Oct 122011

Explorer’s Log: My current location is a day’s voyage from the star system designated, Queen’s Lack of Mercy, by Royal Astronomers. Scanners have picked up a cluster of sixty-eight ships floating around a micro-nebula. All of the ships are broadcasting a distress signal of some kind. Scanners have detected no life signs. Royal Navy Protocol #4 states that in this situation, I am advised to stay the fuck away from where other starships have died. I however have decided to risk further investigation in hopes of finding something worthy to bring back to the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Yeah my official reason was a flat out lie. It has been months since I have been properly fucked and according to one of the distress signals I found, this micro-nebula might be the best chance I have of getting laid for light years around.

Vaquel Di sat in front of the transmission screen. She was completely naked except for the shiny lotion she had smeared over her dark brown body. She had one hand on her heavy breast while her other hand was buried in her cunt. Her short pink hair was plastered to her forehead with the sweat of masturbating for a solid hour.

“Computer, replay distress message again,” Vaquel ordered.

The face of a blue woman filled the screen. She was topless and bending towards the monitor. Her sapphire breasts bounced as something green and black fucked her from behind. The blue woman looked at the screen and moaned before she began talking.

“This is Captain Acebo of the survey ship, Curiosity! We are trapped in a micro-nebula that is draining our power cells!”

The woman tried to say something more but a red hand caressed her face. Two fingers slipped into the blue woman’s mouth and gagged her. Captain Acebo closed her eyes and her cheeks caved in as she sucked on the fingers. Vaquel watched as the woman’s breasts continued to bounce as the fucking continued.

When Captain Acebo’s eyes opened again, she pulled her mouth away from the fingers and addressed the monitor again.

“The micro-nebula is fucking me and my crew. I don’t understand how. I suspect it draws on our inhibitions through some sort of telepathy. When the power cells were being drained, we had the resources to fix it but most of my crew just wanted to fuck. Fuck, I want to fuck. Even though life-support will fail in three hou-ohhhhh!”

Whatever Captain Acebo had to say was forgotten as her eyes widened in shock. The blue woman fell towards the screen and cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Vaquel stroked faster. She recognized an anal penetration when she saw one.

“Gods of the Moon!” Captain Acebo said. “Right there! Tear my ass up!”

Vaquel watched as the Captain cried out again. The Captain’s face and breasts dominated the screen but Vaquel had glimpses of the micro-nebula. Indistinct shapes moved behind the Captain, sometimes taking the form of a muscular man or a curvy woman. Cocks grew out of the cloud and rubbed against the Captain’s skin. Mouths appeared out of nowhere and kissed the Captain’s breasts.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as she climaxed again. She kept stroking as Captain Acebo moaned from the anal assault.

“End transmission,” Vaquel said. The screen turned off and Vaquel looked at the computer display of the micro-nebula. It was a deathtrap that had already claimed so many spaceships. Vaquel should stay the fuck away from it.

Her cunt clenched. Vaquel was tired of fingers and vibrators. Most of all, she was tired of masturbation. She wanted to fuck.

The brilliant explorer made a few calculations. She surveyed the size of the micro-nebula. She reviewed the data that was transmitted from the other distress signals. Vaquel shook her pink hair out of her eyes and made her plans.

Vaquel stood up and went to the hallway of the Deep Space Probe.

“Computer, follow the course I programed and initiate maximum thrust.”

“Compliance,” the computer announced.

The Deep Space Probe shuddered. Maximum thrust was rarely needed. It was usually only needed for emergencies. Vaquel considered the hungry feeling in her cunt to count as an emergency.

The micro-nebula came closer. The Deep Space Probe was hurtling towards it at fantastic speeds. The Probe was aimed for the heart of the micro-nebula, the course designed for maximum immersion inside the cursed space.

“Cut engines!” Vaquel yelled.

The hum of the Deep Space Probe turned to silence as the solar sails powered down. The forward momentum however was undeterred. Two seconds later, the Deep Space Probe was inside the micro-nebula.

Vaquel felt her ears pop. The walls of the Deep Space Probe blurred as the red and black mist seeped in. Shapes took form before her. It was a confusing mix of male and female bodies, which considering how horny Vaquel was, she was eager to accept either option.

Something smooth gripped her waist. She laughed as she was lifted from her feet. Multiple hands pried apart her thighs to a flexibility that she had forgotten that she had.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out as something entered her. Something thick, hard, rough and unforgiving pushed into her cunt. She moaned as it filled her completely and then she shuddered as it went even deeper.

