Oct 172011

“Lay Me Odds” By Rod Gray is book two in the Lady from L.U.S.T spy series. Rod Gray is most likely a man named Gardner Fox but house names being what they were, it is never a guarantee. What I do know for sure is this book was a crazy ride.

Eve Drum is a hot secret agent woman who can pick locks, shoot guns with awesome accuracy, ski like an Olympic athlete and is a master of Karate. She also has no problem creating a stripper act on short notice, assuming the role of a dominating mother to a psychologically scarred submissive male and fucking who she needs to for information. She is Bond with much better tits.

See, back in the 60’s, publishing James Bond stories was printing money. Everyone else liked money so they made their own versions of Bond. I like to imagine that in the 60’s, every other person at a gambling table was a spy. Some companies changed up the formula by making their secret agent American while other companies went further and made their agent a woman. Some smart companies realized that sex was the biggest appeal of Bond and went straight to porn stories. The Lady from L.U.S.T. fits snuggly into this category like a great bosom in a tight sweater.

That bosom in a tight sweater joke I made just now? That is what qualifies as porn in this book. In 150 pages I think I read four sex scenes and in some cases, I missed the sex scene because they happened in one sentence. For a book that is very frank about the subject of sex, there wasn’t a lot of actual sex.

What there was a lot of was talking about sex. Before Eve has a threesome, she takes a moment to explain some historical practices of threesomes, what it is called in different languages and which countries are more open to threesomes than others. Even something as straight forward as stripping gets a lengthy explanation about the origins of stripping and what effect it has on the male psyche. It reads less like sex and more like sex education.

My wife mocked this aspect of the book but I was oddly unsurprised. I stopped reading most BDSM novels because I am sick to death of reading about characters justifying/explaining about why they enjoy BDSM. Too many BDSM books read like thesis papers on domination psychology. I sympathize because so many people in the BDSM community need to be told that what they like is normal and doesn’t make them freaks. I understand why BDSM books feel the need to soothe their readers but after I have read the tenth theory on why BDSM is normal, I get a little sick of the subject. I guess in the 60’s, people needed the same level of psychological soothing to help them get through a threesome.

This is not to say that the book wasn’t sexy. Despite the discussion of sex and the micro short sex scenes, the rest of the book is spent with over the top action sequences and flirting. Holy shit, a sex book the flirts? It is like seeing a black lesbian unicorn. Eve shows off her stockings, makes suggestive comments, jokes, discusses how her ass and breasts look in different clothes and is an all round sexy gal. What the book lacks in out right sex it more than makes up for in teasing.

I should mention the plot. See, she has a contact who is supposed to give her some microfilm but agents of H.A.T.E have killed the guy and now . . . You know what? Who gives a fuck about the plot? All you need to know is that Eve fights some bad guys, spends most of her time in gambling places and divides men into people she can seduce and men she has to shoot. This is the rare book about sex and action that never spends too much time on either.

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers

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