.

“Yes, and a little tits and ass,” the Devil said. “Your punishment shall fit your crime! We shall humiliate and cause to fear us once more!”

“Baby, I work for a late night television show, there isn’t much you can do to embarrass me,” Trixie said.

The monsters gathered around her ass. Trixie waited for them to pull her thong down but they didn’t. She did feel a large cold hand press against her ass. Considering how large and round Trixie’s ass was, she knew that only Frankenstein had a hand big enough to cup her ass like that.

“Vunish her!” Dracula screeched.

The hand pulled away and then returned to her ass with amazing force.

WHAM! The sound for Frankenstein’s hand impacting into her ass echoed throughout all of time and space.

Son of a bitch!” Trixie yelled. Her scream also echoed through time and space.

The Frankenstein spanked her. His heavy powerful hands shook her with every slap. The sheer size of his hand meant that every slap struck the entirety of her buttock.

Trixie kicked and screamed but the wooden stocks held her tight. The monsters mocked her efforts to escape and delighted in her shrieks. Every swing of Frankenstein’s hand caused her large breasts to jiggle and shake. In just a few slaps, she had fallen completely out of her baby doll.

“Even her nipples are greeeeeen,” said the Creature. He looked like he was in love.

“Hey, you got to commit to the costume,” Trixie said between wails of pain.

Her ass stung from the supernatural abuse and it didn’t look like Frankenstein was stopping any time soon. Trixie’s ass burned worse than any witch has ever suffered. She looked around desperately for a solution but all she saw was the Creature’s adoring gilly face.

“Hey Creature, OW OW OW! Let me out of here and I’ll let you rub your gills all over my tits!” Trixie said.

The Creature shook his head. “And lose a turn spanking your ass? I don’t think so.”

Frankenstein stopped spanking her and Trixie let out a sigh of relief. It was a short lived respite. It was the Dracula’s turn and whatever he lacked in enunciation he certainly compensated with the accuracy of his hand.

When the Dracula was through spanking her ass, the cold metallic hands of one of the robots took his place. The WHACK WHACK WHACK of the metal hand turned Trixie’s ass to fire.

Next were the aquatic creature and his peculiar webbed hands. After that, it was the solid clothed thumps of the Mummy’s hand. Another robot took his turn with his metal hands and then after him was the furry paw of a Werewolf. The clown had his turn and every time his hand met her ass, a small horn would honk. Even the Banana spanked her although Trixie still didn’t know what the fuck that was all about.

The Devil was the last one to spank her. His hand literally burned with the fires of Hell although Trixie wasn’t sure if it was hellfire she felt or just how sensitive her ass had become.

After a brutal period of spanking, the Devil walked around to Trixie’s front. He pulled her head up by her hair to face him. Tears had streaked down her face and left white trails in the green makeup. It didn’t stop him from taking a moment to admire her bare breasts.

“Your humiliation is almost complete,” the Devil said. “We have had our way with your ass and taught you the meaning of fear.” He never made eye contact with her as he kept staring at her breasts.

“And the meaning of a sore ass,” Trixie said. Her voice was hoarse from all of her screaming.

“Are you ready for the surprise ending?” The Devil said.

Trixie looked up at the Devil. “It was all a dream?”

The Monsters laughed. The Devil reached for her tits with his clawed hands. Trixie screamed as her large green tits were mauled by sharp nails and greedy fingers.

“No,” the Devil said. “Now we are going to spank the other half of you.”

Trixie screamed as the Devil’s hand slapped her tits. She screamed again as she saw the Monsters form a line behind the Devil. As big as her ass was, her tits were so much fucking bigger. This was going to be a lot of stinging slapping hurt.

She was definitely going to think twice before ever mocking old movie monsters again. Trixie was still going to mock them because hey, she needs a paycheck, but she would at least think twice.

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  1. Okay, I have a serious thing about mummys having sex. Yummy! I also love Frakenstein’s Monster and everyone else. It was funny and Trixie’s attitude (she would do it anyways) was lovable.

  2. Thanks t’Sade. It was nice to do something in the vein of the Halloween specials that I grew up with.

  3. Thanks again, Shon, for this awesome Halloween treat! You’re the coolest. Ever!! :)

  4. ~Trix- The least I could for my year round Halloween muse.

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