In front of her, blue mist took shape in front of her brown breasts. Faces appeared out of the mist and Vaquel was not surprised to that both faces looked like Captain Acebo. Each blue face dived on a breast and sharp teeth nibbled on Vaquel’s hard nipples.

As the twin Captain’s sucked her breasts, a pale white cock took shape before Vaquel’s face. She licked her lips as the white cock stiffened inches away from her face. A body grew around the cock and it was a strange almost reptilian looking species that Vaquel had never seen before. The four balls hanging below the cock promised more come than she could ever swallow.

The white creature grabbed Vaquel by her short pink hair and pulled her mouth to his cock. She opened her jaw and took as much of his cock as she could. He tasted like leather and his cock seemed to drain the spit from her mouth with every lick she gave him. He buried his cock in her mouth till his four balls pressed urgently against her chin.

The lights flickered inside the Deep Space Probe. The energy draining was taking effect. Vaquel tried to look around the white reptilian creature to look out the main window but everywhere she looked was cocks, breasts, asses, hands and faces.

Why did a micro-nebula have faces?

Vaquel forgot the question as something pressed against her ass. While the long cock was still thrusting inside her cunt, another cock was pushing into her anus. She groaned as something cold and smooth pushed apart her buttocks. She shuddered as her ass was slowly violated in that most intimate manner.

The twin faces of Captain Acebo were squeezing and kissing her breasts. The white creature fucked her face. The cock inside her cunt never stopped thrusting. The cock in her ass was content to move ever so slowly in and out of her ass.

Vaquel screamed her orgasm but the cock in her mouth gagged her sounds of pleasure.

The lights failed and emergency power kicked in. Vaquel could still see because the creatures in the nebula glowed with their own light. What she couldn’t tell was if the Deep Space Probe was still being carried by it’s momentum through the micro-nebula. She knew she wouldn’t know the answer to that for at least another five minutes.

The cock in her mouth climaxed. Just as she expected, a flood of come filled her mouth and gushed out of her lips. She choked on the salty come and was relieved when the cock pulled out of her mouth.

She looked down on the blue faces playing with her brown tits. She grabbed the shifting yellow hair of one of the faces and pulled it up to her own. After months of being alone, Vaquel was dying for a kiss.

The nebula facsimile of Captain Acebo was a delightful kisser. The blue woman licked the come off of Vaquel’s lips before slipping her tongue into Vaquel’s mouth. Vaquel wondered if this was some sort of absorbed spirit of the real Captain Acebo or merely a recreation from Vaquel’s own desire. A minute of intense kissing later and Vaquel didn’t care.

The cock in Vaquel’s cunt filled her with nebula come and then bulled out. A mouth, hairy and gifted with a deep tongue took the cock’s place between Vaquel’s dark thighs. Vaquel moaned into Captain Acebo’s mouth as she felt someone eat her pussy for the first time in months. Four licks later, she came again.

The whine of an air processor told Vaquel that life support just failed. The Deep Space Probe was not a big ship and the loss of life support meant that she would suffocate in less than thirty minutes.

The cock in her ass climaxed and pulled out. Probing fingers pushed into her ass instead.

Groping hands caressed her hips. Sharp nail dug into her flesh in delicious ways.

Her plump breasts were pressed tightly against a throbbing cock of unbelievable size. The cock fucked the valley of her tits until a geyser of come covered her breasts.

Someone bit her right ear. Someone else licked her left ear.

The blue woman kissed Vaquel with alternating tenderness and lust.

“Fuck us,” the blue woman whispered. “Fuck us forever and ever and ever and-“

Vaquel fell to the floor as the micro-nebula vanished. She looked towards the rear of the ship as she saw the retreating shapes reach for her. The shapes rapidly faded away as the forward momentum of the Deep Space Probe carried itself completely out of the micro-nebula.

The emergency lights came back on. It would be another few minutes before the solar sails sucked up enough power to activate the life support. It would be another ten minutes before she had any sort of navigation control.

Vaquel touched her lips. They were bruised from the force of the Captain Acebo facsimile’s kissing. Her cunt ached for the wonderful fucking. Her ass was tender from magnificent invasions. Her nipples were sore and sensitive.

She wondered about shapes. Some of those bodies were things that Vaquel had never imagined. Vaquel wondered about the words that Captain Acebo’s phantom had spoken. Perhaps the micro-nebula held all of the people it had killed. Maybe they were engaged in an endless orgy, luring more people to add to their numbers.

It was a pleasant fantasy. Vaquel masturbated as she waited for the power to be restored.

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