Sep 282011

Explorer’s Log: I am half way through my 30 day voyage to the star system designated, Queen’s Lack of Mercy, by Royal Astronomers. Deep Space Probe Ship is functioning at peak efficiency. The nutrient pod had a slight malfunction that took ten hours to fix but I had nothing else better to do. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has been so long since I have seen a live person; I would happily let any of my ex’s murder me and wear my body as a suit if they would just fuck me first.

Vaquel Di sat in the navigation pod of the Deep Space Probe. She was nude except for the purple panties she was wearing. Vaquel had started wearing underwear again when she realized that she was leaving wet spots wherever she sat.

Her fingers were in her panties, idly stroking at her sex. The lack of contact was starting to get to her. Masturbating with her dildoes and the modified vibrator in the exercise pod was losing its thrill. Watching that strange alien porn that she had discovered on the last planet no longer was enough to get her off. She was still horny, but she was so used to masturbating that she was finding it harder and harder to climax.

“Twenty year mission,” Vaquel said out loud. She had no idea how she was going to make it. In the past, the royal Navy used to man the Deep Space Probes with a male and a female explorer. Unfortunately, 96% of the explorers ended up killing their crewmate due to the prolonged cohabitation in a confined space. Now they send hundreds of probes out every year manned by only one person.

Something beeped in the navigation pod. Vaquel had never heard that sound before. It took her a minute to locate the source. There was an incoming transmission!

“This is Deep Space Probe Explorer Ship, number eighty-two, sending out a transmission to any other Deep Space Probe Explorers. Please respond!”

Vaquel’s cunt clenched around her fingers. It was a male voice! She pulled her wet fingers out and pressed the transmission button.

“Deep Space Explorer Ship number eighty-two, this is Probe Ship number forty-nine responding to your call. My name is Vaquel Di.”

“Praise the Queen, a woman!” the male voice responded. “My name is Kallas Wod. I am bouncing this signal off a comet and I calculate that we only have ten minutes before the connection is broken. Set your vid monitor to twenty xors and we should have visual connection!”

Vaquel didn’t have to be told twice. Another explorer and a male at that! For a split moment, Vaquel debated putting some sort of shirt on. Fuck it. If the male didn’t like big brown tits, than Vaquel had no use for him.

She set the vid monitor and the transmission came in. In an identical navigation pod, a tall pale Euphorian sat in his chair. He was naked and had his hard cock already in hand.

“Queen of us all, you are so beautiful,” Kallas said. “Could you please take off your underwear? I haven’t seen cunt in almost a year!”

“Of course,” Vaquel answered. She tore her panties off in record time. She sat back in her chair and propped her legs to either side of the vid monitor. Vaquel ran her fingers through the pink hairs of her pubic bush. The explorer pulled her lips apart so that he could get a better look.

Kallas moaned. It was a sad mournful sound that only a fellow explorer could make.

“Show me your balls,” Vaquel said. She had no trouble giving him orders. Her need overwhelmed any sort of protocol. She stroked her cunt with both hands as she waited.

Kallas stood up and cupped his balls in one hand.

“They are so suckable,” Vaquel said. “Would you like it if I suck your balls into my mouth?”

“Yes,” Kallas moaned. He sat back down and continued stroking. “Hold your tits for me. I haven’t touched a nipple in so long.”

Vaquel reluctantly pulled one hand away from her cunt and grabbed one of her tits. She squeezed hard and rolled the dark nipple between her fingers. The pain was delicious but not as nice as watching Kallas’ mouth open in bliss.

“I’d love to have your face between my tits,” Vaquel said.

“I would love to climax all over them,” Kallas said.

They stroked together. Each one stared at the other in lust and wonder. They might not be able to touch but just the brief connection of sight was driving them mad. All of Vaquel’s darkest urges were rising to the top.

“I want to fuck your face,” Vaquel said. “I want to sit on you and smother you with my cunt, fucker. I want to ride your cock and break it off in my fucking cunt. I want you so deep in my cunt that you never come out.”

Kallas didn’t stop stroking for a second. “I want to rape your mouth,” he said. “I want to bite your tits and claim them as mine. I want to fuck your ass until you scream. I will take you mouth, your cunt and your ass as many times as I want.

The transmission wavered. Both of them froze in mid stroke. When the transmission stabilized, both of them stroked faster.

“I want to fuck your lips,” Kallas said.

“I want to make you scream my name,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel stroked herself as she looked at Kallas’ pale body. She could easily imagine the contrast of their skins. She wanted to see his white cock disappearing into her brown cunt. She wanted to see his pale hands groping her dark breasts. Vaquel wanted to squeeze his desperate head between her ebony thighs. Vaquel wanted to consume and abuse him.

“Fuck that cock like you mean it,” Vaquel said.

Kallas groaned but he stroked faster. “Twist your nipples like the slut that you are,” he said.

Vaquel bit her lip as she obeyed. She pinched and pulled on her hard nipple with everything she had.

The transmission wavered. Kallas’ eyes looked off screen with concern.

“You better fucking get me off before that transmission ends!” Vaquel yelled.

Kallas pumped his cock with a fury that Vaquel knew so well. It was the same fury that she was stroking her cunt. She did not want some fucking comet to interrupt the closest she had to real sex in months.

Vaquel came. Her fingers dug into her breasts as her orgasm exploded within her body. Her heels dug into the console and lifted her ass off her seat. When her ass came back down, she could feel the wet spot she had left in her seat.

The transmission wavered. Kallas screamed “No!”

“You better come right now!” Vaquel said. Her fingers were still buried in her cunt. “You hear me, fucker? Come, RIGHT NOW!”

“Glory to the Queen!” he cried. His cock erupted in come. A thick blob of it landed on the vid screen. A second later, the transmission cut out.

Vaquel sighed. Maybe it was time she went looking for comets of her own to exploit.

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  1. Gooooooooorgeous! How can you make sex so much fun and yet so damn hot at the same time? <3
    Loved the urgency in this, thumbs up from me (and a future reread methinks for the dirty talk) >.>

  2. Mystique- Thanks :) In space, no one can hear you moan, unless they are bouncing it off a comet.

  3. I *love* the frantic need in this story, but also the cohesion you have among all of these stories. It is love, hot, and sweet.

  4. t’Sade- Thanks :) Continuity is an experiment for me.

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