Aug 082011

I am deeply grateful for every person who buys one of my books. As a cheap bastard myself, I am deeply touched that people out there want to own something that I wrote. It blows my mind.

Which is why it breaks my heart when I get emails asking if I can sign a copy of their book. Print on demand means that the book isn’t actually printed till you buy it. I never see the book as it goes into the mail towards you. It also never occurred to me that anyone would want me to sign a book. Madness!

Here at the laboratory, we have finally come up with a solution. I will sign your book on a post-it note, mail it to you, and you can then tape or affix to your book in an appropriate place. It will require some assembly but hey, you have an authentic mark of my crappy handwriting on your porn book.

if you rather not receive things through the mail, I will scan the note and email you the jpeg so you can print and affix it yourself.

I will also happily send a note to people who buy an ebook that they can affix to wherever they like. I recommend the back of your iPad.

To participate, send me a request at shonrichards at yahoo and give me your address. Tell me also who I am writing it to, and let me know if you want a platonic note or a filthy note. I am a guy, I only have the two modes.

  5 Responses to “Post It Note Signing”

  1. You could also consider getting a copy for yourself, signing it, and then mailing it out. I did that for a few copies of Mummy’s Girl and it was fun. More so if you get one of those 25% off deals from your author’s place.

  2. I’ll take it anyway I can get it.

  3. My thought was you could sign a note, scan it and email it – thus the person could then print it themselves. Course you would need to have a scanner – but it would save you 50 cents or whatever it is postage is these days!

  4. t’Sade – Ha, that sounds pretty fun actually.

    Emily- Mailed it yesterday :)

    Musns- You girl are a genius. It would help some shy fans with not giving out their address.

  5. With compliments like that, I may yet get to work for Dr. Von Madd (a girl can have her dreams!)

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