Aug 312011

Explorer’s Log: I am six days away from reaching the outer planets of the star system designated as Curl of the Queen’s Hair by the Royal Astronomers. During the last seven days, I have analyzed and transmitted the data I gathered from the last star system. With nothing left to transmit, I plan to spend the rest of my travel time exercising and maintaining the solar sails for optimal efficiency. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Six fucking more days to go and the plant dildo I was using broke yesterday. Six fucking days to go and all my vibrators have burned out. Six more fucking days to go and I have a cramp in my hand from masturbating. Today I am going to try to modify the exercise pod to power one of my vibrators. If I have to spend the rest of this trip just using my hand, I am going to go insane long before this twenty year mission is over. End Explorer’s Personal Log.

Vaquel Di brushed her pink hair out of her face and stretched. Alone on the Deep Space Probe, she hadn’t bothered to wear clothes today. She pumped some body lotion into her hands and began the work of rubbing it into her dark body. The lack of humidity in the Probe was taking some getting used to and Vaquel felt constantly dry. Well, her skin was dry but her cunt was always soaked.

“I have got to get the exercise pod modified today,” Vaquel said out loud. She smeared the lotion onto her large brown breasts. Her cunt responded with more heat.

“Fuck,” she said. It was more a statement of desire rather than annoyance. She was a Euphorian and if there was one thing her race loved more than anything, it was getting fucked.

Vaquel moved through the narrow corridor of the Probe and headed for the exercise pod. Energy was at a premium on this space ship. In order for one person to manage a space ship for twenty years, they had to use the simplest engine possible. The solar sails were easy to maintain and even easier to repair but the energy output was terribly low. The Probe had just enough power to get from star system to star system, run the exercise pod, the hygenics pod, the nutrient pod and the helm, but it left no energy for anything else. If Vaquel hooked up one of her vibrators to the solar sails, she risked draining the sails to the point that she would be stranded in space.

Vaquel had a plan. The exercise pod had a bicycle that used to tension springs to force the user to peddle harder. A few modifications and Vaquel planned to use those tension springs to generate a small amount of power. It would be just enough to activate one of her weaker vibrators but it would require her to keep cycling while it was turned on. Vaquel didn’t think that would be a problem. Her sexual frustration would supply her with an endless amount of power.

An hour later, Vaquel was ready to test her upgrades. She mounted the cycle and sat gently down on the vibrator sticking up from the seat. The delicious feeling of being penetrated flooded her body. If the vibrations didn’t work, the novelty of humping this seat would be a nice consolation prize.

Her feet pushed against the pedals. Immediately, the vibrator buzzed to life. The strength of the vibrations was a pleasant surprise and Vaquel stopping pedaling for a split second. The vibrations instantly ceased.

“This is going to be a workout,” she muttered.

She gripped the handlebars and pedaled. Her fit dark legs pumped the pedals while the vibrator buzzed inside her. She had an urge to hump the vibrator but it was too awkward to hump and pedal at the same time. The explorer just had to be satisfied with what she had.

Vaquel closed her eyes and imagined her last good fucks. When she found out that she had been selected for the Deep Space Probe program, she knew that she might never see any of her ex-boyfriends ever again. It was a perfect excuse to visit each of them and fuck them one last time.

She remembered Walgo and his impressive tongue. He was a thief and an abuser of far too many drugs but by the Queen, could he eat a cunt like no one else. Vaquel rode his face one last time before sucking him off.

Vaquel pedaled faster.

She remembered Ivok and his scarred chest. He was a savage soldier for the Queen’s army and every time they had sex, he nearly choked her to death with his powerful hands. It was worth the risk and the neck bruises afterwards just to have him fuck her like an enemy one last time.

Vaquel moaned and pedaled faster.

She remembered Darn and his mansion. The man was so much older than her and so filthy wealthy but he wanted to make her just another possession and Vaquel had higher aspirations. He was happy to use her one last time and Vaquel trembled as she thought of him fucking her on his expensive rugs.

Vaquel bit her lip and pedaled faster.

She remembered Kennic and his massive cock. He was dumber than a boot but the man was a life support system for the greatest cock she had ever fucked. He didn’t understand that she would be away for twenty years but it didn’t stop him from taking her three times. The time he took her ass nearly split her apart but it was so fucking worth it.

Vaquel clenched the vibrator and pedaled faster.

She remembered Bictor. Oh, that bastard. She loved him and he loved her but he had the chance to marry that video whore, Jinna Ose and Vaquel didn’t stand a chance. Bictor became the bed toy of a famous media star and Vaquel joined the Deep Space Probe program. Vaquel hated him. She despised his betrayal. She had to have him one more time.

Vaquel pedaled faster with a mixture of rage and lust. The vibrator roared between her legs. Her wet cunt clenched tightly around the hard plastic.

She remembered Bictor’s eyes when he fucked her. He had the look of someone who regretted his decision. He kept trying to tell her something but she would gag him with her tongue, her breast or her cunt. Vaquel didn’t want to hear his side. She wanted to use him and say goodbye.

The bastard.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. Her orgasm shook her body. Her legs stopped pedaling but that was all right. Vaquel was vibrating from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Vaquel rested her head on the handlebars. She felt good. Her cunt clenched around the quiet vibrator. She had some ideas on how to improve the vibrator. Maybe she could add some sort of nipple enhancer.

The next six days weren’t going to be so bad after all.

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