Aug 192011

Writing the Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac is like trying to fill a bottomless pit. I can crank out five articles in a week and I still feel like I have hundred of pages to fill. Which I do actually. Writing a humorous erotica reference book of fictional facts means that I have no outline or plot. There is no real structure because most reference books are insane mosh pits of information. To recreate that, I have to throw out structure.

The side effect of not having structure is that I rarely feel any sort of progress. I wrote a funny as hell article about fetish farms and although I was really proud of the article, it is a fleeting feeling of accomplishment because I still have a hundred more ideas to go.

Praise the writing gods for the contributions some of you have sent in. Holy crap, when I am at my most dejected, I read through your entries and laugh. This is ultimately a book about silliness and I am so glad that others have embraced it.

This is my round about way of suggesting to you that you never ever try to write a fictional reference book. Don’t do it. It is a pain in the ass. No wait, it is like a pain in the ass with all too brief moments of orgasm. All too brief.

Paradoxically, I have a theme in mind for a different almanac for 2013. I must like the pain in the ass.

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