Sep 142011

Explorer’s Log: I have spent three days now on the 7th world of in the system designated Curl of the Queen’s Hair by the Royal Astronomers. I have discovered ruins on two continents that belonged to an unknown civilization.

There are no traces of any history or records, but I do keep finding odd shaped stones that fit into identical shaped pedestals. I believe I am dealing with a cryptological species that uses puzzles and sequences to operate their technology. Yesterday I arranged different sliding pieces on a panel to unlock machine that dispensed a potent alcohol.

Today I am in the process of making a pedestal work that seems to be connected to a large outdoor platform. Hopefully this will unlock a treasure vault or perhaps a library of knowledge. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: What the fuck kind of race requires you to gather three rubies from opposite ends of a continent just to open a wine cask? I hope this platform I am working on now unlocks something good. I have been so busy looking for the four cylinders that fit in the pedestal that I haven’t masturbated in two days. End Personal Log.

Deep Space Probe Explorer Vaquel Di set her recording log on the tree beside her. She set it to view the platform so that when it opened, unlocked or whatever the fuck it did, she had it recorded for transmission back to Royal Navy Command. She had to adjust the recorder several times to make sure it was viewing the entire platform. It was huge in scale, easily 50 meters in diameter. It was the largest structure that she had found on this dead planet.

Vaquel posed in front of the recorder for a moment. She wanted the recorder to see her smiling brown face inside her glassteel helmet. A little bounce to her step made her short pink hair bob in a playful manner as she walked by. Her silver suit clung to every curve of her fit body and she took a moment to show off her fabulous round ass to the recorder. Presentation was everything when sending stuff back home. Her discovery might be broadcast to the entire planet of Euphoria.

She stepped away from the recorder and went to the control pedestal. Well, Vaquel hoped it was the control pedestal. It was made from the same strange green stone that the platform was, a stone that she had not seen anywhere else on the planet. The pedestal faced the platform from a distance of thirty meters. It had forty-eight slots each slot just large enough to take one of the six stone cylinders that Vaquel had found. When a cylinder was slide into a hole, it closed six other holes.

The top part of the pedestal was worn away and Vaquel suspected that at some point the worn part had writing. No doubt there was some sort of clue or mathematical suggestion as to what to do with the cylinders. Vaquel had no clue what the correct order of cylinder placement was but she a scientist and an explorer. She was also stubborn enough to try every fucking combination untill something happened.

On combination one hundred and six, something happened. Vaquel still had her hand on the last cylinder as the platform in front of her began to hum. Blue energy matrixes appeared in the air above the platform. Vaquel took her hand off the cylinder and stepped off the platform. The blue energy instantly disappeared.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. She stepped back onto the platform and tried to figure out what went wrong. All the cylinders were still in place. She put one gloved hand on the last cylinder she touched and the platform hummed back to life.

“Looks like I am going nowhere,” Vaquel muttered. She kept her hand on the cylinder and watched the platform.

The blue energy returned and began to take shape. A giant alien body appeared within the confines of the platform. Vaquel gasped at the giant dimensions on display. She worried that it was some sort of teleportation until she realized that she could see through the alien body. It was nothing more than a projection.

But what a projection! It was mammalian with three proud heavy blue breasts to prove. The body was humanoid with two arms and two legs though this alien appeared to only have three fingers on each hand. Three slits were between it’s legs and the way that the giant alien was stroking them, Vaquel was certain that they were sexual organs. The face was similar enough Vaquel’s, with a mouth and a nose but three eyes were on the alien’s face. Long wispy blue hair floated around her face.

A second giant alien appeared. This was undeniably male. It was identical to the first alien with the exception of the three breasts and instead of slits, it sported three massive cock like appendages. Each cock was as large as Vaquel’s Deep Space Probe.

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. After her long space voyage with nothing but dildoes and vibrators to keep her company, Vaquel was in awe of such majestic instruments of male fucking. She was also intensely jealous of the giant alien woman who could handle all three of those cocks at once.

As Vaquel watched, the two giant aliens started kissing. The woman’s long hair floated and touched the bare head of the male. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies. The male groped the massive breasts of the woman. The woman squeezed and pulled on the cocks of the man, tugging each one in turn. Their giant bodies pressed against each other as passion over took them.

