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Explorer’s Log: I have just landed on the second planet in the star system designated Queen’s Left Foot by Royal Astronomers. Initial scans show an active floral biosphere and limited animal life. I am currently looking for any promising vegetation that I can report back to Navy Command. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Fuck, this planet is green. It has been seven months since I last seen humanoid life. I am beginning to understand why so few people volunteer for Explorer Probe duty. I am not sure if I can twenty more years of traveling by myself. I am horny enough to fuck a Herranian Slug. Oh well, maybe I can find something that I can use as a dildo on this planet. I’ve worn out the ones I packed. End Explorer’s Personal Log.”

Deep Space Probe Explorer Vaquel Di turned off her log. Before she put it back in her belt, she decided to go ahead and get a self-image. She set the log recorded on a stump and stepped out from under the shade so the sun would illuminate her in a heroic manner.

Vaquel knew she would look good. The skintight purple environment suit she wore clung to every curve and muscle of her body. The seven month trip to this part of space had given her plenty of time to work out in the Probe Ship’s exercise pod. Her muscles were tight and her ass had never looked firmer. The glasssteel helmet was nothing more than an invincible bubble on her head, and she had spent a good half hour making sure her short purple hair was immaculate. Her dark brown skin would soak in the sun and contrast nicely with the green around her.

“Log Recorder, record image for archives.”

Vaquel cried out as she was pulled to the ground. She tried to kick with her feet but something was wrapped around her leg. She fell in some bushes and red leaves obscured her view helmet. Something wrapped around her right hand and the damn leaves prevented from seeing what it was.

“Unhand me at once!” Vaquel yelled. She knew the chances of being understood by whatever had grabbed her were remote but she was yelling in anger. This was her first time touching down on a planet as a Probe Explorer and she was appalled at being attacked already.

Whatever had her pulled her up out of the bushes. The red leaves fell away from her glassteel bubble that encased her head. Free to finally look at what had her, she was not happy with what she saw.

Long green vines had wrapped around both her legs and her right hand. The vines seemed to come from different trees but they were working together as they lifted her from the ground and brought her to a large yellow flower.

“Shit, sentient plant life,” Vaquel cursed. Intelligent plants were notoriously hard to communicate with and even harder to exploit for the Queen’s pleasure. Not only was Vaquel on a hostile planet, but she was on a planet that would serve little interest to Navy command, meaning she would receive no compensation for discovering this world.

The vines held her above the yellow flower. The flower was two meters in diameter. Vaquel watched as the flower slowly turned to face her. Vaquel couldn’t see any sort of sensory organs on the flower but it was certainly pointed towards her.

She had no desire to find out what would happen next. With her left hand, she reached for her utility belt. The Royal Navy made sure their Probe Explorers could handle themselves. Nimble fingers skipped past the neurotoxin, the fragmentation capsules and the plasma pistol. She felt the handle to her vibration blade and smiled. This would fuck the vines up.

A click of a button and the blade vibrated at a thousand pulses per second. Vaquel swung it at the vine wrapped around her right hand and the blade cut through it like it was medical gel.

She didn’t account for the vine that was holding her hand was also holding her upright. Her top half swung down while the vines still held onto her legs. As she recovered from the sudden change in orientation, more vines moved into action. Powerful vines wrapped around both arms and coiled from her wrist to her shoulders. Other vines wrapped around her chest and squeezed. Vaquel cried out as her large breasts were crushed against her chest.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cursed.

She heard more vines rustling. Vaquel was upside down and her head was inches from the ground. The yellow flower was still looking at her, but it appeared to be aimed at between her legs. The thought made Vaquel smile.

“You should see how good I look outside my suit,” she said. “Shit, I am getting stress happy. I’m flirting with a plant.”

There was pulling and tugging at her suit between her legs. Vaquel watched in horror as vines with thorns rubbed against her crotch. Environmental warnings flashed on her helmet as the vines worked away at the suit’s material.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She struggled harder. Powerful muscles pulled against the vines but she wasn’t strong enough. The vines held onto her.

The vines tore the crotch out of her environmental suit. She felt fresh air on the thick bush of her sex. Vaquel tried to remember what the air quality reports had said on the Probe Ship. How long did she have before terminal poisoning? An hour? Less?

Something pushed against her sex. Vaquel forgot all about air quality reports as something thick and smooth pushed against the lips of her sex. She pushed her hips against the intrusion before she realized what she was doing.

“No way am I getting fucked by a plant!” Vaquel said.

The plants ignored her. The thickness slipped into her. Vaquel cried out as she was filled in such a glorious manner. It might be plant based, but it was smooth, hard and so form fitting. Vaquel was finding it harder to protest.

“This is not unheard of,” Vaquel muttered to herself. “The plants of King’s Hip Seven were known to respond to cocks pressed against their petals. By the Queen that felt good! Also, oh yes . . . oh . . .uh . . .the trees of Queen’s Little Toe Three were said to drop their nuts right into a woman’s sex. Oh, oh, right there! Plant/humanoid sex is not understood but some plants seem drawn to it.”

