Aug 242011

“Please,” Claire said.

Mr. Dillon ignored her.

Claire Currie was a librarian for the exclusive Ashbee-Collette Collection. Today her duties included creating a catalog for erotic books purchased yesterday, arranging transportation to a book store and evaluating a batch of books before her boss, Mr. Dillon, purchased them. Right now her duty was masturbating Mr. Dillon as they lied on their hotel bed and quite frankly, Claire was grateful that she was even allowed to do that after today’s mistake.

“I am truly sorry, Mr. Dillon,” Claire said. She emphasized her British accent because she knew he responded well to it.

“Hmm,” Mr. Dillon said noncommittally. He may have been dismissing her apology, or he was reacting to her nimble fingers around his cock. It was hard for Claire to tell. He kept reading one of the books they had purchased. It was entitled “Easy Office Girl.”

Claire sighed. Mr. Dillon was nude and the picture of relaxation. Claire was fully clothed in her librarian’s uniform. She propped her self up on one elbow while her right hand stroked his cock. Stockings clad her dark legs as they draped over Mr. Dillon’s white legs. Her black skirt pressed against his hip as she pushed her crotch to him. Since today was Wednesday, Claire’s panties were white but if anyone were to inspect them, they would find that Claire’s sex had soaked them with her desire. She wore a white bottom down blouse that she had opened so her generous dark cleavage was on display. If Mr. Dillon would just turn his head, he would see her round mounds about to fall out of her white lace bra.

Mr. Dillon kept reading.

Claire stroked him as she was instructed. After a long day of purchasing porn, they usually had sex. Mr. Dillon would inflict some terrible passionate act upon her and Claire would climax in so many delightful ways. Today however, he was pissed and the only thing he required of her was her fingers.

It was torture. The cock that had pleasured her cunt, her ass and her mouth was now only permitting her fingers to stroke him. She almost would prefer if he didn’t fuck her at all. Instead, he was having her manipulate the one thing that she couldn’t have.

“I should have been more careful,” Claire said. “I would never recommend purchasing that book if I knew that a single page was missing, much less three.”

Mr. Dillon didn’t reply but he did frown.

“I should have been more careful when appraising a book before recommending that you purchase it,” Claire said. “In the future, I will confirm that every book has all of its pages intact.”

“You are getting dry,” Mr. Dillon replied.

Claire removed her hand. She stuck out her tongue and licked her hand. The young librarian made sure her hand was nice and slick before wrapping it back around her boss’s cock.

“My pussy never gets dry,” Claire said. “I could lift my skirt and mount you, sir. It would be my pleasure.”

Mr. Dillon turned the page of his book and ignored her.

Claire caught herself grinding against Mr. Dillon’s hip. He didn’t complain but Claire was terrified of her humping interrupting his reading.

“I know my mistake cost the Collection twenty-five dollars and I want you to take that amount out of my pay,” Claire said. “I know that every bit of money is precious.”

Mr. Dillon ignored her.

“In fact, I think you should take that twenty-five dollars out of my ass in any manner you feel is appropriate,” Claire said. Of course, the nature of her employment meant her ass, as well as her breasts, cheeks and soles of her feet were available to be spanked, flogged or slapped at Mr. Dillon’s discretion at any time, but Claire knew that Mr. Dillon liked to be invited.

Claire’s hand pumped Mr. Dillon’s cock. It throbbed in her hand. There was so much heat from his hardness. Claire moaned as she thought about that heat going to waste in her hands instead of inside her.

“Please sir,” Claire said. “If you will not punish my ass or use my cunt, then please let me make it up to you with my mouth. I can either lick you slow and sensual or you may fuck my face if it pleases you. I just want to make you come in the manner that would give you the most pleasure, sir.”

“Mmm,” Mr. Dillon said. He might have reached a good part of his book.

Claire tipped her head so that her glasses could slide down her nose slightly. She understood his personal fetishes. Too bad he wouldn’t turn his head.

“Please sir,” she said. “I am terribly sorry. I will take precautions to prevent it from ever happening again. Let me please you. Since I failed at one duty, let me show you how good I can be in other duties.”

Mr. Dillon turned the page.

She was about to say something else when his cock pulsed in her hands. His hips did a subtle thrust into her hand. Claire turned her attention away from the wet heat between her thighs and focused on the girth in her hand. She had been given her orders and she knew it was a punishment. Perhaps she should spend less time begging and more time doing what she had been asked to do.

Claire added a half twist to her stroking. She let her thumb slip over the tip of his cock with each stroke. She loosened her grip so that her hand could slide faster over him. Her fingernails glided over the veins of his cock.

Mr. Dillon was breathing harder.

Without asking, Claire pulled her shirt open. She leaned closer so that the brown globe of her breast was inches from her boss’s face. Claire offered herself but she did not beg.

Mr. Dillon turned his head and opened his mouth. The white lace bra held the bottom half of her breast but the top half was there for him. He bit. He licked. He buried his face in her breasts.

Claire’s sex was soaked with new desire. She ignored it. She kept her attention on her balance so that Mr. Dillon would nibble her breast to his heart’s delight. She focused on her hand, gripping just a little tighter and going a little faster over his cock.

He would come. He would spill his white seed onto her dark hands and that would be it. She would clean him up and then he would leave her alone to tend to herself. Claire would masturbate alone and Mr. Dillon wouldn’t even watch.

Claire accepted that. She had made a mistake. It was what she deserved.

She stroked faster.

Mr. Dillon growled. He released her breast with his teeth. His head flopped back down onto the pillow and he thrust his hips upwards. He was close.

Claire was surprised when she felt his hand go to the back of her head. She was more surprised when he pushed her head towards his cock. Her owns needs were forgotten as she sought to appease him.

The young librarian was as quick as a cat. The bed creaked as she moved onto him. In the time of a single stroke, she slipped his cock into her mouth. Her plump breasts pressed into his lap as her hungry lips swallow his cock.

Claire moaned as the first splash of seed filled her mouth. It tasted like forgiveness.

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  1. Great last line. I wonder if jizz is what library paste is made of.

  2. The collection only uses the finest in jizz paste :)

  3. Aww, that is a sweet and lovely story. I wish I worked for him…

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