Sep 212011

Holly Valentine waited to be groped. The train was crowded and the green skirt she was wearing was especially loose. As per the instructions, she wasn’t wearing underwear and she stood with her legs casually apart. The agreed upon stop was coming up and Holly was wet with anticipation.

She wasn’t wet for the grope. Holly’s cunt was clenching because of the information she was expecting. The major cable companies were preparing a fake telecommunications disaster to justify raising rates. A whistle-blower within the company had contact Holly and wanted her to print the conspiracy for her news organization. The problem was that the cable companies had excellent surveillance on all of their employees and it was almost impossible to pass any information without them knowing.

Almost impossible. Her contact had an interesting idea for how to hand off the information. He took this train home everyday from work. He told Holly where to stand and he told her how to dress. Holly added the green blouse that showed off her pale breasts and the fabulous green hat where she tucked most of her red hair. Even for a clandestine transfer, she wanted to look good.

The train stopped. Some people got off but far more came on. The crowded train became a thick mass of humanity. The doors closed and the train took off again.

A body pressed against her from behind. She didn’t turn around. A hand cupped her ass from the outside of her skirt. His fingers began to pull her skirt up every so slowly.

“Mr. Blue, I presume,” Holly said. She spoke at a normal voice but the thundering of the tracks covered her voice.

“Shh,” the man said behind her. “It’s me. Just keep looking straight ahead.”

Holly bit her lip. The man was a paranoid freak but then again, he did work for a cable company. He probably knew about the spy devices they put in their cable boxes.

A finger pressed against her sex. It pushed against her lips and wiggle slightly. A trickle of Holly’s desire wet his finger.

“That better be a flash drive,” Holly said.

“I need to make sure there is room,” Mr. Blue said. “I risked a lot bringing it here and I don’t want it falling out when you step off the train.”

Holly didn’t answer. She thought about the corruption that flash drive would reveal and her cunt moistened with every conspiratorial thought. Embarrassing huge companies was such an aphrodisiac for her.

The probing finger wasn’t bad either. He was groping her from behind but he had an amazing reach. His middle finger was searching deeper and deeper inside her. Holy wondered if he had really long arms or was just a short guy. It didn’t matter. His finger was pushing inside her with an urgency that matched the heat within her.

The finger touched a nice spot and Holly clenched reflexively. The man gasped behind her and Holly’s muscles relaxed. His finger didn’t escape though. Instead of sliding out, his finger was out right stroking her now.

“Oh shit,” Holly said as she held onto the overhead strap. That felt good. She doubted that the stroking was strictly necessary but she didn’t mind.

Holly looked around the train. No one had noticed them. The train was too full and it was only going to get more crowded. Everyone was too busy trying not to make human contact with each other to notice the very intimate contact happening right beside them.

The finger pulled away. Holly moaned and clenched in frustration. It was just like an anonymous source. All teasing and no follow through.

She felt her skirt get lifted again. She took a slight step to the left to part her legs further. It was a smart move, because something plastic and large was pushing against her sex. It felt less like a flash drive and more like a dildo.

“How much info is on this drive?” Holly said out loud.

The pushing stopped. “Shhh, you’ll draw attention to us,” Mr. Blue hissed behind her. “It’s 4 gigs but I wanted to make sure it was shielded against EMP pulses and other counter-measures.”

Holly shook her head. Paranoids made the best and worse sources.

The pushing resumed. Holly gasped as the plastic drive opened her cunt. She moaned as inch after inch of the drive invaded her. Her hand clenched the overhead strap with increasing force as the rather wide drive filled her cunt.

Just when Holly didn’t think she could take anymore, the pushing stopped. The fingers pulled away and smoothed her skirt down. The drive sat inside her, shaking with every rattle of the train.

“My stop is next,” Mr. Blue said. “Stay on the train until you reach the end of the line. Don’t let the drive drop.”

Holly nodded as subtlety as possible.

The train stopped. She turned her head so that she wouldn’t see Mr. Blue as he walked past her. A trickle of desire ran down her thigh from her sex.

People left the train and more came on. People pressed against her. She forced her legs together and held the drive tight within her.

The train rumbled as it pulled away from the station. The vibrations traveled up her entire body. The drive shook inside her, pushing and vibrating against the sensitive walls of her sex. The train went through a curve and Holly felt the tug of gravity pulling the drive against her.

She thought about how badly the cable companies wanted the information that she had. The reporter thought about the thrill of yet another exclusive scoop. Visions of embarrassed executives giving statements of denial danced through her mind.

Holly climaxed. She shook as the force of the orgasm traveled through her body. Her sex clenched tightly on the valuable drive and all of it’s naughty secrets.

Holly took a deep breath and let it out. It would be another hour before she reached the end of the line. That meant an hour with a large thick dildo inside her that shook with every bump, rattle and shimmy of the train. Her skirt wouldn’t be able to hide all of the juices flowing down her leg. She would have to stand through out the ordeal with her thighs clenched wonderfully tight together. It was going to a challenge.

Holly smiled. She liked challenges. She liked the idea of walking back to her car and stroking off in the driver’s seat even more. The promise of her orgasm made her cunt clench so tightly around the dildo drive.

When she thought of the wonderful forbidden secrets hidden on that drive, she clenched even tighter.

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  1. Nectar oozing down her legs a challenge? How about the smell of her feline sweat flowing into the air?
    Creative piece, had the mind flowing from start to finish…

  2. 1manview- Thanks. I was this close to not posting it so I am glad to see my doubts were unfounded.

  3. That was utterly awesome. I love the torture of how it ended, the hour of vibrations and teasing. That is so hot and yummy.

  4. t’Sade- Thanks. It took me days to be happy with the ending.

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