The thickness slipped deeper inside her. Then it grew, inflating inside her and stretching her with delicious girth. Vaquel’s eyes clenched tight as the pressure grew and grew. It was a fucking plant, not a person. For all Vaquel knew, this was how the plant killed prey to feast on the nutrients of its prey. Worse, it might split her apart and she hadn’t even climaxed yet.

“Bastard!” Vaquel snarled. The growing stopped. She was still upside down and she was still impaled on a monstrous vine but she was alive. For now. It might start growing again any second. Hell, it might try to get deeper inside her which at this point it would start doing serious internal damage.

“Not like this!” Vaquel swore. She would be damned if she was going to die here and have her corpse examined by the next Deep Probe Explorer who came by this way. Fucked to death by a plant vine was not what she wanted her permanent record to show.

Vaquel struggled. She wiggled. There was a method to her panic. The explorer realized that her suit was torn and now that it had been penetrated, the structural integrity of the entire suit would soon degrade. She needed to tear it all.

The vines held on tight but that helped her. Rips appeared in her sleeves. The legs of her pants were torn asunder. The vines squeezed tighter around her chest and her breasts were pushed down to the ground as the material of her shirt was left behind.

The helmet fell off her face and she knew she was close. With a heroic wiggle, she fell out of her suit and the vines clamped around the empty remains of her suit.

There was still the matter of the vine inside her sex. It thrashed inside her. Vaquel kicked at it with her dark legs but the vine was going nowhere. She reached for her fallen utility belt and pulled the first thing that she could get her fingers around.

It was an incendiary tablet. One hard throw and it would release flaming death. It was not an ideal weapon for when one was naked.

Vaquel didn’t hesitate for a second. She threw the tablet at the yellow flower. Flames exploded from the impact. Streams of flame shot out in all directions. Vaquel ducked as a fireball narrowly missed her face.

The vines went crazy. There was no sound but the thrashing of the vines were as good as screams. Her suit fell around her as the vines that used to hold her retreated and flailed madly.

The same could not be said for the vine inside her. It was in a panic. Instead of simply pulling out, the vine was lashing madly while still inside her. It bruised her thighs with the power of its thrashing.

Vaquel had an answer for that too. As the flower burned and the flames caught on new plants, Vaquel reached for the plasma pistol. She grabbed the wine with one hand and pointed the pistol between her legs. A single shot severed the vine with the power of a small sun.

Now it was time to get the fuck out of here. Vaquel stumbled to her feet. She reached between her legs and gave a yank. The vine tip came out of her wet sex. She was about to throw it away when she thought better of it. She held onto it and grabbed her utility belt with her other hand. Vaquel slapped the belt to her waist and the belt automatically wrapped itself around her dark nude body.

Vaquel ran. As the flames spread around her, she headed for her log recorder. She snatched it up and ran for her ship.

Deep Probe Ship #49 was waiting for her. The door opened for her automatically when it sensed her biorythym. She collapsed inside the door and took a deep breathe of safe recycled air. She was safe.

The vine pulsed in her hand. Vaquel laughed. Her sex was pulsing too.

Vaquel plunged the vine tip between her dark thighs. She cried out as she entered herself under much safer circumstances. The terror of her ordeal was obliterated by the need of the moment.

And Vaquel had so much need. Seven months alone. The thrill of death. The triumph of victory. Vaquel stroked herself with the vine tip. She plunged it inside her with a fierce passion.

As exhausted as she was, she found the energy to turn her masturbation into fucking. Lying on her back, she lifted her hips with each thrust. Her purple hair was in her face and she bit one of her strands of hair. She grabbed one of her dark breasts and squeezed it much harder than the vines had. Vaquel fucked the vine tip like she was pissed at it.

Vaquel climaxed. She screamed her pleasure. The scream echoed through her empty ship.

Explorer’s Log: First survey ended with an encounter with hostile plants. A groups of vine attempted forced sexual intercourse. I am sending coordinates for future Conquest Ships to continue surveys. I recommend that sexually assaulting plants be cultivated for the Queen’s use in punishment and amusement. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Well, I nearly got killed but the good news is I also got fucked. I even have a new dildo to last me till I reach the next planet. I think I am getting the hang of deep space exploration. End Explorer’s Personal Log.”

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  1. I absolutely love plant sex stories. That was hot and yummy and I love you so much!

    (Okay, I liked it a lot.)

  2. Hey t’Sade- Thanks. I thought I would try something new for me.

  3. Feel free to have plants (animated and plant mages) and archers. Those are my two fantasy archetypes. Technically, necromancers but I’ve only had two series (Question of Fire and Illisa’s Trial) that were necromatic erotica, so I’d be happy if you did that too.

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