Aug 012011

My latest book, ‘Tales of the Wild Kiss’ is now available for purchase on Lulu. For $9.99, you can get a nice paperback book and for $2.99 you can get a pdf that you can read on your scifi data pads.

What is ‘Tales of the Wild Kiss’? It is an anthology about events happening on a pirate ship during the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean. The Captain is Kate O’Plenty, a fierce woman with big breasts and a bigger sexual appetite. The crew is made of men and women of different nationalities who fuck each other. There is also quite a bit of bloodshed, superstitions, drinking, cursing, bondage and more sex. Inside this book is twenty-one stories and three chanties. The chanties are in case you are ever aboard a raunchy pirate ship and you need a song to pass the time.

George Sportelli did the cover as well as several interior illustrations. Bridget and Daisy Danger combed through it and slaughtered as many typos as possible. I personally listened to the Monkey Island soundtrack, the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and some filk singers to create as authentic a mood as possible.

Purchase a copy of Tales of the Wild Kiss by clicking the handy button below.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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