Passion was becoming a problem for Vaquel as well. She was feeling the rising heat between her thighs. Her sex was responding and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. The atmosphere was toxic and she couldn’t afford to open her suit for more than ten seconds. Her sex ached as she watched the two aliens kiss and fondle each other.

The alien woman fell to her knees and took one of the cocks into her mouth. She masturbated the other two cocks while her blue lips pleasured the third. There was no sound but the male alien opened his lips to a silent moan.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel whispered. She had to keep her right hand on the cylinder but her left hand was free. Praise the Queen that Vaquel was ambidextrous. Her left hand went between her legs and pressed against her sex. The smooth material of her space suit separated her fingers from her sex but Vaquel didn’t care. She would make do.

The giant alien woman took turns sucking each of the cocks. Vaquel was impressed by the way that the alien woman was able to keep pleasuring the other cocks manually. It also turned the explorer on as the three giant cocks grew harder and larger.

“Comet spunk, I just want one,” Vaquel moaned. “Just one cock to slip inside me. Just one cock to fill my cunt.”

She stroked herself faster. The material of her space suit was not as nice as her fingers but thankfully the material was quite thin. It was also fortunate that Vaquel had stopped wearing underwear several weeks ago. The harder part was masturbating while standing up and holding onto the cylinder. Weeks of masturbating in her relaxation pod had conditioned her to climax on her back. Coming while standing up was proving to be a challenge.

The male alien lifted the woman by the thighs and lowered her onto his cocks. Vaquel watched in wonder as all three cocks slid into the woman’s sexes. The man held onto the woman with powerful muscles that kept them both upright. It was triple penetration on a giant scale that Vaquel could scarely believe.

“Yes,” Vaquel said as the male bounced the female on his three cocks. The explorer stroked faster even though her knees were threatening to give out. Her body wanted to lie down and come but she had to stay standing. The novelty of standing was delaying her almost certain orgasm.

The aliens changed position. The man reclined on the ground while the woman turned around. Giant cocks slid into giant cunts as the woman mounted the man. The woman faced Vaquel and the explorer could swear that the alien image was staring right at her. The woman smiled with the satisfaction of a woman fully filled.

Vaquel stroked faster as the women humped the man’s three cocks. To aid in her masturbating, her hips were grinding her cunt against her hand. She was humping herself as hard as the alien woman was humping the man.

The explorer trembled and nearly lost her grip on the cylinder. What cruel race would force a person to watch porn with only one hand? The inside of her glasssteel helmet was fogging up from her rapid breathing but her suit’s environmental controls were doing their best. She just had to hold on until she came. She was damn close.

The blue aliens moved again. The woman was on her back now. The man was above her and between her legs. He was fucking her so hard now. Vaquel couldn’t see the union of cocks and cunts but she could see the shockwaves in each one of the woman’s giant breasts. It was almost brutal. It was almost violent. It was unbelievably sexy.

Vaquel felt her climax coming. She was shaking from head to toe. Her hand gripped the cylinder with all of her might. She was still humping her hand, trying her best to slip even a single finger inside her but the damn spacesuit material was holding her back. Vaquel was soaking her suit with the need of her desire.

The alien woman looked at Vaquel and her face changed. The alien woman was climaxing. They were from two different species but there was no denying that look of sexual pleasure on the alien’s face. She was climaxing.

Vaquel joined her. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried out. The frustration of masturbating while standing only added to the force of her orgasm. The frustration of being denied true penetration only made her release that much sweeter. She let go of the cylinder and fell happily to the ground.

Explorer’s Log: I am finally leaving this planet and setting course for a new world in this system. I believe this world has great potential for xeno-erotic entertainment. I am recommending that Conquest ship explore this world for proper exploitation. End Personal Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It took me standing at that damn pedastel for four hours, but I was able to watch the entire program. In the last hour, they introduce another couple for some awesome group sex. More importantly, my recorder log was able to record all of it. I am looking forward to watching it from the comfort of my relaxation pod with my full arsenal of dildoes. End Personal Log.

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  1. After your tweet, I kept expecting there to be two sisters, “No, bring me the pink dildos, ignore the cyan ones!”

    also, What kind of culture forces you to watch porn with only one hand

    Heh. Great work, Shon:)

  2. Joe- I could easily do a novel on the insanity of cryptological races. I sometimes wonder what their tax code looks like.

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