Jul 222011

Lubinex is a popular sexual lubricant introduced five years ago to the Euphorian people. Three times as slippery as the next leading product, Lubinex is also highly regarded for its pleasant fruity flavor. After five minutes of physical contact, users will experience low level empathetic bonds. In short, the fornicators will experience what the other is experiencing. The frequency of simultaneous orgasms is greatly increased.

It was discovered by the conquestship, Violatrix, on the distant planet of Fecond Seven. Appearing as a sort of slime, it occurs naturally on the surface of the ponds and lakes of the world. Science officers on board the Violatrix quickly determined the sexual applications of the slippery slime. The Captain ordered that as much of the slime as possible be gathered and brought back to Euphoria.

Queen Erishella wisely changed the name of the slime from Sample 34S to the much more market friendly name of Lubinex. The Queen also ordered the mass importation of the slime and declared a monopoly on the production and selling of Lubinex to the galaxy.

Recent research suggests that the empathy qualities of the slime were due to the sentience of the slime trying to make contact with the people using it for fornication. Although no one has been able to establish any meaningful communication with Lubinex, the news of its apparent sentience increased sales 34%. Experts believe that this is due to the Euphorian preference of having an audience during sex.

Clean up is easy. A hypersonic pulse disintegrates all traces of Lubinex leaving the skin and genitals untouched.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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